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Calibre Of PF Leadership A Hindrance To Genuine Dialogue-Msoni

Headlines Calibre Of PF Leadership A Hindrance To Genuine Dialogue-Msoni

Opposition APC President Nason Msoni
Opposition APC President Nason Msoni

All Peoples Congress party (APC) President Nason Msoni says the impending dialogue will not achieve anything owing to the rawness of the calibre of Patriotic Front (PF) leadership manning the statecraft.

Msoni accused the PF of not exhibiting a spirit of give and take adding that the ruling party seems not to be convinced on the need for genuine political dialogue.

“My honest view on the impending dialogue is that it is going to achieve nothing substantial to write home about just looking at the rawness of the calibre of PF leadership manning the statecraft.

“Am not persuaded that there is sufficient political will on the part of the PF leadership to exercise a spirit of give and take. Am not entirely convinced that the PF leadership are convinced on the need for genuine dialogue in the Nation.

“Am extremely apprehensive as to whether the PF leadership are genuinely willing to make any reasonable adjustment on the implementation of the public order act. Am not entirely satisfied that the subsisting mistrust among political stakeholders has been dealt with prior to the commencement of dialogue,” he said.

He noted that the exclusion of the Church from the political equation undermines the credibility of the dialogue talks.

“I think the exclusion of the church completely from the political equation will certainly undermine the credibility of the talks. The perception and belief that the discourse(dialogue) should be about foes shaking hands and pronouncing reconciliation that surely would amount to wastage of public resources and time.

“Essentially dialogue among political players should be encouraged, but however, the dialogue process should be inclusive and be able to give the country a new direction,” he said.

On Wednesday the the ZCID announced the names of eminent persons who will Chair the dialogue process starting with the holding of the Presidents summit. The four include
Chief Nga’bwe, Senior Chief Madzimawe, Akashambatwa Mbikusita-Lewanika and Chifumu Banda.

The UPND has however maintained their stance that they would only participate in a dialogue led by the the Church.

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  1. Msoni is great. You have nailed the nail right on its head. PF is not interested in any logical dialogue. They have changed positions numerous times. As the people are watching….

      Anyways just cancel this all dialogue talk since pride is too big to be swallowed. It is not making any sense. Besides bembas say “Uupanfiwe eulwa ne chibi”
      In this all issue we got craziness like:-
      PF be like, whatever, lets talk.
      UPNDEAD be like, for us to talk lets have conditions ABCD…Z met. HELLO!
      What crap? Cancel this thing until UPNDEAD grows some tompwe(brain or Cortex).

  2. You mean dialogue is synonymous with one person. Just leave humim out.

    All he wants is access to govt coffers. How come his vice has even lost weight. He is broke .ati am dieting. and yet ni njala

    You replace thieves with thieves.

    If these two win you will see his bunga in arakan barracks again. A 25kg at k250. And zesco pole tender

  3. Msoni need not be trusted just like PF……He is unstable .. Todayhe is with PF , tomorrow he is not…what a man…. he supported Lungu and what has he seen that is wrong with PF?
    he calls other people names………. bane be principled in life…….

  4. Mr Nason is making noise today.we know that you’re a cousin of late frankly ken Ngondo, who came to run this kanthemba political party. In 2005 , while in U.K and a political activist for MMD , when levy Mwanawasa sprung up, You advocated talking ill about Zambian economy , later you tried to challenge Levy ‘s candidature out of malice. you ran away from might levy Mwanawasa.
    After demise of LPM ,In 2014 you came in Zambia finally with intent of running a ken ngondo’s political party whilst Mr ngondo was battling with heartache. Later he died and so his Vice President, as cousin no time wasted for you to seize and grab the ka party.We know that, you , Laura Miti and other 4 NGOs in the name of church organizations are paid morons by imperialists.

  5. The survival of the PF to the next term of office is dependent on a chaotic and compromised dialogue process whose outcome aligns to their expectations failure to which the won’t commit. If not for the ZCID where they have invested their hopes and cash, they would rather the dialogue doesn’t take place and use every excuse possible to justify the failure of the process. By the way, they are more comfortable with the status quo. I urge all serious opposition parties not to fall plea to PF tricks but to push for the genuine dialogue process that will have far reaching positive outcome in uniting the nation.

  6. And strangely the Minister of Justice was on radio today asking for submissions of the public order act. Like really? I am neither PF nor UPND but I know you don’t need any submissions. The public order act is okay, all that is needed is for somebody to tell the Police that they have no power whatsoever to grant or not to grant authority for people to assemble. All the applications from opposition parties are ‘denied’. I repeat, there is nothing wrong with the public order act except that it is being abused by the government in conjuction with the Police. Very sad

  7. Leadership Yama Leakage ni so chabe! Not inspiring at all!
    Na Dialogue they want to rig through leakage!
    Ubuteko wa fikopo!

  8. Drop the DIALOGUE nonsense. We have the other platforms where useless agendas suggested by the rejectas could be tabled. But in there too, these losers walk away. Let PARLEY handle it. I have never heard of an Interparty dialogue in the USofA. The ZCID had lost its relevance with useless parties like the UPNDEAD.
    This cannot work. I feel for this extremely antagonized ZCID. I feel so bad that you seem to base this so called dialogue on two highly unreconciled parties full of mistrust. I cannot genuinely dialogue with someone I don’t trust. Disband it.

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