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High Court Judge dismisses Chishimba Kambwili’s appeal against his expulsion from PF

Headlines High Court Judge dismisses Chishimba Kambwili's appeal against his expulsion from PF

Chishimba Kambwili.
Chishimba Kambwili.

High Court Judge Maria Kawimbe has thrown out National Democratic Congress Consultant Chishimba Kambwili’s matter in which he asked the court to nullify his expulsion from the Patriotic Front on technicality.

In July 2017, Mr. Kambwili sued the PF seeking a declaration that the decision of the party’s Central Committee to expell him was illegal, wrongful and void.

In his statement of claim, the former information Minister cited the PF Secretary General Davies Mwila as the respondent.

Mr. Kambwili wanted the Court to declare that his rights under the PF Constitution were infringed by not giving him chance to face his charges and further sought an order that the PF Central Committee could not be complainant, accuser and judge in its own case against him.

But when the matter came up today, Justice Kawimbe threw out the case saying it appeared the plaintiff was not serious about proceeding with the matter.

And reacting to the Court’s decision, PF Secretary General Davies Mwila has challenged Mr. Kambwili not to appeal the matter but consider putting his proffesed popularity to test.

He said Mr. Kambwili stands expelled from the party and the speaker should proceed to declare his seat vacant and precedence has been set in this regard.


  1. @Analyser – You have no analytical skills other than insulting people with alternative opinions from your shallow ones. I pity people like you. You will always wallow in poverty and insults.

    @Anonymous – Thank you for being a gentleman

    Kambwili is a locust.

    • Let there be by-elections.
      PF have already a candidate ka Nathan Chanda.
      President Kambwili should just humble and stand to defend his seat.
      We from Luapula will scoop that seat anyway.
      Its DP

    • You have just awakened and the first thing you do is think about me? Next you will want to call me! Fuseke @Nubia. Nakukana, Call Lusambo!

      He has always wanted to sow discord in the party. Eish! Life with these merciless thicknecked wolves is tricky. Loud mouth, he dreads jail and insults his opponents with impunity. CK is evil.

    • @Nubia I apologise for my bad language against you. I was just having a bad hour. I sincerely apologise. You are a good woman, just like my mother! Let’s restore the good sense of debate that has been prevalent on this forum, of which you have been a great contributor. You might have just strayed in my firing line, wrong place at the wrong time. Again find space in your heart to forgive me, please.

  2. Maybe he started his case well, only to publicly expose himself as Consultant and presidential candidate of a rival party!! No wonder the Judge says: “…it appeared the plaintiff was not serious about proceeding with the matter…..”.

    I said it last week didn’t I? I mean those of us who don’t think with trib.e!!
    And we hear that he is appealing, only upnd trib.alists will support him, e.g. his colleague trib.al Hacks.

  3. We aint ignorant of HH and UPND’s devices. HH only has advantage over people who dont understand how he operates. Since we ver much aware of his intentions and his methods of operations, we in PF should NOT focus on his evil, hate and decisive strategy of negativity and hate speech. Instead, I ask all leadership in PF to focus on delivering on the promises we made to our people and supported by the PF manifesto. PF must exert its energy tirelessly on improving and uplifting the lives of the people and explaining its transformative development drive continuously. Everyone of us borrow to undertake personal projects abd see nothing wrong by Government borrowing for infrastructure projects. Zambia imports oil using forex and has no control over international oil prices, and as such we can…


  5. Zambia imports oil using forex and has no control over international oil prices, and as such we can explain the price adjustments. On the 2019 budget, Government must strictly adhere to it by collecting taxes in forex and not be threatened of job losses because its time this country got its resources share. The mine investors are here to make money and our treasury must collect its share for the benefit of the people. As earlier stated, lets focus on delivering on campaign promises and keep reminding our people what our goal is and NOT dwell on HH’s unfounded corruption talk. Lets vigorously go back to our people, explain and enlight them on where we coming from, what we doing and where we are going at every level of PF leadership. Negative talk by UPND about President Lungu must be…

  6. Contd
    Negative talk by UPND about President Lungu must be countered by POSITIVE awareness, and setting our eyes on what we promised our people during the campaigns based on the PF manifesto, remember this is important.

    • iwe leave upnd out of this everything its upnd,its hh, even when wadya beans yosasa wayamba kushupula ati its upnd,awe twakana.


