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Kavindele solicits Angolan support for rail project

Economy Kavindele solicits Angolan support for rail project

Former Vice President Enock Kavindele
Former Vice President Enock Kavindele

Former Vice President in the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) government Enock Kavindele has implored Moxico provincial administration in Angola to support the railway construction project.

The rail line is aimed at connecting Zambia and Angola.

Mr. Kavindele, who is North-West Rail Company Chairperson, said the rail project will greatly benefit people of the two countries during and after the construction.

He said the railway line will not only ease trade between the two neighbouring countries but will also open Angola to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) market.

Mr. Kavindele said the construction works of the project, which is scheduled to commence early next year, is projected to cost about US $1 billion on the Zambian side and not less than US$ 500 million on the Angolan side.

He added that about 6,000 direct job opportunities are projected to be created for Angolans while many more indirect jobs will be created through subcontractors.

Mr. Kavindele said this when he made a presentation at a business forum on Moxico potentials and opportunities held in Luena, the provincial capital of Moxico province in Angola during the Moxico Expo.

Speaking at the same event, former Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation Managing Director, Cyprian Chitundu, who is Smart Energy Services Director, said Moxico province has a huge development potential in various sectors including energy.

And Moxico Province Governor, Gancalve Muandumba said his administration was ready to support investment in establishing projects that are going to accelerate development in the province.

Dr. Muandumba said the province suffered heavy destruction of infrastructure in various sectors during the civil war that erupted after the country gained independence.

He said the damaged infrastructure needs to be reconstructed.

He added that Moxico Province has a lot of investment opportunities in agriculture, tourism, energy and many other sectors that can be exploited by anyone willing to set up investment in the region.

The North-western Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in collaboration with the North-western provincial administration has dispatched a group of entrepreneurs to participate in the expo in Angola.

The group is led by North-western Province Deputy Permanent Secretary, Douglas Ngimbu and Chamber of Commerce Provincial president, Josephine Makondo.


  1. Just what’s the problem with this man Kafindele? He’s been singing about this railway project for close to 10 years now and NOTHING has happened since. Why don’t you just SHUT THE F….K UP and resort to farming? Awe this is annoying to say the least

    • Why should you get irked up about that? Are you searching for things that annoy you? Let Kavindele punt his business. He’s not using your money or your mouth

  2. the monkey above me who has commented called nkope is a good example of why this country has gone to the dogs. Whilst the chinese will come here with only their interests at heart, the zambian government still give them all the support they need to siphon off profits back to china . meanwhile we have our own blood here trying to create jobs and opportunities and the government shuns him. inferiority complex at its best. why do u think lungu likes flying alot? he thinks abroad is better than home.

  3. Kavindele is a lier …..when dancing dunnuna reverse with lungu during elections he was telling us how slippers and other materials are already being sourced including trucks , saying work will start in the then 3 months ????

    • he has been dununad kabili.. cant u see what is happening? the pf know that they need kaloba from china so they have used kavindele and dumped him for the chinese

  4. The best kavindele can do is go to china and sell his rail business vision to the Chinese, am sure he will get the finance needed.He has only done 100meters himself from Chingola to Solwezi. what a joker!!!
    just like HH, Kavindele also thinks its his birth right to own a rail line in North-western province
    whats wrong with these two characters HH and Kavindele?

  5. A noble project Kavindele has dedicated a big part of his life, time & resources. Has taken forever to take off. But just imagine if Zambia had 10 people thinking like Kavindele. Not everyone who makes tu spare change then they want to be president. People with no proven record of achieving anything, want to rule. Zambia needs a mindset change. We pray that Kavindele will one day achieve this noble dream.

  6. Why he didn’t do it when MMD was in power? Now he’s broke a$$ wants a railway line to Angola, just improve the ZR if it exists

  7. The lobito corridor is an important project that would help us get oil from the refinery Angola is building. Trade between Angola and DRC can help this country tremendously. This Kavindele Project is more important than the rival project on the east. Angola produces oil and there are rich deposits of cobalt and copper on this corrider with a large population too. Wake up Zambia. If Cecil Rhodes was thinkibg like some of u. We wouldnt have the railway lines we have today.

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