Kambwili flanked by HH and GBM at Court on Tuesday afternoon
FILE: Kambwili flanked by HH and GBM at Court on Tuesday afternoon
Lusaka magistrate, Nsunge Chanda has told Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili that he will represent himself at the next hearing if his defence lawyers will not be present.

And Ms. Chanda refused two of Kambwili ‘S defence lawyers from cross examining the witness on stand Chilufya Tayali because they were not present when he was led in his chief in examination at the last sitting.

This is in a matter in which Mr. Tayali asked the court to institute contempt proceedings against Mr. Kambwili for allegedly tampering with evidence before court relating to Mwamona Engineering Technical Services Limited.

After the examination of Mr Tayali by defence lawyer, Keith Mweemba , deputy chief state advocate, Margerate Chitundu sought to have the case adjourned to October 16 .

But three defence lawyers, Keith Mweemba, Gilbert Phiri and Zevyanji Sinkala informed the court that they will not be present on that day as they will be appearing before the High Court .

And in her response Magistrate Ms. Chanda said it is not her problem as the court had already set the date of October 16 prior to today’s session.

She informed Mr. Kambwili that if his lawyers will not be present she will proceed with trial and the alleged contemnor will have to represent himself.

And during trial, Equity for Economic Party Leader Chilufya Tayali has told the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court that at no point did the NDC Consultant Chishimba Kambwili presented any uttered documents before honourable David Simusamba’s court but that does not mean he did not tamper with the documents at PACRA.

This is the matter in which Kambwili is accused of tampering with evidence in a case in which the latter is facing three counts of forgery, uttering false documents and giving false information to a public officer.

Tayali who is a key state witness said this when he was being cross examined by Kambwili’s lawyer Keith Mweemba before Magistrate Nsunge Chanda.

The Witness says it is for a fact that Kambwili did not present any uttered documents before Magistrate David Simusamba’s Court were he is facing three counts of forgery, uttering a false document and giving false information to a public officer but the accused uttered with the documents which were the board resolutions signed by the accused as chairman of the meeting that sat to utter the the records at PACRA.

Mr Tayali has maintained that the fact that Kambwili had chaired that meeting confirmed that he caused the alteration of the documents even though he did not physically file them at PACRA.

“By the fact that he chaired the meeting that resolved. I confirmed that he chaired because the board resolutions were filed with other documents at PACRA which counsel brought out when I was being cross examined,” he said.

“Sometimes, like in this case, people made a resolution to file documents at PACRA but they did not themselves to PACRA to file the documents. However they sent someone else to go and file. And from my knowledge this agent acts on behalf of the people that have sent him. Therefore in as much as they did not go to file physically by themselves I concluded they filed in the documents to utter the records at PACRA.”

The EEP Leader has further said he had lodged the complaint against Kambwili because the records from PACRA that he was shown by the police, were different from what he had testified earlier in magistrate Simusamba’s court.

Mr Tayali adds that he was concerned because if anyone went to PACRA to get a print out of the records, they would be different from what he had testified earlier.

The matter has since been adjourned to October 16 for continuation of trial.

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  1. Tayali is an angry little son of a beech with small penis insecurity issues..he is a sick little boy who will die once pf are out of power.


  2. So even Chishimba Kambwili is UPND member.He should just come out in the open and resign from PF we go for By-elections in Luanshya we see who the man is now.


    • UPND’s marriage of convenience with “Thieves!” Dressing a pig with lipstick. He is UNELECTABLE and UNVOTABLE!


  3. I find it disturbing when people insult Tayali.

    Specifically, the UPND retards.

    We live in a democracy. Every citizen has the right to express himself.
    Let Tayali as an active politician practice his politics good or bad.


    • @ beyond decency

      You sufferer of genetically induced !mbecility and son of many fathers have courage to call others “retards” whilst hiding behind your IQ of -100?


    • What has happened to the case CHILDISH took Tayali to court. To Livingstone and not Lusaka for that matter. Has HH paid Tayali and settled it out of court? The INCOMPOS were excited saying Tayali will be jailed. Did HH finally H-agree that he owns Three Mansions?


  4. What is Tayali going to gain by this action? Will that improve the well being of any Zambian? Let us put our energies into improving the lives of Zambians. Fight against injustices, abuse of public office, corruption,theft from public institutions, government loans being approved by cabinet without going through parliament etc. if you a man Tayali this is what you are supposed to pursue. There is also some oil issue where people from all walks of life are unhappy with the price increase of oil. There is so much that is not right PF /MMD congromelate that you need to fight so that we get back to Sata’s aspirations and put more money in peoples pockets.


    • Is your head working ok?? Kambwili forged documents so he can take advantage of his position as minister and award himself grz contracts. That in itself is abuse of authority and corruprion. It’s a democracy and Tayali is free to express himself. Is it only right for upnd to attack PF and you call it freedom of expression?? Is it only corruption when ZWD, mast and diggers point a finger at PF officials and accuse them?? Get your head checked!!


    • @ Saddened; Read again,again and again. Ask if you don’t know unlike what you are doing. Apa lyashi lya FORGERY one must answer to not what you are saying. This must be cleared before another is started.


    • For me both Kambwili & Tayali are Cancers to Zambian society & its citizens wellbeing, so I am happy to see these 2 destroy one another.
      1. Chimbwili defended P.F’s plunder & brutality, right to the hilt, until Jonathan lifted Chimbwili by his Big Fat Ear, & kicked him out of the thieving morally bankrupt P.F party. Just check out Chimbwili’s defence of P.F, on Sunday Interview whilst he was “feasting in the Den of thieves”. HE WOULD DENY THERES NO CORRUPTION WHATSOEVER IN P.F. What has changed now?
      2. Tayali on the other hand like the “Rent Boy” he is, wont get a job like most of us, has become a hired gun selling his Bu22oc.ks to the highest bidder, & will do dirty work he does Not believe in, as long as he’s given a brown envelope, despite knowing the country is being…


    • cont;
      despite knowing the country is being plundered, & disadvantaged.


  5. Tiyali is mad, he was probably paid another 2000 kwacha by Monday Chanda to bring these cases to court, he is utter useless he even accepts 2000 kwacha as a bribe ati politician. don’t know what he drinks this chap and we all know who sponsors him, what a waste of time.


  6. Saddened whatever your name are you really normal or something? How do you ensure that the satan aspirations are realised if you don’t curb corruption.? What Tayali is doing is what will lead to what you are suggesting. Sometimes if take your time to analyse issues before exposing your ineptness. Thanks


  7. Usually appearance before a higher court takes precedence over a lower court! But things happen these days


  8. I concure with ‘saddened’. What if tayali loses all in court what next? Or if he wins then what? Fuel price keep on going up etc.



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