Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya
Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya

Minister of Health, Chitalu Chilufya says government will construct a mini hospital at Mukobeko Maximum Correctional Facility to address the inadequate health infrastructure.

Speaking after touring the clinic at the correctional facility yesterday, Dr Chitalu said government pursues a transformative agenda without leaving anyone behind.

Dr. Chilufya stated that provision of health services at correctional facilities are an integral part of the country’s health system hence government will build a 40 bed mini hospital at Mukobeko.

“We are going to work together with our colleagues from Ministry Of Home Affairs to strengthen health services in correctional services,” he said.

Dr. Chilufya also announced that government will immediately deliver an ambulance to Mukobeko Maximum Correctional Facility.

He added that government will further second a minimum of two medical doctors and ten nurses to the facility in order to effectively manage provision of health services to both the inmates and members of the public.

And Dr. Chilufya noted that the introduction of routine testing for Tuberculosis (TB) has led to improved diagnostic and curative rates at the facility.

Meanwhile, Dr Chilufya said government has made it a policy to have zero tolerance to drugs stock-outs at all health facilities in the country.

He said this has been reaffirmed by the increased budgetary allocation for medicine adding that government in collaboration with its partners has ensured that essential drugs such as ARVs and malaria drugs are adequately stocked.

Dr. Chilufya also disclosed that a drugs hub will be established in Central Province which will be housed at Kabwe Central Hospital for a steady supply of medicines in the area.

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  1. Make sure you complete the project soon, as will all the stealing & Corruption, you will surely need this facility ba P.F.


    • I think the message is slowly sinking in for Lungu & PF. Please renovate the jails and police cells too especially Woodlands and Central Police because you will soon use them.


    • Suggest you expand the prison if the pictures that are shown on how those prisons sleep is anything to go by while at you are at it.

      I hold a PhD




    • I have heard of so many projects, including a National House of Prayers.
      Nothing has been done.


  2. Yes good that lungu realises he will need this facility when he is in jail for theft. After all the chap has kunyu and faints uncontrollably kiki.

    Btw all those upset about my thoughts on Zambian women following desousa scandal please let us not be emotional. I am called names for being married to a loyal white woman but today I have been vindicated.


  3. With all this theft and corruption your whole cabinet will end up there, that why the building of a mini hospital. Plus remember your leader is debarred can`t even defend him self Jonathan pompwe chakolwa


  4. pliz come and complete the Ndeke village mini hospital here in kitwe, before you start that one. This project was started during the MMD government. when you look at this project its a simple and cheap one that could have even been completed in months but because the minister is so corrupt that he chooses not to finish the project started by someone because the cut has been taken by someone. so he would rather start a new project where he can get the all cut to himself



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