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ZNBC Board Chairperson refutes reports of take over of ZNBC by China’s Star Times


ZNBC Board Chairman Mulenga Kampwepwe
ZNBC Board Chairman Mulenga Kampwepwe

Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation Management has issued a statement saying that it is not true that the National Broadcaster has merged with Star Times.

ZNBC Board Chairperson Mulenga Kampwepwe said that ZNBC is 100% owned by the Citizens and cannot be sold or taken over without the approval of Parliament, adding that the relationship between ZNBC and Star Times was in relations to the formation of the Joint venture company called Top Star.

Ms. Kapwepwe said that the two companies have retained their full operational and ownership autonomy and that the statement from CCPC must therefore be taken in the context of ZNBC and Star Times coming together to create Top star Communication Company Limited.

Ms. Kapwepwe further said that this relationship will not in any way affect the shareholding of ZNBC and Star Times as both parties remain Independent.

Ms. Kapwepwe added it must be noted that the law allows ZNBC to enter into agreement and partnerships as regard to its operations.

Earlier reports had emerged that the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission has granted a conditional authorisation for a merger between ZNBC and Hantex Corporation which is controlled by China’s Startimes.

An application was made on June 20 for the merger of the two institutions.

Star Times’s shareholding in ZNBC would only be relinquished upon full payment of an over $270 million loan obtained by the government for the digital migration exercise.

CCPC Board Chairman Kelvin Bwalya Fube announced the development in a statement which now confirms earlier reports that the Chinese company had taken over the running of ZNBC.

ZNBC and Hantex formed a joint venture called Top Star, which is currently controls television signals on the local market.

But Government through its Chief Spokesperson Dora Siliya is still disputing the move.

In a tweet, Ms Siliya said Government will advise on the purported sale of ZNBC to the Chinese in a statement by the Competition Commission soonest.

Government has repeatedly denied reports that China is taken over the running of ZNBC after it finalized the controversial digital migration project through a loan which many observers feel was over priced.


  1. She is hottie.
    But I strongly feel that her elder sister at COMESA should be nominated as President of Zambia. Then Margaret Mwanakatwe vice President.

    • Wanting to give a chance to HALUZA HAGAIN. He is CHILDISH, UNELECTABLE and UNWANTED. He must just retire to the Farm. He is wasting time. He will have a record six losses this 2021.

    • This is a clear take over of ZNBC by the Chinese, a thing Lungu’s corrupt gang were denying just a few weeks ago. And now that the Chinese will have control over it, they’ll begin to use it to disseminate propaganda in the country. Nothing will ever be broadcast on ZNBC again that goes against Chinese interests. And now what else has gone to the Chinese that this corrupt government is just not admitting to yet? These traitors will need to be voted out of office and a patriotic government take back our country. Otherwise, we’re doomed as a nation. Lungu and his corrupt friends have sold us to the highest bidder. Wake up Zambia!

  2. You are all in the business of refuting whatever comes up and later hide in holes when you are exposed. The SCT saga is still fresh in our minds so is the Ministry of education rot. One wonders how this government operates. The information ministry is in a cobweb with the advent of cadres ‘s journalism of the like of Chanda’ and other sycophants. The blame game is always on the opposition even on things that are obvious. Put your house in order you mappets.

  3. There seems to be no clear legislation regarding the sale or take over of national institutions in Zambia. This is very disturbing to behold. We expect more from a government led by a “Patriotic Front”. Patriotism does not romp around with national assets. Serious patriots will protect the country’s heritage and this includes broadcasting and information.

  4. #1 Nostradamus, brilliant proposal!!

    Not the trib.als who are suggesting to replace President Lungu with T. Hacks, or Chishimba Kambwili. I said earlier this morning that Zambia is not short of leaders. The leaders for 2021 are abundant to pick from, democratically. Don’t forget ka Peter Sinkamba too. The other names we keep close to our chests.

  5. Regarding ZNBC takeover, ZNBC Chairperson Mulenga Kampwepwe comes across as ignorant of what’s happening.
    $270m!! Ka 10% or even ka 5% cut for some corrupt politicians is cool cash!!! But knowing how greedy they are, I bet they just tell tu ma Chinese ati leta ka $70m only!!


    • The beauty about truth is that it eventually comes out. Truth is like birth pangs, they only stop once the baby is delivered.

  7. Where are we going to find $270 million to pay off this loan with the K5 which we collect every month? In other words this loan will never be repaid and therefore dead n b c is as good as sold.

  8. Reposed due to too much nkongole, they just borrow like head less chickens in this sh!thole govt or they are headless chickens with a convicted their for a president what a shame, how many scandals does one person need to have

  9. Chinese loan teyabana iyo,you fail to pay they grab.they are not like Americans or Europeans who when you misuse their loan,they come to beg and plead with you to put up austerity measures to get out of yourself inflicted immolations.

  10. Plunderers Federation under leadership of “vise”, “visionary”, “anointed”, “humble” and convicted embezzler i.e., Endemically Corrupt Leader has shown to the Nation the true extent of the institutionalized criminal plunder of National assets!!!

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