ZNSU want Higher Education Minister Professor Nkandu Luo to resign on moral grounds

Minister of Fisheries and Livestock Hon Prof. Nkandu Luo
Minister of Fisheries and Livestock Hon Prof. Nkandu Luo
Gender Minsister Nkandu Luo during the UNZA Celebrations
Nkandu Luo

The Zambia National Students Union has challenged Higher Education Minister Professor Nkandu Luo to resign on moral grounds for incompetence and failure to manage Higher Institutions of Learning in the country.

Union Secretary General Isaac Mwanza said Professor Luo must resign on moral grounds for failing to handle issues affecting students in higher institutions of learning.

Speaking at a media briefing today, Mr. Mwanza has also requested President Edgar Lungu to fire Professor Luo if she does not resign on her own because she has caused students a lot of pain.

“Because she has failed to manage the Higher learning institutions in a democracy, morally she should have resigned, we are surprised that they are trying to blame other people instead of taking responsibility over many issues affecting students”. Mr. Mwanza said.

He added that Professor Luo must take responsibility over the death of Vespers Shimuzhila, a fourth-year student in the school of education instead of blaming others.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mwanza has also demanded that police officers who were deployed to quell riots at the University of Zambia last week should be prosecuted for the death of Vespers Shimuzhila.

On Tuesday this week, Professor Luo accused the UPND of causing the riots at the University of Zambia after its Choma Central Member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa wondered whether Professor Luo thought she had been too heavy handed on the students by banning the University of Zambia students Union.

Professor Luo also vowed that there will be no unionism in universities.


    • On moral grounds? Can a morally bankrupt person resign on moral grounds? No ways. That’s asking too much from a person like her.

    • This woman is not supposed to resign. SHE SHOULD NOT EVEN BE A MINISTER OR AN MP for that matter. Nkandu TASINTHA go away.

    • Luo is dismantling UNZA schools & relocating some schools to remote areas in order to pave way for Goma lakes to be sold to AVIC.

      From Goma lakes, campus entrance up to the gum trees along great east road, AVIC is new owner of that land.

      Vipuba va gulisa ziko ku tu ma Chinese.

    • Zambia National Students Union my cracked foot.
      Sounds like a morally empty union. How can a simple uncultured union be wanting to trade words with Boma? Aba bana bamasiku ano, sure!
      First time I heard about this terrorist union group was about Lumumba.They ordered Boma to apologize to Lumumba. Now these diapers kids are bitting more than they can chew. Zambia National Students Union is a sham. A waste of student organization group. We are used to UNZASU & COBUSU. Aisha, ZNSU can’t even be googled. Sha!

    • Majority of Zambians want CHILDISH to resign on moral grounds. He is a thief and an initator of triabl cleansing in Namwala.

  1. Nkandu Luo needs to be sent into the diplomatic service. As Minister of Education she has been a huge disapointment with nothing to offer. How does a Minister ban a students union and then promote UNZA PF? Ministry of Education needs a young vibrant person and PF has many young PF MPs who can do the job better. Maybe even ask Hjoe Moono the Oxford Graduate, I thinkw he can do a better job.

    • Good one, Sharon. Why should the Professor resign because a student union hooligan thinks so?? Unza was going to pay meal allowances two days later but some stup!d and political students decided to get radicilised by the satanist upnd president at a press conference and went to brew up a riot which resulted in a death of an innocent student.

    • Nkandu Luo to be sent to the diplomatic service would be a ‘disservice’ to Zambia, NO! The woman should actually be sent to UNZA to do a first degree then stay at UNZA to do an MSc (because her Russian MSc won’t do, don’t let me started on Russian degrees!). Because her Russian MSc has now been declared null and void then her PhD won’t count either. Nkandu Luo shouldn’t be a Minister or an MP because the courts said she fraudulently won the seat so the woman should just go to UNZA, the very institution she is failing to give direction to. LET’s see how she copes. This woman is a disaster!

    • When I was cleaning toilets at UTH she was teaching the people I was cleaning toilets for. She can teach you as well because you are an insecure tribal zealot supporter and you belong to the tribal H-organisation headed by a little insecure boy you worship, a UPND god.

  2. Only Kaiser Zulu and Munir Zulu can fire her. Lungu can not do anything, although her expiration date is past due in this capacity.

  3. Sharon I think you are a paid up PF agent but please I guess you can do better than tribal, childish and irrelevant comments. This is a great forum for positive minded people sharing constructive ideas. What is your motive? Please ba Lusaka Times can we please have some rules on this forum.

    • my sentiments exactly, this moron sharon should stay abroad forever but even there this useless humanoid of a person is an embarrasment to our countries because if they judge her or his intelligence they will think all Zambians think or talk like this useless abortion.

    • Gladly, they judge you based on GAY JAY not based on a mature person like me! TRIBAL HORGANIISATION OF UPND and its little boy leader Hakainde Mental.

  4. It’s no use appealing to a person without any shame. Nkandu Luo can’t think properly, her greed for money has blinded her. Her seat was nullified because of the mayhem she caused in Mtendere now she wants to pretend as if nothing happened. That’s Chief Tasintha for you, daughter of a Kabilo

  5. @Kaku, I 100% agree. Rwanda genocide was made worst by a radio station. Sharon keeps preaching hate speech n I feel LT has responsibility to curtail this

    • LT my dear welcomes any vulgar or hate speach against HH and tribe. These lunatics forget we have only one Zambia and we should blog constructively.

  6. Leave Sharon to express herself.

    Some of you, hates ECL/ PF , you are political peeping- toms on social media platforms. You insults government officials daily with impunity.

  7. Why is it that most Zambian decorated politicians with degrees and doctorates are the worst performers? There is an air of arrogance when people qualify in their respective fields in Zambia. We lag behind when it comes to being pragmatic. Why do we bother getting these qualifications when they add no value to reality? anyway, the point I’m making is that perhaps some of these highly decorated individuals should be confined to advisory roles rather than leadership because clearly for some, certain jobs are out of their depth.

  8. she fears to resign , if she does she will also loose her parliamentry seat cos she is illegal in this position her case is still pending in court. these are criminals that will find difficult after pf is gone to live in zambia

  9. It is regrettable that a life was lost during the riots.
    There is absolute no need for the Minister to Resign.The Police are still investigating the matter at hand.
    A few questions that beg answers:
    1. who supplied the Students with tyres to burn on the streets ?
    2. what is the purpose of Unza police post if it can not avert students causing mayhem on great road?
    3. who bought all those black T- SHIRTS for the students to wear during their matching ?
    Infact, this Student loan Scheme should be extended to any willing student in all higher institutions of learning that include private universities and colleges as well.Taxes are paid by even those whose children are in private institutions.
    UNZA AND CBU are not the only universities in this country.

  10. The Police Patrol belongs to Ministry of Home Affairs. The funding comes from Ministry of Finance. The management of the university belongs to Vice Chancellor on behalf of the Minister of Higher Education. It is wrong to single out one individual. It is better to support Government inquiry as it will indicate the officials that acted irresponsibly.

  11. Nothing to resign …… let her continue doing her job….
    all we are same in Zambia …..
    now who is going to be next….????

    Boss Gentle ????

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