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Norway not impressed with President Lungu’s purchase of Luxury jet

Economy Norway not impressed with President Lungu's purchase of Luxury jet

MOSKVA(Aftenposten):Zambia is one of the largest recipients of Norwegian aid. Now, the country’s president is buying a luxury aircraft that surpasses most.

The Russian company Sukhoi, Jevgenij Andratzhnikov , could start the celebration when the contract for the sale of new luxury aircraft was in the box.

The buyer is President Edgar Lungu of Zambia,the fifth largest recipient of Norwegian aid in the last 50 years. It’s a fairly high price,admitted to the Russians and was jubilantly happy according to Russian media.

The price is around 400 million kroner.

The price is far higher than regular Sukhoi flights because the Zambian president wants specially designed interior.

Lungu leads a country where 15 percent of children are underweight because they do not get enough food according to the UN.

Source: Aftenposten


    • Its a propaganda story. Just listern to the tone in the story. Nothing of that is present in the Russian media or norgie. Just do a google search for yourselves. The only site where it will lead you to is zwd has the source.

    • Oval head. The truth will set you free. I have seen this story in the Norway media. And the former Norway ambassador to zambia has also confirmed it. Sadly LT is refusing to allow posting links. No propaganda here. Just facts. But you already knew that didn’t you? Just like you knew about the DFID cutting aid due to corruption, but you called it fake news.

    • Same with Social Cash Transfer, first they will deny it, then Africa Confidential will be on BBC, the gremlin Amos Chanda will come out and say it was a donation….Edgar, the worst president we have ever had

    • If one ever needed proof that Lungu does NOT care about the plight of the poor.

      Lungu is a greedy selfish so n so.

      When civil servants go for months without pay, children go to schools which do not have desks, children die in hospitals because they do not have basic medication, parents can not provide for their children because of unprecedented economic hardship….the list is very long.

      These are the real treasonable offences.

      Lungu and his groupies will one day be caged for these crimes.

      I think people should boycott that fake national day of prayers. On that day, just go to church and boycott the stadium gatherings.

      If those allegations are false, be happy because you still have a supporter in me. God damn it I hate corruption. It’s stink make me wanna puke. If you will be corrupt, worry more because in every sector you’ve pumped cash, your subordinates will wanna steal. Again it’s at the ballot. You don’t wanna pull the corrupt card.

    • With PF bootlickers like Oval..they first scream fake news when Amos comes out and states its needed ..they retreat in their shells.
      Lazy Lungu wants to fly in style with Kaizer and prostitutes to anywhere in the world where there is an independence day celebration.

    • Zambians are we seriously so stup!d that we cannot do anything about Lung Wu and PF’s plundering? This is only going to get worse. We need action now, enough is enough

    • I think this is the kind “project” or purchase that Govt needs to discuss publicly before hand. It would make their jobs easier. Why make such a huge purchase without input from your fellow citizens? After all, this is their property! Lungu will leave that office and the presidential jet/plane will stay for the next president to use. So, what’s up with the secretive nature of doing such a huge transaction for the people of Zambia?

      I am sure ZAMBIANS are reasonable people. They understand that the President probably needs an updated jet than the current one, the Challenger. But let us discuss some of these issues as a nation in order to avoid some these negative perceptions.

    • Surely don’t we have sober minded Zambians in Norway or Scandinavian counties to verify this apart from dull Nobo and that dull old man in Denmark?????????????????

    • Russian aircraft have a poor safety record and are known to periodically fall out of the skies. The private jet purchase by EL is probably the solution to Zambian political woes when it one day falls out of the sky with His Excellency EL on board. All this corruption shall come to pass for it usually is very dark before dawn after all nothing lasts forever.

    • But why are Zambians allowing this thief to be plundering the country with impunity like this? Corrupt Lungu doesn’t care about Zambia, or the poor suffering Zambian people. How did Sata leave this guy in charge in the first place? Who really is this guy? If this is true, then this guy needs to be impeached, charged with treason and caged. This is rid1culous. Zambians should protest this guy and call for his resignation. He can’t be so focused on his own luxury and comfort, at the expense of the suffering civil servants who aren’t getting paid for months, university students going without allowances, etc, Shame on him and shame on PF.

