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Cabinet approves three bills and resolves to reduce the Hippo population along the Luangwa river


President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (left) chairs the 17th Cabinet meeting at State House in Lusaka on Monday, October 1,2018. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2018

Cabinet has approved three bills and resolved to reduce the Hippo population along the Luangwa river following damage to the environment.

Chief Government spokesperson Dora Siliya says the three bills are “The Statistics Bill, 2018,” “The Border Management and Trade Facilitation Bill, 2018” and Constituency Development Fund Bill, 2018.

Ms. Siliya says all the bills have been approved for publication and introduction in the current sitting of parliament.

She says the introduction of the Statistics Bill, 2018, will provide for the establishment of an integrated National Statistical System.

The Chief Government Spokesperson adds that this Bill will also ensure best practice of collection of statistics as well as credibility of statistics through an Independent Statistical Agency.

And Ms. Siliya says the Border Management and Trade Facilitation Bill, 2018 aims at providing for coordinated border management and control for the efficient movement and clearance of goods.

She further notes that Cabinet feels enacting the Constituency Development Fund Bill will ensure accountability by providing for mechanisms of disbursing funds to Constituencies.

Meanwhile, Ms. Siliya has revealed that Cabinet further upheld the contract with the now defunct Zambia Wildlife Authority and Mabwe Adventures Limited on Hippo Culling along the Luangwa River.

She says Cabinet is aware that the current population of hippos in the Luangwa River is at 13-thousand which is beyond the carrying capacity of 9-thousand on a 270 km stretch.

Ms. Siliya says this has caused considerable damage to the environment, river banks and continues to threaten the sustainability of the river system

And Ms. Siliya says cabinet took note of Zambia’s planned participation at the up-coming 2018 African Union Sport Council Region 5 Under 20 Games from December 7th to 16th, 2018 to be held in Gaborone, Botswana.

She says Zambia’s participation in the regional sporting event is necessary as it will contribute to the exposure of young athletes at high level competitions.

Ms. Siliya says Cabinet has also resolved that this year’s National Day of Prayer, Fasting, Repentance and Reconciliation slated for Thursday, October18th, 2018 will be graced by President Edgar Lungu, in Kabwe, at the Zambia Railways Stadium, under the theme: “Facing the Future as a Reconciled, United and Prosperous Nation under God’s Guidance.”

This is contained in a statement availed to ZNBC News in Lusaka.


  1. But they denied this as fake news just a few months ago, when whistle blowers exposed it. Now here it is. They know that zambians have a short memory.

      Bravo cabinet.
      Acceleration fast track to 2021!
      You rock!
      Lets roll!

    • Let’s crop the hippos and crop the H-animos too which cause MAD COW DISEASE in the Namwala Farm to reduce high incidences of dung disease. Good job GRZ.

    • I don’t agree, PF-government has done more damage than hippos. Consider reducing ministries, let hippos transferred just you deserve to be transferred to opposition.

    • Slowly Zambians are getting the picture of whats going on behind the scenes. Today i got a message that ” Okowaya konse balefwaya Dollar, amalasha ati ukulipila ni dollar , tomato ati dollar, ifinthu fyonse nabalunda! Zambia ya nyeka!”

    • These thugs and their Chinese termites will not stop till the finish everything …what has Lazy Lungu put in, he just keeps taking and taking!!

  2. I read an article in the star news paper here in SA about how corrupt the who process is,I will post the link as soon as I find it, apparently the tender process was rotten to the core

    • Slowly Zambians are getting the picture of whats going on behind the scenes, Today i got a message that ” Okowaya konse balefwaya Dollar, amalasha ati ukulipila ni dollar , tomato ati dollar, ifinthu fyonse nabalunda! Zambia ya nyeka!”

    • That’s like asking those Somalis who Arabs used to catch black Africans provide security to your villages..these thieves were in China for 10 days signing all sorts of things!!

  3. So who is the customer? Story izibika, all of a sudden Hippos become a problem, what about the Police and public order…

  4. I suspect that someone has already received payment to push the culling of hippos through. I suggest that you sedate these hippos and move them instead of killing them. It is a well known fact that hippo teeth are also counted as ivory so someone stands to benefit from the killing of these innocent animals. The PF govt is a government of plunderers. The handwriting is on the wall. You will soon be ran out and prosecuted for your crimes. We will carefully prosecute you all.

  5. Jona the skimmer
    Demands for hippo teeth increased rapidly when the international ban on elephant ivory came into effect in 1989.

    Like elephants’ tusks, hippo teeth are hard wearing and can be worked into curios and ornaments, they are now commanding higher prices because they can be sold illegally in many countries.

  6. These drunkards you wonder what they discuss in cabinet meetings …last year they were “culling” using Boers who were charging their customers to shoot hippos now they made so much money ..they have decided to futher reduce the hippo population …please PF get this thief Lazy Lungu he has no heart or respect for our natural resources or country.

  7. why not depopulate the hippos in the luangwa river by taking some of them to others rivers like the kafue river in the kafue national park, lower zambezi, luena park in western province, etc.

  8. Chocho, that’s what am wondering also, why not transfer them to other parks like the Kafue national park? I don’t know how African we think.

  9. Why not give contract to cull hippos to a Zambian company or Zawa to sustain its operations ? Must we be enriching foreigners with our resources all the time ?

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