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Electric cars to be launched in Zambia by December

Economy Electric cars to be launched in Zambia by December

An electric car in Germany charging
An electric car in Germany charging

Amilak Investments, a local based company is expected to launch electric powered vehicles in Zambia before the end of this year.

The launch is scheduled to take place on December 15, 2018 with the cars expected to arrive by the end of November.

This was revealed by Amilak Investments Company Chief Executive Officer Charles Kalima in an interview in Lusaka.

Mr Kalima said the company has partnered with a Germany firm to design electric powered vehicles at the cost of US$5 million.

He said his firm the company has four models with the cheapest car expected to cost around US$15,000.

Mr Kalima said the cheapest models can run at 80KM/hour and can have a distance between Lusaka and Kafue on a fully charged battery.

He said the company had an agreement with Germany to assemble the electric vehicles locally.

He said the maintenance cost has been reduced because the vehicle comes with no engine and no moving parts hence they would not have huge engine blocks.

Mr Kalima said his firm is targeting to start assembling the vehicles in two years time once it sets up an assembly plant and trains the local people.


    • Yeah good idea indeed. Hope it will have a back up. Like some form of power bank to store power in case of low battery.

  1. We will also start assembling drones to be flying people within Lusaka .The 2 seater drone will equip the passenger with parachutes in case of any fault or falling down.

  2. Beautiful story I can ever hear I thot that it would take another five years for us to see this happen.Let’s also encourage the assembly of different batteries to be done here as the copper and magnese deposits are at our back door as raw materials

    • Mr. Kalima has shown HH what being a Zambian means. You contribute in a practical way to the welfare of the people you hope to lead some day. Mr Kalima this is a good effort.

  3. We just hope this will happen because of late there has been so many imaginery companies assembling and manufacturing all sorts of products in Zambia but if this project can take off it will be on of the best things for this country again we don’t hate PF we just don’t want to end up like Zimbabwe

  4. Waste of technology and time ask Elon musk he is still struggling with it, cant even meet the demand.
    some many disadvantages with it, more over we are still 2000 years to development.With this load shedding issue how do you charge your car.Were are struggling with electricity in the first place.
    These cars need more charging plus the cost is very high.Imagine from lusaka to kafue you have to look for a charging station, then how do you get to chinsali.

    There is also lack of consumer choice.The 40 of or so plug-in electric vehicles on the market consist mostly of compact pure electric cars and midsize plug-in hybrid sedan.
    The whole idea behind this electric car is to devalue the oil industries so that African and Arab nations lose market for their oil.They are trying to bring in…

  5. Negativity all over Zambia. So untill it’s a upnd cadre who comes up with the idea then it’s good. Do we have load shedding 24/7? Zambians especially the educated ones are such a drain to this country

  6. December? The question of what comes first chicken or egg? Have you ensured that fueling station have installed points where to recharge these vehicles or we will have the vehicles first then think about installing charging points later?

  7. Any plans for long range drive cars? I mean cars with power capacity to run up to the furthest point in Zambia without recharging the battery. A distance of Lusaka-Kafue is rather restrictive.

  8. Battery range only from Lusaka to Kafue. Then charge batteries overnight to reach Mazabuka next day. Charge overnight to reach Monze. 7 days to reach Livingstone. And that for USD 15,000 (K180,000) excluding Zesco? I will buy old .com Toyota Vitz for USD 6,000 and at least go to Livingstone and come back same day!!! Remaining USD 9,000 (k115,000) invest in low-cost housing in Chazanga.

  9. The critic of most who are against is all symptomatic of what makes many African nations fail. Shooting all kinds of nonsense about how it has not worked for Elon Mask in terms of supply or load shedding, shows you are enemies of progress. Let there be an alternative to fossil fuel driven cars, why all the negativity before idea sets in? Big congratulations Alimak and Mr Kalima, shows you feel the plight of those dreading the high prices of fuel.

  10. Hoping that CK and his company have done a thorough market research in Zambia and surrounding countries. As much as this is good news, very very few people can manage to buy those expensive cars. In Europe they have failed to sale electric cars as much as they would want because they came with big price tag. Roughly 90% workforce in Zambia go away with less that $15000 per year. The company should be willing to give those cars on long term hire purchase. Otherwise we are not yet at that level.

    • I couldn’t have said it better. We are used to buying form beforward for $2000. But come to think of it, the distance to be covered on a fully charged battery sounds too minute.

  11. I know this man very well, he was general manager for procurement at ESKOM here is SA and I know he still lives here, we still go to the same church in Bryanston, he is quite business minded and I am very sure he will make a success of this venture, good luck and hope all pans out well.

  12. some of you Zambians need to get off WhatsApp and do a bit of reading.
    your ignorance is appalling. do your own research about electric vehicles
    why are you so quick to embrace anything that’s foreign?
    those of you old enough will recall that there used to be an automobile assembly plant in livingstone..i’d be rejoicing at news along those lines
    a so called electric car and you’re happy talking about we’re also like the west. why do you want to be like the west when you have neither the muscle nor the dna of the west?
    revamp Kafue textile, mansa batteries, nakambala sugar…. think of Zambia not wanting to copy stuff from the west.
    I drive a hybrid vehicle….and you guys want to jump straight into electric car, no flex-fuel or hybrid and you’re guys giving him props…

  13. Great news. Please start planning auxiliary industries to support this exciting idea. Let’s be ahead of competition.

  14. Did you also consider load shading and high electricity tariffs in Zambia? I hope it will not stimulate a new tax called electric -car tax.

  15. Electric cars in Zambia. How many hours a day do you have lights. Hey but good idea. May be encourage me to bring my TESLA HOME.

  16. Electric car in Nigeria, am still trying to imagine that possibilities. lol. Zambia with their head straight can accomplish that. Ghana way ahead.

  17. Let this man take that cheap thing somewhere else, we are not that desperate. While most electric cars get a range of about 400 km we should get a car that does only 80 km. It’s too restrictive like most indicated, let him increase the range otherwise he is just going to inconvenience our people who purchase these cheap things which might lead to them being abandoned on the roads every where.

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