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NGOCC Comdemns UNZA students for attacking and Abusing Dora Siliya at a Funeral


Chief Government Spokesperson, Hon. Dora Siliya, MP
Chief Government Spokesperson, Hon. Dora Siliya, MP

The Non-governmental Gender Organisations’ Coordinating Council has condemned the unruly behaviour by some University of Zambia students who attacked and abused Information Minister, Dora Siliya during the funeral service of the late Vespers Shimuzhila.

Ms. Siliya, who is also Chief Government Spokesperson, was on Monday, insulted and abused by some unruly students who hurled unpalatables at her during Shimuzhila’s funeral service at UNZA SDA Church on Katima Mulilo Road.

This was after Ms. Siliya accused some students of having caused the death of Vespers Shimuzhila when they started the riots on Thursday night.

NGOCC Executive Director Engwase Mwale said the unreasonable conduct of the students was not only disrespectful to the Minister but also very demeaning to women’s leadership.

“The sexist insults against Honourable Siliya go further to reinforce the entrenched patriarchy that systematically discriminates and discourages women from participating in various decision making positions. This trend is also prevalent on social media where we continuously witness many women being subjected to cyber bullying”. Mrs. Mwale has said.

She added that over the years, NGOCC has been concerned with the low numbers of women in decision making and such conduct by youths, and university students for that matter, only go to further demoralise even the few women leaders.

“We therefore call upon the student populace and society at large to support Zambia’s cause for women’s in leadership”. She added

Mrs. Mwale said the death of Vespers is without doubt painful but has urged Zambians to remain calm as the security urgencies investigate the matter to its logical conclusion further urging government to expedite the inquest on the matter.


  1. It never fails. Even here on LT, you should see how they demean Mushota or talk about how ugly Jean Kapita is. It’s a pity because none of the weasels who write such stuff look like a Jérôme Boateng or have a physique like Pogba(not the face)! They are busy parading beer bellies big enough to rival an eight month old pregnant woman!

    • Where are your priorities you fo00ls? a life was lost and all we hear are stupid comments to protect that loser Dora. Where is your statement as NGOCC about protection of Vespers a gild child?

    • Why NGOCC does not condemns Dora for insulting Zambians intelligence on daily basis through her constant misrepresentation of truth

    • Useless NGOCC! Indeed where are your priorities imwe ba koswe? Somebody’s daughter was killed and the best you can do is talk about “insults”?? Njala yaminyonkola

    • UPND has a leadership which is as Childish as its followers. What else can we expect? Even when a government official comes and regrets the incident that happened you behave like you have dung brains?

  2. The real facts are that if HH never called for the 1990s riot spirit our sister could have not died. This is the cause of our sister’s death. It seems everyone wants to ignore this fact. God help us.

    • You have no brains Denkede. Why chasing and following students who are in their hostel? Is that the way rioting students must be treated? You dunderheads surprise me with your thinking.PF has been killing people for no reason even when HH has not said anything. The country is being run down by you chaps and do you expect the opposition leader to be cheering you up? You are just blood thirsty people. 50 years after independence you are destroying the country and now selling the country to the Chinese while the local people are becoming poorer and hungry. Just wait, for one year when there will be a drought you will dogs from China.

  3. The students should have stoned the prostitute Dora. These ugly chaps just went to the funeral house to provoke the situation. Bring the donkeys that threw the tear gas into the hostels, you imbeciles.

  4. Siliya attacked PLO Lumumba and she blamed the student death/ riots on the opposition .She’s fair game for attack coz if she can’t play by the rules why should others be tied up by rules?

  5. She deliberately went there so that when she is attacked students are seen to be hooligans

    Any intelligence kept away because the situation was volatile.

    Infact am even surprised why they didnt pour chibuku on that plastic hair.

    In fact she wwnt there so to get molested. These dirty POLITICAL TACTICS.

    These are people that sunk mmd. And now they will sink PF.

  6. Kanganja you are the most ***** human being. How do you justify the behavior of those misguided students? you think Zambia is for the people who don’t use their reasoning power. Week up from your slumber and face the real world

  7. Dorah Siliya actually needs more brickbats thrown at her she invited the trouble on herself.We’re not gonna be sorry for your self inflicted wounds Dorah.