  1. The question is where does Lungu get the money for such a very expensive aircraft? What is so special that the president who is a public servant needs to purchase a private aircraft when the country is lacking in many aspects. The govt is busy borrowing and asking for aid when the president has the luxury to buy such an aircraft. Never in our history has any president behaved like the current president, this justifies how misplaced priorities this man has, basically this president has no plans for the country and hence busying acccummulating wealth in preparation for his departure to his palace in Swaziland. I really hope he will be made to account for his wealth one day.

    • You ask whats so special with the President?
      This Guy Jonathan Mutaware is a Ghetto Superstar, who loves Bling- Bling he’s not worked for, & is only special to Brain Dead P.F.Cadres.
      This recklesssness will haunt Zambia long after the Chawama charlatan has turned to dust!


    • You were warned that Lungu embezzled his Client of K10,000 and that advice fell on deaf ears and you went ahead and put him in charge of the country thereby giving him an open cheque. So what do you expect?

    • He is forcing the Zambian govt to borrow to purchase the Plane. This is increasing Zambia’s indebtedness. At this Rate Zambia will soon be Bankrupt. No new investor,Lender and Donor will financially assist Zambia with such Fiscal Profligacy. No wonder IMF desserted Lungu given such Financial Indiscipline ,corruption and wastefulness.

    • Ummm….if believing credible sources, including the former Norwegian ambassador to Zambia is the textbook definition of being a moron, then…..guilty as charged. Proud moron.
      On the other hand believing in a government with a probable track record of lying, corruption and theft is probably the text book definition of being very wise and intelligent.
      Amazing what political appointments in foreign service can buy you.

    • The story is very true and it is all over Norway even in their Parliament and now Norway is thinking of cutting aid to Zambia, don’t just support blindly

    • You honestly think we can’t see what’s happening to our beloved country at the point I would vote for Kambwili as much as I dislike him!

  2. Finally Lusaka Times has published this story. I am eager to hear what my brothers and sisters who support will defend this

    • Where is Ha Sharon?It must be difficult to be a PF supporter,their great leader is really keeping them on their toes as scandal follows scandal.So why cant Lungu just resign?He has seriously damaged his name..and that of his party.How are they going to sell this product in 2021?

  3. According to my understanding the government is in a process of purchasing 5 aircraft from Russia of which one is for the sitting president and the other 4 for the relaunch of Zambia Airways.

    The question is asked is this ECL personal jet or Zambian Government Jet?.

    • The question should be: does the Zambian government need a sophisticated jet in this crucial time when other presidents are even travelling in economy class? Do we really have the luxiury?

    • But who in their right mind buys planes from Russia? Sane people buy one ofbthe following planes or civil aviation
      1. Boeing
      2. Airbus
      3. Gulfstream
      4. Bombardier
      Reliability, proven safety record, and great maintenance plan. Russian planes are total opposite
      So even before we look at the folly of buying planes, we must look at the folly of buying from Russia

    • He buys from Russia as they are able to procure under the table at inflated prices…those companies you mentioned publish everything and are answerable to shareholders.

    • Thats because its translated…this where Norwegian based bloggers like Nobo would helpful but the chap is too playful only comes here to joke with his dull sidekick Nostro…

  4. The guy used to patronize bars in the compounds

    He embezzled window money

    We hear he when AWAL at ZNS


    Why did his wife desert him


    He is resckless and drunkard in his personal

    In the USA such issues can not be ignored where someone aspires to become president.


    HH background is there for all to see
    and we have people misleading masses that HH is OK

    • In developed countries people SONTA at what they have done in their private life to be elected president of a nation, here someone SONTA at govt funded projects through loans from Europe and China, which will be paid for by the citizens through taxes,as a measurement for people to vote for them, mwanawasa’s so much evangelised vision 2030,lives on even when he is no more because he took projects as National projects not party projects like he was paying for them using his own pocket

  5. Zambia Airways is soon going to be launched, HMKA voted best in Africa credit to PF, Choma International Airport to be constructed soon. you don’t talk about all these positive developments but creating propaganda to discredit and distract the president.

