A burning hostel at October block which houses female UNZA students
A burning hostel at October block which houses female UNZA students
The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has joined in condemning the conduct of the Zambia Police Service during the riot at the University of Zambia Great East Road campus leading to the death of a female student Vespers Shimunzhila.

In a statement issued to Q-news, the LAZ Council says it condemns the excessive force used by the Police who are believed to have followed unarmed and peaceful students who were in their rooms after the demonstration ad threw teargas canisters in the rooms.

It says although LAZ does not support any unlawful action by the students, such as blocking of the Great East Road and endangering the lives of motorists and other road users, it condemns in the strongest possible terms, the heavy handed and disproportionate police action that violates individual human rights.

The Law Association of Zambia hopes government will take necessary action to support Vespers’ family.

The association has further called on the Inspector General of Police to institute prompt and thorough investigations into the incidence and to make the findings public.

It further calls for any officer who will be found wanting to face the law.

LAZ says it expects that this incident will not end quietly but that justice will be done in the matter.

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  1. LAZ the political party while the EAZ focuses on crucial sectors of the nation like taxation of the mines.


  2. This article is meant for LT bloggers who have no university education.
    As a student,here is the reasoning.

    Let us damage private property so we can get govt attention.
    Innocent motorists have been targeted for years.

    The aim is always the same- to get govt attention.
    In this case, however,as always is the case,students will be paid to riot by politicians.

    Let’s not be $tupid.We know that these riots are paid for.

    Here is the danger.

    One day two groups will fight on campus.
    One sponsored by govt hand the other by opposition.

    Govt sponsored ‘students’ will win.


  3. Imbecility seems to spread like teargas smoke. Even eminent Counsels think teargas is excessive force.

    That death and the cowardly leap to injure a spine were unfortunate from the misadventures. Police applied legal due force. All Lawbreakers should take note that misadventures such as these and attempting to play bumper cars with a presidential motorcade will be met with appropriate due countermeasures that can, unfortunately, end in injury or death if the subject gets too frightened.


  4. LAZ was LAZ during the LAZ presidency of Mwanawasa and George Kunda. Not these jokes we see these days. Legal fees are just exhorbitant to a level of just getting money from the poor. LAZ Opinions are mostly just rubber stamping meaningless government position



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