  8. We have become a generation without wisdom. We needed to look at the cause and not the symptoms. The cause of utterances of your hero HH the devil worshiper. He caused this unfortunate incident. For you he is an angel Gabriel HH. Shame on you blind supporters.

    • HH is a sadist the day he will die that’s when politics will improve in Zambia because he’s intoxicated his followers to a point of no return because they worship him and the devil believing that he is a saviour while in actual fact he’s just a myopic clown and privatisation crook who has hidden the privatisation loot in the paradise papers.

    • Come on, Denkete. Please, learn to thing critically. May be you need to go back to school to learn critical thinking. HH had nothing to do with the riot. Delaying payment is what triggered. Do you know why Zambia is in such a mess? It’s because of people like you who lack reasoning.

    • @Denkede, the UPND sycophants and zealots and enemies of progress are into group think mentality so they can’t get your accurate assessment that it was their devil worshiper Supreme leader HH of the UPND who caused the death of the young lady who incited the dull UNZA students to riot that’s why he will die a painful death if he doesn’t repent his evil sins of greedy

  9. She just wanted to attract attention. She knew very well that the atmosphere was tense and decided to take the risk.

  10. This woman opens her mouth any how with no regard of the results of her actions, even if you have to please your bosses you still have to think and plan how to execute certain plans not just fyoto fyoto with out thinking, my take on this, she deserves what she got.

    • HH is a cult leader and a little god who is a THREE MANSIONS. He has one mansion in Kabulonga, one in Monze and one in Namwala. People involved in Satanism resist prayers and are enemies of anything right or peace.

  11. Oh she deserves it dont defend the undefendables. You Ngocc are just a crap of amafi. Infact we dont attack mourners like you have done. We all know that Dollar was the first to attack the mourning students and we know that these chaps (Ministers) have dubiously “awarded” themselves salary hikes backdated to January and they want others to tighten their belts when they are loosening theirs. Be sensible and see reality Engwamafi iwe. Just continue stealing donor funding and let the students do the right thing. They will come for you. You are next you i.diot.
    You are a disaster. Looking for a job from Dollar it wont work.

  12. Since when is calling a spade, a spade an insult? Where was you NGOCC when
    She middle fingered our late Sata?
    Dora is insensitive, just like her cousin Nkandu. There’s nothing misogynistic about calling her that. Govt spokespersons usually think they are exempt from nicknames. Kambwili has one too and it will haunt him come 2021.

  13. Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    I said before that Dora and HH turning up to the funeral while emotions were still high was a low act to try and score cheap political mileage. They were not invited by the bereaved family so why did they go there.

    NGOCC has become irrelevant now… where are their emotions and zeal on the young lady who lost her young life?

    Please shut up and sit down!

  14. Countrymen and countrywomen must not destroy infrastructure in the country. The recurring rioting by students must come to an end. The NGOCC is right to condemn the behavior of students that directed abusive language at the Minister of Information and Broadcasting. However, the NGOCC is too economical on condemning riotous behavior. The students need to learn to channel grievances through proper channels. A student caught perpetrating vandalism must be penalized according to existing laws, including a fine and a jail sentence. Indeed, there is a dire need for civic education programs for students as future leaders of the country.

    • And the overzealous police/soldier throwing teargas canisters into student rooms? Is he /she exempt from any sort of prosecution??

    • Is it the reason why the Patriotic Front (PF) has sold the University of Zambia (UNZA) frontage to AVIC international in a questionable Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement.
      According to UNZA sources, management at the institution were directed by Government to immediately enter into a long lease agreement with AVIC.

    • Lost life is the focus of thinking. Life was lost within the context of a student riot. As a Nation, a different path is possible. Was the riot the most viable option? The answer is: no. As a Nation, there is need to galvanize energies away from a culture of direct confrontation with Police. Discussions are needed. Negotiations are needed. Peaceful demonstrations with Police permit are needed.

    • Doc, can you please point to the Statutory provision which state that “…. Police permit are needed…”?

      Otherwise, sick your middle finger in your scrotum and massage your “knowledgeable” brain.