    • You’re being drowned deep in debt and you still think it’s development. It’s retrogressive my fellow human being. How would you feel if you sponsored someone to UNZA, then they keep borrowing money not for education but for consumption such as fashionable clothes and fast food? External debt repayments have doubled from last year’s K7 billion to this year’s K15 billion! As Sir Alex Fergus on used to say, “It’s squicky bum time!”

    • Of what profit is an airport in places like Choma and all these small places? Do you call that developement when the roads are claiming lives everyday because they are delapitated and a dual carriage would have been built if it was not the misappropriation of funds. Get real man . Airports for what when we do not have an airline. HUH

    • My dear fellow aviation business is no child’s play. Running a bus company requires a lot, now imagine an airline.

  6. Bottom line is that the fcuker is busy purchasing aircraft when wealthy countries debate such purchases in parly, in Zambia things just pop up in the media after the deal is sealed, I remember JZ tried this and parly declined, then u have an !diot a convicted disbarred fraud of a lawyer dull as they come holding a country hostage, this pompwe has done enough, if he sh!ts himself when drunk let him stick to that…even u run after ur term the law will hunt u down mother fcuker

  7. This is purely falsehood.This is propaganda by ZWD , ZAF is the one responsible for Purchase of military airplanes.Its a deal to be done by government NOT ECL.

    • Mr. Pillock

      Who is the Head of the Government of the Republic of Zambia?
      By the way, Sukhoy regional jet is NOT military aircraft, neither G-650ER.

      Learn abut subject before making comment based on your inbreed !mbecility

    • Are you saying that LT is now ZWD.
      Should that be the case I will be out’a here.
      But pause a bit. The AC story turned out to be true. Misappropriation of poor’s money. I can’t stand watching people stealing from our land. I constantly condamn double h for his hand on our national assets, our mines. I can’t support ECL for his love of flying. He enjoys fying and that can push him to these dangerous levels. We must promote austerity together.

    • FACTS – Yeah, because it feels so good by people like you to insult the President at any given opportunity even if the accusations make no sense at all.
      Trump tweets – So, because you claim it came out in a Norwegian Newspaper, then it must true, right?
      Observer: ZAF Commander is Lt. Gen. David Muma.

    We know these Bandits, & their blind cadre’s will Bankrupt Zambia.
    A lesson to all, NEVER to vote for broke, client cash swindling leaders who lived in someones garage in the Ghetto’
    Smart Zambian Enterprise zo ona!!

    • Not so fast. Norway has been dragged into this allegations. Before we shout, fake news, lets hear from Norway.
      I believe this story is too damning to be true. But the way I have come to know ECL and his love for being near the ozone layer, any thing is possible.

  9. I think that its clear that the PF-MMD alliance to govern Zambia has been a very bad experience for the citizens as it has bred corruption to epic proportions. President Lungu must open his eyes and see that the MMD has led him astray and he had now become a repulsive corrupt individual whose ending will be very bad not only for him but his family as well. As things stand no financier worth his salt will give money to the PF Government as its clear come 2021 they will be a regime change especially if Edgar is on the ballot. Edgar should be impeached now that the is evidence that he signed the $48 million loan without parliament approval in 2016 when clearly he does not have power to commit this country to unauthorized debt inline with law

    • Kabs, PLEASE, lets not blame M.M.D.
      We now live in an age where evidence based facts are King , rather than relying on superstitions, like the dark ages, or remote backward areas of Zambia where innocent people are still lynched, even killed for baseless [email protected] like (Chikondo – moving coffins), or witchcraft.
      * Fact; President Jona Chakolwa Pombe Lungu, was a known DRUNK who often showed up to Parliament sessions Totally Blitzed -(Drunk).
      * Fact; President Jona Chakolwa Pombe Lungu, remorselessly embezzled a Widows cash.
      * Fact; President Jona Chakolwa Pombe, was a failed Lawyer, whos wife had left, coz he was a bad husband, who ended up homeles, & living in someones garage in Chawama compound.

