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Banning of students Unions at CBU and UNZA is ill timed

Headlines Banning of students Unions at CBU and UNZA is ill timed

Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo
Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo
Unions are needed in tertiary institutions for the smooth running and coordination of students, says former Copperbelt University Students Union Culture Secretary Garry Musonda.

Musonda said it is clear that the banning of students Unions at CBU and UNZA by higher education minister Prof Nkandu Luo is ill timed.

He said in an interview that students coordinate more among themselves.

“Unions are needed in institutions of higher learning. The decision that was taken by Prof Luo to ban students union is ill timed. That is weakening the voice of students. Unions play a key role administering the affairs of students. That is the voice for students.”

Musonda said he was happy that the Zambia National Students Union has continued to engage Prof Luo to rescind her decision.

“We have heard what is coming out from meetings between ZANASU and the minister. Unions are needed and we are positive that a solution will be found. Students should have a voice that will speak for them. So we are confident that unions will be back.”

He has since encouraged students to be more united and fight for the unions to be brought back.

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  1. CBU and UNZA are all rotten both academically + structurally. I wonder if any Zambian varsity has bunch of foreign students like USIU in Kenya and Witwatersrand Univ in South Africa have.

    • Enka it is you and your criminals in government who are rotten. Only stupid leaders can close unions in an era that is construed to be democratic. *****s like dont deserves to even air their expressions. It is an abomination for an ***** like you and your criminals in government to boast for being so evil.

  2. Nkandla Lu is the wrong chap to head such institutions! She has no training in Managerial studies and therefore does not have what it takes to manage people! She has a small and microscopic view of what it takes to run institutions of that magnitude. She is short of depth and is obviously overwhelmed. That is why she has invoked her animal instincts to deal with intellectuals and obviously, communication suffers. The uglier the countenance, the more heartless a person is likely to be and this is proof! Please choose beautiful and handsome persons for these ministries to do well!

    • Under5 have some respect. You’re insulting the first zambian female prof who has academically achieved what you’ll never even if your life was extended by 100years. Unions in these unis are nothing but a cash cow. Unions have been abused by the same students for getting bribes to initiate rioters behaviours therby disadvantaging innocent students. There selfishness lead to the banning of the unions.

  3. Luo thinks she is the most intelligent human being on this planet and does not listen to any advice. She behaves like she has never been inside a classroom.

  4. Leadership is not about DON’Ts. Leadership is about restraint, facilitation, and foresight. This idea that when something goes wrong we should task maximum force to repress is not a sign of strength but of pathetic paranoia and a lack of ideas on engagement. By now we should have worked out rules of engagement, communication, and keeping our word. What is there to fear if you practice such leadership bane kanshi? Lekani vawupuwa…

    • Good point Kalok!
      Leadership is not about repression! Imagine a baby who is just learning to stand. A good parent doesn’t say “don’t stand. You will fall”. And yet for this baby to learn to stand and walk, the risk of falls and injuries will always be there. A responsible and good parent will give the baby good space to self discover through trial and error until the baby masters the skill! NK Lu is not qualified for her job! The earlier she leaves that ministry the better!

  5. Continue crying now and yet when it’s election time and votes are stolen you keep quiet like a bunch of cowards. When we tell you this is a police state under a dictator you think we are lying. My Swiss wife and I are thinking of moving our investments from Zambia sadly

  6. The continued striking in the two universities that for a long time have been causing damage to property and at times deaths is uncalled for. Unions are needed to aid fellow students to academic excellence not to partisan politics or violent demonstrations. Allowances in these universities need to be revisited as well. It’s now in very few countries where allowances are given to university students. Surprisingly universities that receive such have poor performance too.

  7. The challenge to effective management of students in our universities is not Nk Lu! It is poor policy on financing and management of university education in Zambia coupled with appointment of people who have very idea about how university level education should be run. Both ministries of education at ministerial and PS levels are in the hands of people who have education related qualifications a experience. They have to be told what to decide and do on order to function! They have no deep insights on what it takes to run a social yet critical service like education! Government should consider appointing individuals with relevant and sound educational background and experience to education ministerial and PS level.

  8. Retirees of 2011 , 2012 , 2013 , 2014 , 2015 . 2016 and 2017 have not been paid at UNZA. Why? The Minister of Labour went on AIR saying retirees die early not because they old nor sick but because of depresion. I would have loved the minister saying PAY RETIREES before they die in time so tha one enjoys the swaet which was made. Psa. 23 : 1 – 6

  9. Forgive her. She used to work with prostitutes under tasinta and still thinks she is still working with prostitutes as students.

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