    • What you say will return against you. Impunity is illusory. Hate speech is a criminal offence. If you do not retract the hate speech, then the law will take its course. Let us agree to disagree. The law does not authorize hate speech. There is no need for hate speech. Love and peace is the message. Remember Zambia is a Christian Nation at the demand of the majority.

    • All parties share the blame in the unfortunate death of our sister, daughter and grand daughter. The government does not follow deadlines. The government, through Dora, provoked the students by blaming them. Students have the right to demonstrate, but in a peaceful manner. lastly, the police should learn how to control mobs rather than tear gassing them.
      The NGOCC should have analyzed all these aspects instead of apportioning the blame on one party.

  15. The educated and witty Dora. Students admire you because some will never attain half of the level reached. You have dined with emperors and the most powerful in the world, I would advise you ignore such inuendos and carry on with your duty to develop Petauke Central constituency.

  16. Investigate what? the answers are already there, the police command just needs to own up and put the team that was dispatched to unza to task, the individual/s who fired that teargas will be easily identified from there and then charge them accordingly. No one should be above the law.

  17. To my side..she asked for it. People see what she does ,hear what she says and read what she writes. Going there was a bad call on her side. Especially After what she said and wrote about the girls death. Together with her boss! They are very insensitive.

  18. We have all been there.

    The students are to blame for that senseless death.

    When students riot,police come in to disperse them.

    The $tupid and coward thing students do is to run and hide in the hostels among the innocent students.

    That’s what causes police to follow the trouble makers into hostels.

    In many cases,police will teargas places where these suspects hide.

    That’s why its ALWAYS a bad idea to be in your room when the savages are asking for trouble outside.

    These students can’t match our well drilled police and are perpetual losers in close combat.
    That’s why the little cowards ALWAYS run to hide.That’s how they caused the death of an innocent student.

    • Your “well drilled” thugs in uniform are useless cowards, same like you are useless !mbecile 5ucking to the Endemically Corrupt Leader of Plunderers Federation!

  19. Dora Silit is a bad example of women in leadership. She does not command respect and dignity in her behaviour and speech. She cannot expect for the public to accord that respect. She lost it and has to earn the respect.

  20. When God says time is up, time is up. The people of Zambia made their choice in 2011 to vote out MMD, but Alas we are seeing MMD in making back in power through the likes of Dora and several others. These are the consequences of imposing oneself after time is up, getting back into through the back door. She would have retained bit of respect as a backbencher in Parliament, clearly what remained of her little dignity is fading away fast, at one time she was a making impact in Parliament. Being a Government spokesperson at this hour also does not help her matters for her. I do feel for her, but she asked for it.

  21. PF leadership and their blind followers will some day all together fall in the ditch. The blame game will never work forever unless Zambians have become mental retards, that they can no longer see things for themselves. Who says wrongs can not be pointed out for fear of exacerbating the situation? But why creat the situation in the first place? That is why opposition are there to oppose wrong doings. HH has a point, why should leadershp increase their salaries and even backdate them to January, while students meal allowances are delayed, what do you expect them to do, clap hands for them, when they are hungry? And you blame HH, how absurd!

    • First of all, you must get one thing clear in your head-Zambia is a democratic country that conducts elections every five years and thus THE PF IS NOT HERE FOREVER!! Opposition must not create false popularity by condemning the govt. of the day because they themselves might be in govt. tomorrow and the same students will be insulting Mutale Nalumango or Sylvia Masebo. That’s why it’s better to stand by the TRUTH. Security wings are investigating and a final report will be made public. Don’t base your beliefs on falsehoods and half baked data. hh needs to act like a leader.

  22. Respect is won and not an award. Next time the bricks will be reserved for these NGOCCs because we did not see their statement Condemning the killing of a poor defenceless UNZA young lady who was brutally choked to death with gas, but they are quick to mourn for respect on behalf of a minister, just because she is a minister. By this they have shown that the respect owed to the minister is more important than the death of the young woman failed to condemn. For this bias now we know where to classify this organisation it is in existence for the rights of the rich and powerful women and not for all women, especially not for the poor women.

