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HH says UPND is worried by the rate at which PF is selling Zambia’s strategic assets and land


We have noted with worry the rate at which the Patriotic Front Party and its leader, Mr Edgar Lungu are selling our country’s strategic assets and land due to their corruption and debts to foreigners.

The most recent being ZNBC, which has been merged with the Chinese owned Star times.

We are aware that ZNBC in its current form is having difficulties to give a platform to all the voiceless Zambians despite paying taxes, but this decision by the PF who are in fact the major beneficiary of this strategic asset when citizens pay taxes, must be reversed. If that does not happen, the PF’s rule will be reversed to opposition status, and we shall see to it that this is done.

In simpler terms, being in a merger means that ZNBC is no longer our country’s asset but belongs to the Chinese and will only be fully owned by our people when the loans acquired by Mr Edgar Lungu and his PF are paid back. If ever they pay back.

But we are certain that the PF will never pay back these Chinese debts and this is the more reason why we wrote to the Chinese government alerting them to stop giving loans to the PF as they were choking our citizens and leading to the stripping off of our sovereignty as a Nation.

The PF administration is acquiring expensive loans not for the good of our country but to only do the following: Repay their old huge debts and corruption and unfortunately, these loans have to be paid back by Zambians.

Does this surprise us? No, because the PF are shameless liars who will never accept anything and let alone taking responsibility for the economic melt down they have caused our country.

When we stated that ZNBC had been sold due to PF loans and corruption, the same small group of corrupt individuals went to town arguing that this was not true but now that they have disclosed, it goes to show that there are more strategic assets and land that Mr Edgar Lungu has sold.

We call on the country to remain strong because there are more economic problems lying ahead of us due to the PF’s reckless loans and corruption which may eventually render us foreigners in our own country.

As citizens of this Nation, we must unite to reclaim our land, social, economic and political freedoms from this group (PF) of few corrupt individuals.

And lastly, our appeal to the country is that do not lose hope because help is on the way and together we shall triumph as there is no single corrupt group that supersede people power! Our power! Our land! Zambia First!

People power! Our power! Our land!

Hakainde Hichilema.
UPND President.


    • Politicians like him have actually little to worry about because a good chunk of their personal assets are in safe havens outside the country. The ordinary Zambians however, who cannot even afford a Bank account are the ones who should really be worried.

    • HH will NEVER be president in Zambia. If Larry Mweetwa thinks like HH, I would rather have Chama Chakomboka come back and be president of Zambia than this desperate villager.

    • UNDER FIVE wants to be the one to sell to those he once sold to and take the money to PANAMA. How much land do you now have in Namwala? 1,000 hectares? Thank God you will not take it with you to the grave. You will also leave the loot you took to PANAMA.

    • Is there a way we can deport both Lungu and HH?

      What HH is saying is fact. It does not make him a hero in saying facts.

      But it is good if HH has made enough noise to make the Chinese act responsible and stop lending our country money that we will never repay.

      The Chinese should start tracking where their money has ended up so they can simply collect it once we have a change of government. They will find the money hidden in banks and assets in countries like Swaziland, Uganda, Turkey and Russia. Some like Kambwili have laundered theirs in England.

    • HH sounds and behaves more Patriotic than Edgar.
      This is what Sata was saying, that HH is a true Zambian, the only problem is that he is,……

      We have head so much about that allegation to a level where it is now loosing value. Like a shrill and an empty tin, the yapping is more deafening. If only we could channel some meaning and understanding to the empty tinish whirling from a whinning double h.
      Who’s going to listen to this privitiser in chief.

      After all seeing is believing. Rejectamentas are doing some math. 6 x 5 = 30.
      So if the rejecta double h started running at 24, he is 56 now. Come on double h let kambela’s take over. Maybe he can do better. The rejectamenta’s narrative is pitiful.

    • So the numbers are 6 in polls and 5 in tenure.
      30 is normal years in an event no president dies in office. We are drawing a double history chart. Stop killing presidents in offices so these numbers can have real meaning.
      I can think of a double h presidency beyond 2031 or 2041

    • An outlaw and leader of outlaws cannot be made a president. If that were to be done, you risk running a country of outlaws. UPND is COALITION OF THE WICKED.

    • HH should start giving detailed examples of graft in this PF regime.

      Meanwhile Kambwili is apologising to Lungu.

      What a spineless fat man.

      Forever apologising.

      Next he will apologise to Lusambo for being slapped.

    • Ndoleshyafye like your name tells it all how ignorant you are.just listen to your silly comment.what have you been smoking you kook?

  1. True , Zambia in its current form is a loss making entity with a visionless future. But I’m not sure HH is the right turnaround strategist.

    • Lungu is the worst to have ever happened to Zambia.

      He thinks he is a VVVIP.

