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Church calls on political players not to politicize National Day of prayer


Some crowds who attended prayers and fasting day held at David Kaunda Stadium in Chipata

The Pastors Fellowship Leadership (PFL) in Lufwanyama district has called on politicians not to politicize the National Day of Payer, Fasting, Reconciliation and Repentance but instead pray for a better economy.

Lufwanyama district Pastors Fellowship Chairperson, Bernard Kasonde made the appeal in an interview with ZANIS in the district today.

Reverend Kasonde who is also Pentecostal Assemblies of God Overseer, said the national day of prayer is meant to strengthen the spirit of oneness and reconciliation in the country.

The clergyman further advised that it is high time people stopped shunning the day but rather reflect on its impact in strengthening people’s biblical faith in the country, adding that worshiping goes beyond politics and religious boundaries.

The clergyman also emphasised that there is need to dedicate national leaders to God if the country is to continue witnessing peaceful leadership and meaningful development.

Reverend Kasonde says leadership comes from God and it is therefore important that people take advantage of the national day of prayer to commit leaders in the country, in order to get guidance from God’s wisdom.

He stated that it is for this reason that he is calling on everyone in the country to realise the value of this day and come together in prayer come October 18, 2018.


    • Take one look at the kind of clergymen that are at the forefront of this “day of prayer”, and you will see it is rooted in superstition, mass deception and greed for money. Most of the proponents are Pentecostal pastors of Danny Pule’s ilk. People known for teaching false doctrine and an insatiable appetite for money.
      Additionally, isn’t it to mock God to go and “pray” and “fast” and at the same time steal from the poor, and pervet the way of justice? People really deceive themselves and take for granted the patience, kindness and goodness of God. But you are storing up wrath for yourselves for the day of wrath. I encourage ALL hypocrites to repent now, and turn from their evil ways while they still have opportunity. Starting with Mr. Lungu

    • Journeyman: I really used to think you were one of them. I only recently got to know that you are good old Catholic. Sorry. Anyhow, great argument above.

  1. I guess God gave us this bad leadership of the PF government to teach us a lesson. It will be a lesson book for generations to come. God, but why it had to be this generation? Christians for Lungu, your day has come.

  2. Pastor kasonde
    How do you pray for unrepentant thieves.
    The bible says if you confess your sins he is faithful and just.
    So its a case of loot,beat up political opponents,and call those in opposition Satanist then 20 October call for prayers “how”.

  3. The kind of fast God desires is the one described in Isaiah 58: 6 – 8 to loose the chains of injustice, share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter, cloth the naked.
    The kind of fast and prayers God detests is found in Isaiah 58: 2 – 5 on the day of fasting you;
    1. Do as you please
    2. Exploit your workers
    3. Your fast ends up in quarrels and stricking each other with wicked fists
    4. You choose only a day to humble yourselfs
    God says only when you do what he desires will he hear you .
    My dear Zambians God is never interested in a day of prayer read Isaiah 58: 1-9. God desires mercy and not sacrifice

  4. By the way were do these same men of gold hide themselves when innocent people are being killed by the police? They have started warming up in readiness to line up their pockets with suits bought from budget stores which looks like as if they got them pensambo lyamfwa.

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