    • cont;
      So lets not cheat ourselves that Jona was corrupted by oythers /M.M.D.
      Ba Jona was an accident waiting to happen, as soon as Zambians chose to ignore his past misdeeds.

  10. UPND are really dogs who suffer from acute inferiority complex so to them if it’s Norway then it’s true…really dogs every thing is propaganda

    • To call him stupid is being dishonest, the man is insane and a danger to the society. The quicker he sectioned at Chainama with HE master embezzler Edgar Kabwalala Lungu.

  11. Let the truth tell itself,we need a new president in 2021 to get that her and sale it to get back the money and give the money back to China,those are the money we are paying back for tax and other things.We are tired of him and his stories.

  12. No more hand picked presidents in Zambia, this one has just proven that it was a big mistake. Best way is to get a credible Leader n Veep as standby n not this circus were subjected to.

  13. PF cadres are really hoping this is not true, hence they denial there claim of not true but they cannot tell us why it’s not true. Cadres as it it now, ECL’s true colors are coming out. He is not that humble or God sent angel as you portrayed him. He is nothing but the same crook who stole from a poor widow and is showing the same character. Buying a luxury jet in this time of economical hardships and even giving himself a raise. So insensitive and uncalled for, he doesn’t even respect citizens to even offer them a press conference. Continue suffering Zambians while your supreme leader enjoys your wealth

  14. This projects is funded by IDC locally. There is no problem. In fact we must look into purchasing 2 Mr President. Once Zambia Airways is operational, we can have a fleet of these doing local routes (from chiefdom to chiefdom as we boost tourism through traditional ceremonies).

    • Typical empty tin PF bloggers ..posting comments when they are highly intoxicated with Chibuku shakey shakey…you think IDC has a factory where they create dollars to buy Private jets!!

  15. Soon after increasing his salary, he buys himself a luxury jet. Meanwhile, civil servant salaries are still in the Deep Freezer and ZCTU is fast asleep! This tells you that Zambia has enough money! This is where you say enough and demand salaries that are reflective of the current cost of living – Yes, Cost-reflective Salaries! How long have you been tightening your belts?

    • When are lazy and have never worked for something how can you know? I mean the man is surrounded himself with a small boy like Munir Zulu, Kaizer Zulu (former Lab assist) and Freedom Sikazwe (Auto mechanic certificate holder)

  16. Come on you people have mercy on the people of Zambia . I just pray and hope this a lie and if its true , I regret voting for Edgar Lungu and I pray the grace of God will give him a listening hear and pity for the people of this country

  17. He just increases his salary with back pay, just after spending $4 million on a useless trip to the UN to talk about Mandela, while he waits for his private jet……This is while civil servants are not being paid on time and UNZA students are starving …….

  18. When did zambian copper belong to norway when did zambian minerals become property for norway look into it , be wise how do those donations come about how about imf and the worldbank who benefits from these institutions of course it is not africa nor zambia .
    Africa pays through the nose to service those un ending loans to the monsters cruel masters who have enslaved this continent .
    Your copper has become theirs your cobalt is theirs everything belongs to them even yourlives .

  19. The propaganda about mighty PF from Kainde’s camp is now too much!!!Govnt announced that ZAMBIA AIRWAYS will be back in the sky anytime soon,so Govnt has to purchase jets.Not only that,late Levy Mwanawasa bought a jet and it wasnt his but for Zambia.Therefore,ECL Govnt is free to buy a jet for Zambia and not his-period!!!
    The behaviour of UPND is shocking.They are convinced that after ECL,their HH will be Zambia’s 7th president-HOW?WITH VOTES FROM 3.5 PROVINCES-SHOCKING STUFF?Relax guys because only God knows who will take over from ECL.UPND has had such confidence since 2001,but its like they dont learn!!!RECALL,MANY ZAMBIANS SIMPLY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH HH!!!

    • flag Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

      Mate, you must be blinded by your cadreisim (if tree ther is such a word). The issue is not about whether the expensive jet belongs to Lungu or the Zambian government, but rather as a country we can’t afford such lavish spending; it is misplaced priorities as it is too expensive. Don’t you get it?

