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Zambia is food secure

General News Zambia is food secure

Minister of Agriculture Michael Katambo says Zambia’s food balance sheet as at October 30, shows that the country is food secure and has a variety of unreported food commodities.

Mr Katambo says the country’s food balance sheet has not adequately been represented.

This is contrary to assertions that the country is the third most hungry country in the World.

He says the conventional food balance sheet the country has been using in the past to show the country’s food status was based on three commodities namely cereals, roots and tubers.

Briefing the media in Lusaka today, Mr. Katambo said the new food balance sheet has included additional categories of foods.

He said the new food balance sheet was aimed at ensuring that the quantities of calories consumed by people were adequately reported.

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  1. Interesting how you talk with confidence like you actually know what you are talking about. Soon you be the one ati shortage of food. Rubbish

    • That’s a presidential meal right there.
      What adiquate is Ba Katambo referring to? Because that piece of Nshima is not adequate for likes of Kambwili, GBM or Davies Mwila.

    • Ba MushOta educated people call McDonald’s Junk food. Most educated people don’t touch junk food like McDonald’s and KFC because it’s been found to cause lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hbp gout. I have tried to put it as simply as can be understood by an uneducated person pretending to be a PhD holder.

  2. It not about the food not being available, the affordability of the food is a problem and that is why they mention the third most hungry country in the world, people can not simply afford to put food on the table for there families due to runaway inflation and unemployment.

    • [email protected] people don’t understand. Educate them. They think being classified the third hungriest nation in the world means shortage of food in the country. It simply means most people cannot afford 3 square meals a day

    • Totally agree with you! How do you showcase such little food?!! It scares and saddens some of us who are in the habit of eating Rugby potions.

  3. Food balance Sheet, my foot? Give us the evidence. Where are the figures to substantiate your so called Balance sheet? Ignorant, grade 7 PF minister.

  4. lmfao at some of your comments
    mushota ati McDonalds?
    Nubian princes I agree with you. I don’t care for it either
    boi one zambian walipena!
    I like the display. the food looks really scrumptious though i’d substitute that white non nutritious nshima with something else, maybe more greens
    are these ministers this dumb or what’s really going on?

  5. Minister of Agriculture, could you please provide substantiated evidence as opposed to off the cuff responses.. what is your response based on? Percentage of actual produce or hear say from Junior officers.. Just wanting to plan ahead!

  6. Yes the minister is RIGHT nshima or whatever u call it is not fit for human consumption let alone mealiemeal is a word that is not found in oxford english dictionary meaning that food is only for retards, poor, stunted pipo,slow thinkers etc thus why minister is proposing RICE MARCAROLIN MCDONALDS KFC etc thumbs up sir

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