Ndola Resident to stage lone protest against corruption at Kalulushi Municipal Council


A Ndola Resident GERSHOM Gershom Phiri says he will stage a lone protest against what he termed as serious corruption at the Kalulushi Municipal Council.

Phiri has further threatened to sue the local authority for denying him a plot which he applied for.

He said he has since notified the police of his intentions to stage a one man protest.

He claims that the levels of corruption at the local authority will deprive many citizens from acquiring land in Zambia.

“I have notified the police my good intentions of staging a one man peaceful protest against corruption at Kalulushi Municipal Council. I applied for a plot on merits and am convinced beyond reasonable doubt,I deserved to be given. After my protest, I will sue Kalulushi Municipal Council,The Director for Planning and the Town cleark,I will also demand a refund of the application fee as the council obtained that money on false pretence that I stood chances of being given a plot when infact not,” Phiri claims

He claims that this is not the first time the local authority has behaved in this manner.

“I further made two appeals which the office of the Director for Planning and Town cleark respectively received. This is not the first time Kalulushi Municipal Council is doing this.If I don’t take action the implication is that am approving and endorsing bad behavior.”

Phiri wonders how it is so easy for a Chinese and other foreign nationals to get land in Kalulushi.

He said a lot of people are deprived of getting land even if they follow the laid down procedures.

Efforts to get the local authority failed by press time.


  1. All councils in Zambia are guilty. The council employee give themselves plots and then want to sell them to you at exorbitant prices. Everybody in government (including Anti Corruption Commission) is aware of this and yet they do nothing to correct the mess.

    • I lost faith in the ACC in 2002 when my friend who reported corruption by one clerk at the Kitwe Magistrates Court was reported to the accused person by one of the ACC officers.

  2. same story even here in Chililabombwe. If you want a plot, then you need to buy from council workers at very high prices. Why give 3 plots to people who cant even develop them but with only intentions of gaining on them.

  3. Gershon is right. We took drawings for approval in April 2018 and up to now they haven’t been worked on. Funny thing is the chap we gave the drawings at the council “advised ” us to give him money if we wanted to have the approval done quickly. …he said he would walk the drawings from office to office. If the council want us to reveal the name of this young person let them leave their contact information with Lusaka Times.

  4. This corruption is nothing to do with Lungu. It is an old evil in Zambia. Ask me what I have gone through years before Lungu came into political limelight.

    Mufulira Council, Kitwe Council, the whole lot need new people.

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