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Confusion characterizes PF intra party elections on the Copperbelt

Headlines Confusion characterizes PF intra party elections on the Copperbelt

President Lungu addressing Copperbelt PF Officials
FILE: President Lungu addressing Copperbelt PF Officials
Confusion has characterized the Patriotic Front intraparty elections on the Copperbelt.

And there was a near punch up among PF officials after true “originnal” PF officials where blocked from filling in nomination for the Butungwa ward inter-party elections on Friday.

The PF officials accused ward Councillor William Nyirenda of causing confusion because he does not believe in the PF policies.

Nyirenda is former MMD Kitwe district chairman and only joon the ned the PF in 2016 and adopted as PF candidate for which he is an elected civic leader.

Former Butungwa ward chairperson Nelson Mwenda says the PF in Chimwemwe constituency has been hijacked by a small group of people who do not want the founder members to continue leading the party.

Mwenda who is vying for the position of secretary at ward level said the group that has hijacked the party is doing it for its own selfish needs as they do not belong to the PF.

In an interview, Mwenda accused the district executives and Butungwa ward Councillor William Nyirenda of blocking his nomination.

“These are enemies of the party. They are hijackers and should not be allowed. This councillor, Nyirenda is MMD and we are the PF. Why should he block us,” asked a furious Mwenda.

He said constituency officials and the ward Councilor connived to block him from filing in his nomination yesterday.

Mwenda revealed that he submitted nominations papers yesterday and later in his absence the papers were torn by some ward official.

And some visibly angry supporters for Mwenda, Carol Phiri accused the ward Councilor of been a member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) party.

Phiri confirmed that there is confusion in Butungwa ward accusing the Councilor of not embracing old members of the PF.

Meanwhile, former Butungwa ward youth Treasurer Blessed Kabungo said he was also blocked from filling in papers as vice chairperson by the officials from the party structures.

Kabungo said when they went back yesterday to file in the papers they found the constituency and district offices locked.

Kabungo accused the ward councillor for working with the NDC and the UPND.

He said people in Chimwemwe do not want the current Councilor, saying if their nomination is not sorted out, the people will be forced to vote for an independent person.

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    By Top Secret.
    One of the musicians that recorded the PF Dununa reverse campaign song, Dambisa has called PF and leader Edgar Lungu as stupid who must set his speed trap cameras in his house to monitor the speed of his wife.

  2. kekekekeke these PF, from state house elections all the way to branch level its full of thuggish fights.
    what can you expect from hyenas when Wild dogs are the leaders of Luangwa animal Park?
    That confusion sounds like Kaiser with guns chasing Mwaliteta with election results in handbag.

  3. Please carry enough guns and knives and kill yourselves we dont need any of u guys, if all could just die we will celebrate it will be the best news for a while

  4. clear indication that pf is extremely popular. we had elections in my party and I went un opposed as both district chairman and secretary. now am eying the position of district treasurer

  5. Enough of these thugs, everything is fighting and confusion no wonder the country is in a state of confusion. Nothing is clear cut with them, they have to fight each other and they think we need that as a country.

  6. Just bomb each other no one need you now. You are the worst party ever to rule this country. I am told by the Bembas that fish starts rotting from the head. Now that the tail is rotting it means that the head is smelling amafi and maggots and there is nothing there to talk about.
    What a disaster!!!!!

  7. Thousands of Zambians are fighting to be leaders in PF-a clear sign indicating that PF is very very popular especially in its strongholds such as copperbelt!!!
    Kainde azamuziba yesu again in 2021 as all i can anticipate is HH’s record 6th straight presidential defeat!!!
    GO PF GO!!!

  8. Kikikkikikikikikiki. Eeecalo bane. Apali ifisuma efyo ciba. Don’t worry, it’s normal to fight. Ubwali bwambusa bulya utukalabene. If you don’t go for internal elections, you are missing self testing. If you want honey you ought to defeat the bees! !!!! What defines man’s existence is struggle/war for it. Don’t cheat yourselves that the support for any political party is known through national elections. No that’s second. So PF bravo to you!!!!

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