      Just imagine that!

      He thinks his body will become gold ashes when the good Lord calls him.

    • Yes he is VVVVVVVVVIP
      Some math
      6 x 5 = 30.
      So if the rejecta double h started running at 24, he is 56 now.
      This number are 6 in polls and 5 in tenure.
      30 is normal year in an event no president dies in office. We are drawing a double history chart.

  2. HH has no shame for sure, he has forgotten so soon that he sold the mining assets for a song to benefit himself. HH you are what you are today because of the kickbacks you got from the undervaluation of ZCCM assets. The undervaluation of these assets sent hundreds of miners into the streets, depression, others died while you are enjoying your dubiously earned money. We shall only vote for you once you bring back what you stole from the Zambian people. Your co thieves were FTJ chiluba, Francis Kaunda and others. Others have died and you are just a few of those ZCCM thieves remaining. I’m one the people on the copperbelt who feels that pain when I see you HH. I think the souls of the miners that died because of your mishandling of ZCCM privatization have not rested until justice is…

    • Badala , you have put Zambia in a $17 billion debt trap with no hope of repaying….try to create jobs instead of looking for loans and blaming hh 24/7…..

    • If hh did what you have said, EL would have already sent him to mukobeko, don’t just support because you are eating with them. You are the people helping in destroying our country Zambia.

  3. Can HH teach us anything good about the sell of Govnt assets?NEVER!!KAINDE IS RICH TODAY BECAUSE OF HIS INVOLVEMENT IN THE PRIVATIZATION OF GOVNT ASSETS WITH FTJ CHILUBA AND ALL ZAMBIANS KNOW THIS FACT!!!ZNBC is not sold to the chinese,so HH can go and cheat his blind followers in tongaland and not us wise Zambians.Am encouraging all voters in the North and East to reject Kainde in 2021 so that he can record a 6th straight presidential loss and retire him forever!!!

    • Bachemblele badala , you have put Zambia in a $17 billion debt trap with no hope of repaying….try to create jobs instead of looking for loans and blaming hh 24/7…..

  4. Everyone singing the old song called privatization please, Google “Valentine Chitalu”. His the man who was in the forefront with our assets as CEO and calling the shots.

    Its now getting ignorant of people who always play the privatization card towards HH, yes the sales were less because the enterprises were indebted and had no value, did you want them to sale for billions?

  5. Ndanje is a childish little prick who I called out rightly as been a pf cadre years ago. When we told you that they were selling strategic institutions you called us angry and hateful people . Now are you going to blame hh for pf selling znbc. Remember that hh will not suffer but you and you families are suffering as we speak. Sometimes just keep quiet if you have nothing g better to say.

  6. Let me assure you ladies and gentlemen. Zambia is in the capable hands of ECL, a lawyer by profession. We are not to worry. He is an intellectual who has the interest of Zambia at heart.
    He needs other equally proven intellectuals like HH to take over at some point. We can only develop if leadership rotates among those whose record of success is known in homes and schools.
    I get suprised when i watch Kennedy Kamba advising the UNZA VC how to run unza. Since when did Kamba know anything about intellectualism.
    Leave that to professors. We all have where we fit well. I cannot dispute Kamba when he advises call boys at bus stations. Have you ever head the UNZA VC comment about call boys? He leaves that to Kennedy Kamba.
    Now Kamba wants to advise everyone including physics professors…

  7. When u it was u privatizing assets it was ok, mine u are also a problem and people don’t trust you. What we need in Zambia is young and new leadership I just see you winning in 2021

    • I love Prof HANSONI in South Africa because of dung, he can write the UN in his official capacity as AMBASSADOR of NAMWALA to the UN using a UNIVERSITY LETTERHEAD. Very well-educated BADALA.

  8. Looking whose talking…..
    Party presidency which moves from one Tonga man to another…..who will buy that nonsense?

  9. The most s stupid thing in life is to use a pseudo name when you are ruling party cadre and claim that your party is as clean as a springs at the source of the Zambezi river.

  10. Is it true that we as zambians have started learning from experiences? If yes them kainde is a wrong dube to advise us on what we want. People like him, CK, mulongoti, and other old politicians are wrong for us. Where is Chipimo, may be Kalaba, or else in the absence of the best ECL remains the best.

  11. 1. I only see trib.alism in this character.
    2. I also see an unelected illegitimate “leader” who should first go to a upnd convention before he can speak for anyone including his upnd goo.fs.

  12. Upend is a based “party”, it is also very deceitful.
    Pf is a party that has done a few good things but it is at times so deceitful that one cannot tell whether it is a good or bad party.

    Under the illegitimate “leader, Upend is dead for 2021. As for Pf, it must cleanse itself sooner rather than later, otherwise 2021 they join in the dustbin of politics.