  20. The iron of ironies is that if the elections were held today President Lungu would still win the elections in the face of a crumbling economy, grand corruption, abuse of human rights etc etc. WHY? ETHINISM. Come 2021 I can assure you, without the faintest of doubt ,that President Edgar Lungu will win the elections.WHY? ETHINISM.I like Magande, Miyanda, Kalaba,Mutati,Mphande,Musokotwane,Katele Kalumba,

  21. flag Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    What will it take for sleepy Zambians to take to the streets and rise against these selfish, evil thieves?

    And where is the ‘dumb people of the Zambia Enterprise Snr” and ‘MMD [email protected]$slicker” to defend to defend all these wrongs?


      ldlots like you want Zambia to shed blood. It’s the ballot aisha. No other way. We trotted the streets in the KK era. We can’t do that for the vulture in double h. The stakes couldn’t higher.
      Zambians shall never take to the streets because we are smarter than that besides ECL is better than double h. He still has the blessings of majority Zambians except the dark world. Players pa 18th October ka? Until Norway responds, it’s reservation.

  22. Zambia is rich, we are just disadvantaged by the dull people we put to be incharge of our resources. And the reason is, many of the people who are licensed to vote, can’t analyse the real issues affecting us as a country.

  23. What a wasteful insensitive drunken man! You would think he spent 95% of his time on earth in the plane. Such excesses and misapplication of national resources must not go unpunished by a heartless individual.

    • Yes he loves the plane and I hate that fact. Maybe love ni understatement.
      But he is still your president.
      Nanga kuliko mankwara wa plane-phobia? Tikaikile a president athu?
      How I wish ECL was like B. A. Baracus, uja banali kuti Mr. T. Munyamata anali yopa ndeke mu filimu wa The A Team.
      Iyayi sure, uyu muyamata na ndeke pazafa umodzi, kapena wina ndimuzache. Chakuti amange Rail line chibvuta. Eve afuna Ariporto yandeke. Kaya mwinewake. Aisha, mapenzi.

  24. such a shame on this ***** our ppl are starving they dont have proper meals…the country is going down…business is effected…and he wants to buy a personal jet!!! why are you wasting peoples money lungu??? are you crazy or you not humane?

  25. If indeed this is true then we shall soon know about it as a plane is very difficult to hide. Comments reserved until verification.

  26. It is my fervent prayer that this is not true.Can Lungu in his right mind do such a thing in these ‘trying’ times??…….

  27. Luxury Palace in Eswatini , Luxury customized Jet plus plus others, better believe it my brother. This is why he won’t address the nation on mismanagement CO’s his guilty conscious won’t allow him. Pray for the chap on the 18 so he can see the suffering of the Zambian people.

  28. So is this story true or it is one of the many hallucinations from the camp of one Trib.al Hacks?
    Please confirm so that I can participate in the debate, or not to waste time with T Hacks and his camp.

  29. When is Ferguson Chochran-Dyet being recalled from Zambia? This will put an end to negative News circulating on Zambia internationally. A country has a right to buy arms to defend itself. Soon these people with an agenda may start sponsoring mercenaries after their efforts to discredit Zambia in the media fail. We need a strong Army to counter. So what if the deal includes a presidential jet. The current challenger is not allowed to fly to Western Airports because it’s old. Too many bitter bloggers happy with disclosing state security secrets to discredit their own Country.

  30. One Kaponya said that when voted as running mate ……would donate his salary. I want to hear from any opposition leader that if and only if (not when) voted as Kateka will sell this Jet and raise money for the vulnerable. Mark my words, l will not vote for him/her!!!! True. You know what? He is a liar. Let him/her sell his/her house and donate money. But still will not vote for him/her. Why? Because is a fool. Why? Is he/her the only one to be next Kateka? Read between the lines.

  31. Some PF supporters are so stup!d they can can be caught with a hiv right now and yet be denying it with reasons like maybe it will go away ,maybe the doctor is lieing to me , maybe someone bewitched hence the tester is showing positive instead of negative or it’s my blood type it reacted with the tester hence it’s showing positive

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