Six people have died on Lake Bangweulu while two others have survived after the boats they were on capsized following heavy winds in three different incidences.

Chilubi District Commissioner (DC), Earnest Bwalya confirmed this to ZANIS in Luwingu yesterday.

Mr Bwalya said that four of the six people who died are from Kashitu village in Chief Matipa’s area of Chilubi district, while the other two are from Kampapa and Mule villages respectively.

He said only two of them managed to swim up to the banks of the lake.

Mr Bwalya said those who died and the two survivors were from Kashitu village taking cassava mealie meal to chilubi district for sale, before they mate their fate while the other two were fishing on Lake Bangweulu.

Meanwhile, the community in Kashitu village is still struggling to search for two dead bodies that perished on Friday.

The DC said that he has however, dispatched a speed boat to the area to help them search for the missing bodies who perished on Lake Bangweulu.

Mr Bwalya further, said that the district is experiencing heavy winds on the main land and heavy storms on the lake forcing people to reduce movements especially those wanting to cross on the side of the lake in Chaba and Nsombo respectively.

He appealed to government to consider sending a big boat to operate from Nsombo in luwingu district to chilubi and chaba area as it has done on the other side between chilubi and Samfya districts of Luapula province.

Efforts to get a comment from Police Deputy Commissioner for Northern Province, Edwin Bwanga failed by press time as the phone kept on ringing.

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    • Wearing life jackets, like wearing car seat belts, should be made mandatory by the government. The government should make it illegal for anyone to venture into a river, or a lake, without a life jacket. It’ll help save lives. Condolences to the bereaved families.


    • This is not a government keen on law enforcement. They think following rules is backward and weakens their hold on power. “Black mountain” mining without safety procedures? No problem until people die needlessly. Just let the state foot funeral expenses and all is forgiven.


  1. If you know you are not a fish or able to swim and you decide to venture out on a water body, please make sure to put on something that will keep you afloat should you find yourself in water! That is why they are called Life Jackets! They are like seat belts! They save lives! Safety First!


  2. That lake is massive and people even venture onto it on canoes….. teti. The time I visited in I was woken by strong winds and waves smashing the coast……its dangerous



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