    …_They sold the soul to the devil: it’s now deliver the country or your soul_

    By Mweemba Habazoka

    The United Party for National Development (UPND) was formed in December 1998. The Party turns 20 years old in December 2018. Today its desperation has reached an all-time high because time is running out for them to either deliver the country or their soul. The patience of their 20-year-old-financiers have continued to wear thin and thin by the failure of the party to deliver as per their promise despite the financiers’ unwavering financial commitments that resulted in its leaders’ immense wealth which they stand to lose as per deal they signed almost 22 years ago in the run up to infamous privatisation exercise in Zambia. The UPND is fixed…

    • CK can still appeal to Concourt. Luo and Mwanakatwe’s Election Petitions are still at Concourt. CK will just join the queue.

  8. When you call a fellow human being a dog then what are you? Only a thief knows a fellow thief. Let’s do mature debates on this platform to better our country.

  9. If nkandu Luo and mwanakatwe were in opposition,their appeal could have been history by now. Boma in boma sure. Its their constitutional right to appeal and so is cks. Chiwamila Galu kuluma mbuzi.

  10. CKs only crime is having ambition then calling lungu a corrupt theif after he was punished for haveing ambition…….period.

  11. We know how lungu operates….

    The first 5 years of lungus rule saw open naked corruption and stealing by lungu and his gang…..This is what CK is alluding to….now lungu is a very, very rich man, estimates of about $60 to 80 million are conservative estimates of his wealth. Now the stealing and corruption by him and his gang has somewhat abbaited. That is why we see token window dressing attempts to fight corruption while lungu him self will not challenge the allegation that he is indeed a corrupt theif himself.

    Lungu corners his fellow theives by firing them giving them a warning not to sing or ACC will be on them. That is why we don’t get any reasons as to why he fired people like chimesa….

  12. Does it make sense. He’s president of an opposition party but wants to cling on to the PF parliamentary seat. For what? Allowances and gratuity. If you are honest you will be able to see the true intentions of the gentleman.

    • We are also waiting for Nkandu Luo and Mwanakatwe’s seats to be declared vacant. Justice delayed is justice denied

    • The issue is not about Nkandu or Mwanakatwe. The two cases are completely different. May I add that because of fullish people like you the PF may rule Zambia for another 20 years. You lack reason, balance and analysis.

    • Well, if the Zambian people decide that PF rules for another 20 years who am I to say no? The cases maybe different. What we want to see is Justice delivered equally. If Nkandu Luo and Mwanakatwe belonged to the opposition elections in these constituencies could have been held a long time ago.

  13. Truth be told, he does not need the seat. But the real question is whether a party member criticizing their leader is a deed that requires expulsion, I don’t think so.

  14. Kambwili please learn to shut up explain how your family affords a lavish life style I attended your last daughter birthday in Southend Essex in England and your are busy condemning Amos Chanda.you are bitter don’t deny it .you don’t represent the poor.please get some advice from Wynter Kabimba and shut your dirty mouth.Politicians don’t use the poor to ascend to power

  15. @St.Sweet Angus. Are you sure of what u are talking about? Can you agree that a wife in a home keeps insulting her husband and calling herself a future wife of the neighbor and you call he wife still. Can people call you normal?

  16. Yes well done Judge!!!This fo0l called Kambwili has taken Roan residents for granted like GBM did to Kasama Central residents until they showed him who the boss is in 2016 General elections!!!IF KAMBWILI IS POPULAR,LET HIM NOT RUSH TO SUPREME COURT BUT STAND ON NDC OR UPND DURING A BY ELECTION AND SEE HOW PF’S NATHAN CHANDA WILL HAMMER HIM PANTS DOWN!!!As for Luo and Mwanakatwe,even if their seats are declared vacant today,PF will 100% retain their seats in Lusaka urban like Miles Sampa won few months ago!!!
    So for now lets go to Roan and embarrass both Kambwili’s NDC and Kainde’s UPND!!!

  17. CK his verbal diarrhea and razor blade-tongue has cost him. I can imagine his diarrheal vomit up on realizing that he is nearing losing parliamentary sit in Roan , gratuity, popularity in Copperbelt and lusaka,in addition he has cases to answer in court.This is the tilting point of CK. If he’s not careful, he’s ENDING HIS political marathon!!!!!

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