Saturday, July 20, 2024

Guiné Bissau vs Zambia Goals Highlights



    • Soccer without a Minister of Sports. The last minister of sports I heard of was Umwaiche Vincent Mwale and Kabwili.
      I don’t know who is Sports Minister among those morons.

  1. Just where the f**k in the stinking anals of “Waste African’t” is the “sh*t hore” called Guiné Bissau and all the Babylonnia of Jameson Mutaware could afford to put past this unknown lot is only 2 goals! Atase! Mawawa a busa naha kacenu a lanyukile munyonga, a tanganya!

  2. Our boys are not serious, especially our strikers; they still lack the killer instinct and our goalie must be replaced – he is very playful and needs a lot of practice before the game. Besides, our number one goalie is always our on the bench at Sundowns.
    God bless Zambia!

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