    • Badala just go down quietly with PF and lungu, jail awaits. why do you want to drag everyone with you even those who are not looting with you ?

    By Prince Chanda
    If you do not tell a person or organisation the truth for what they are and give them reasons you are an accomplice to anything worse they become…?????prince Chanda
    Country women I greet you????????
    1. a system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object.
    2.a person or thing that is popular or fashionable among a particular group or section of society.
    When people here a satanic order or cultism , they look for strange understanding of what that means, demonize people for political mileage. Zambia is a democracy and subscribes to the Democratic order aside being a christian Nation, anyone who pledges to rule must first understand the price and consequences of democracy and Christianity…

  14. Let them continue selling until nothing is left for future generations so that will be their legacy just like Hitler and Mussolini also left their legacy .

  15. Can someone explain to me how the Zambian people, especially Luanshya miners, benefited from the privatization of Luanshya mines when it was sold for a song to Binani. Did HH have sympathy for the poor miners who remained without an income for about a decade as they waited for their terminal benefits since the money realized from the sale was not sufficient to even pay the retrenched miners? Now I am totally at sea. I don’t even know who really cares!
    Please educate me!

  16. i am seriously looking forward for a day when we can have a constructive and mature conversation with PF sympathizers. All the comments above are easily grouped into two groups – tribalism propagandists + Privatization march band members. And here’s the deal, you guys have run out of cards to throw at HH.

    You guys are salty.

  17. I’m glad that every morning and sun set, the followers of Him, Mr Hakainde Hichilema are increasing in numbers although Opposition is there and will be there throughout even although God is God but the Devil himself still opposes God no matter how evident the Devil is about how true is God but still opposes him.And no one derives the title of a book from the first page or second but from the whole book, therefore people have kept on reading and studying The UPND book and understands its Title of United Party for National Development hence the followers are increasing,meaning the same person you throws insults onto, is about to be in power soon as you know that UPND is the greatest opposition political party, for national Development!.
    He speaks because he loves us than the people we…

  18. Zambia is most definitely NOT on the right path they’ve mortgaged the future of their children condemning them into poverty and indebtedness.

  19. When politicians comment on serious issues, ruling or in opposition, they should understand that after having been told so many lies in the past, also dribbled before, the electorate has become smarter and also compelled to weigh and analyze both the information and also the bearer.
    It is probably easier to pay attention to fresh entrants on the political scene. The likes of Elias Chipimo can easily draw my attention.

  20. Kainde is right because
    THE FIRST was……then
    THE MOST RECENT being ZNBC, which has been merged with the Chinese owned Star times.

  21. The problem with Hichilema is that he is so drunk with power that he can hardly talk about anything positive. I am afraid he is the bearer of bad news all the time. Hichileme pays attention to the external media only when it fosters his go of state house. If Hichilema has been following the Khashoggi issue in Istanbul and the response by the Americans he would have probably graduated from te underfive politics. This unpatriotic stance while pretending to be patriotic will not help Hakainde in any way. This leads to the last point of why he has lost five times and counting.

  22. LIAR, for how long are you going to resent like that,Zambia is not only for HH and his cult. We have many organizations better than upnd, did you see them telling lies like HH..? Then prove to people of Zambia like Tayali who has tangible evidence that you are a cause of UNZA riot.
    Show that you are not making noise by producing evidence to the Zambian people. We are tired of being hypocritical of you.znbc , nrdc etc show and prove by eve taking the government to court so that people believe it, you are failing but blowing vuvuzela .

  23. For a long time, I have observed that cadres like madam Sharon cannot debate constructively. They can only waffle about tribe. Please bear in mind you are embarrassing not only PF but the whole Mother Zambia as LT is a forum for well informed people both at home and abroad. We know you are not humble (except where education is concerned) so you find debating decently a big challenge.

  24. Say NO to a Tonga leader hh thinks he can control everything ayiii in this country every time is a contradictor,a dictator since the demise of mazoka he has become a God of these Tonga’s he is thinking he can be a god of all zambians kulibe we are tired of u and u are a terrible leader.

  25. At the rate the President of PF is moving we are destined for hell. Jonathan has no heart for the poor. Just go ku Chunga and see people scavenging for some rubbish to go sell and earn a living. I am not impressed with Jona. He has ruined this country for selfish gains. And for once who told him that presidents should live like footballers buying expensive planes for themselves. Zambia is starving and austerities fimofimo have been put in place and people are busy “awarding” themselves hefty arrears backdated to January 2018. Just where is the money coming from?????
    HH can be better having seen the worst of PF and Jona!!!!
    Disaster PamaFi!!!!

    • let them say anything about you hh because ni ba mutasha fili kwisaya .You are saying that the money hh has is the stolen money , think about talent and wisdom then start using these 2 words in your income you will be like him

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