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First Lady Esther urges Fathers to be more responsible


First Lady Esther Lungu donated assorted items to Lungo Mukuta Basic School and Lungomukuta rural Health Centre during an Outreach Programme to Mentor the Girl Child and Empower Women in Luapula Province , Milenge District on Monday, October 8,2018.

First lady Esther Lungu has called on men in the country to care of their respective families thereby help foster strong family bonds and values. Mrs. Lungu said it is disheartening to see children drop out of school because they have been neglected by their fathers.

ZANIS reports that the First lady said this at Kafwanka primary school, Fibalala ward, in Milenge district.Mrs. Lungu also urged women to continue working hard in order to be counted in society adding that they should not feel behind men but rather at par.

The first lady later made donations of ten iron sheets, blankets, rice, chlorine and over K 10,000 to three women’s clubs namely Tubalange, Tulombeko and Natusambilile. On receiving the donation, Natusambilile Chairperson Rosemary Chibuye thanked Mrs. Lungu for the wonderful gesture.Mrs. Chibuye said the donation will go a long way in uplifting their standards of living.

Earlier, Milenge Constituency Member of Parliament Mwansa Mbulakulima assured residents that government will link the cassava farmers to the market.Mr. Mbulakulima said government has heard the cries of farmers who harvested their produce with hopes of being linked to potential buyers.He said plans are underway to ensure the farmers sell their cassava and earn income to sustain their livelihood.


  1. She is absolutely right, father should not waiting until they are doing fine in life for daughters to spring out of nowhere and call them daddy, they should fulfill their fatherly duties even in hard times, they should not leave their daughters to raised by another man. Allelujah!

  2. Madam Esther I like you and have the utmost respect for you but why dont you ask your husband to be more caring of the Zambian people first. I do not want to remind you of the many scandals that your husband has reigned over, that have meant many Zambian father have no jobs and hence no money to support their families. Men have lost jobs because of the irresponsibility of your husbands actions, so please with all due respect do not lecture fathers on acting more responsibly.

    • This is an indirect message to ecl. I think if he was a responsible father, he would be a responsible president. Charity begins at home

  3. 10 roofing sheets only mwebantu? It will soon be pouring buckets come next month and what can those Chinese made malata do with all those women groups? Is that ka K10,000 ($600) enough to assist with the needs those women needs? Sometimes we should be seen to be serious.

  4. But the money is not coming out of her pocket, it is the people and she is short changing them. A donation can only be a donation if she in her own right earned it, not if a donor gave it to her as a steward for the nonprofit. We are too gullible as Zambians. Where are the ‘donations’ from the former First Ladies, dried up right, you get what I mean

  5. This is an indirect message to ecl. I think if he was a responsible father, he would be a responsible president. Charity begins at home

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