  23. Dora deserves the praise she got from the students for failing to $hut her mouth and l.e.g.s! She asked for it! How you carry yourself determines what respect you get. It was her reckless TWEETS during a funeral that led to that hostile reception. Dora needs to understand that you don’t look at the mouth of a grieving person pocking fun! You may just get the reception you deserve! Nothing wrong with what students did! As a way forward, ALANGIZI need to seriously culture Dora! She is so uncultured!

  24. @zambian citizen, why do you contradict yourself, in the same mouth you said Zambia is a democratic country, but yet you say the opposition must not condemn the government – Wrong! A democratic country has freedom of expression to condemn government when they are wrong. The opposition parties are not adversers to the PF government, they will oppose the policies and wrong doing that democracy. Your blind cadreship has robbed you of objective reasoning, you do not know what is TRUTH and what is falsehood. When people are lamenting about high corruption levels in the country you call it half baked data, why the did President fire the minister recently on half baked data? That is the proof of corruption, which is truth, not falsehood as you have been brainwashed. The country is highly…

  25. Cont…Look up another headlines in LT. anither corruption of over 19 Million from the ministry of ducation the is proof of corruption. The country is highly indebted, that is why the IMF, refuse to bail out Zambia and that is proof of that fact not falsewood as they have pumped it in your head. Learn to search information from different sources, not feed on PF garbage that they feed you to clean themselves. The opposition will never be muffled to keep quiet while the thieves are are stealing for the sake of not to exacerbating the situation, tell your masters to stop stealing.

    • High corruption levels?? How many cases have been successfully prosecuted and culprits convicted?? Opposition is not there to oppose anything but is there to criticise objectively. Opposition does not belong to one group of people and ruling to another, no!! They are all Zambians with different views and beliefs, opposition is actually govt. in waiting-what they formulate and oppose today will affect them when in govt. If you want to understand the role of opposition, watch EFF in RSA or British parliament. Not this i.d!ot.i.c politics of hate and selfishness upnd has brought to Zambia.

  26. When that great son of soil AKM passed away Emotions run so high that when opposition member like VJ came to pay their respects they were assaulted and unprintables uttered. They were those of us who murmured that they should have been allowed to pay their respects but play no role.We were shouted down accused of taking sides but the seed of hate was fertilised. This was against everything Andy stood for his ideals began to derode with that one act. Democracy now meant nothing substituted by tribal emotion years later where are we? Dora should have been allowed to enter the funeral house or if denied quietly escorted to her car.

  27. A brief! – She was married to Chisha Folotiya. When Chisha decided to divorce her for, in his own words, “wetting the bed due to excessive alcohol intake”, she countered by saying that, “he was not man enough and could not manage her in bed. She further went on to say that, ” Chisha always wore a boxer in bed to avoid….” Petauke elections campaigns – Dora tells all the men to admire her bums; and coming to the just recent passed, here comes Mumbalama! On two different times he (Mumbalama) assaulted Dora and in his defence gave a statement that “she liked small boys.” Dora never issued a statement to counter this. ALL this is in public domain! So when you hear children ku Koboni calling someone Mfwiti, just know ni MFWITI!

  28. Dora the explora went to explore the funeral house where she was not required and caused provocation hence the students retaliated. It’s like when your relative is murdered then the murderer comes to the funeral, what will you do?

  29. Useless NGO, what investigation is there to wait for, when we know the police caused the girl’s death. Let’s hire the British investigators who identified the soldiers who killed the woman with a baby on her back than our own corrupt police force. This ngo should also condemn dora for her insensitive tweets

  30. University students your throwing of stones at motorists and blocking of roads,tell me what that has to do with the innocent people who pay tax which the government uses to pay you. Second that is the main route to get the hospital e.g Mwanawasa hospital, if you block the road ,do you know the risk you cause. Please find a better way of protesting,we are also tired of your behaviour and making us victims whenever you’ve a born to chew with the government.

  31. Hon. Minister of Finance ……. Female
    Hon. Minister of Labour …….. Female
    Hon. Minister of Higher Education …….. Female
    Hon. Minister of Information …….. Female
    Her Hon. the Vice President ……… Female
    The Vice Speaker of National Assembly …….. Female
    The Chief Justice ……… Female
    Unza V/C ……… Female
    Unza Deputy Registrar…

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