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Trump’s plan to end birthright citizenship is evil – Sinkamba

Headlines Trump's plan to end birthright citizenship is evil - Sinkamba

Green Party President Peter Sinkamba says Trump’s plan to end birthright citizenship in the United States through an Executive Order is proof that America has a very selfish man for President with short memory.

And Mr. Sinkamba says if it were not for birthright automatic citizenship laws, Trump would never have been an American himself let alone be the President of the United States.

“President Trump’s ancestors originated from the German village of Kallstadt in the Palatinate on his father’s side, and from the Outer Hebrides in Scotland on his mother’s side. All of his grandparents and his mother were born in Europe. So, by decent he is German and Scottish. Thanks to birthright laws, he is American and POTUS,” Mr. Sinkamba said.

“You cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order. We are all immigrants in one way or the other. But over and above all, we are born where God wants us to be born. Birthright citizenship is God’s gift. No man has a right to take away God’s gift. What Trump plans to do is not only weird but ungodly too. It is a sin,” Mr. Sinkamba added.

Birthright citizenship — granting automatic citizenship to nearly everyone born on U.S. soil, regardless of whether their parents were admitted legally — has been policy of America for more than a century.

Numerous bills have been written in Congress to try to alter the policy but they’ve failed to pass. Mr. Trump is the first president to suggest using an executive order.

“What President Trump is trying to do is worse than anti-Semitism and xenophobia which is put simply are acts of hostility to or prejudicial or discrimination against Jews and other foreigners. As a Jewish descendant, I expect Trump to abhor acts of hostility or discrimination against other races because of the persecution that his ancestors suffered at the hands of Germans during the holocaust times. I have been to those concentration camps in Poland and Germany and I have seen what Trump’s ancestors went through. That is horrible and should never ever happen to mankind; never again,” Mr. Sinkamba said.

“What President Trump is doing is what in Lozi is called ‘pukuchwe munyelela siliba’. A pukuchwe is a person who messes up a water-well after drinking water from that well. Now, in life, you don’t do things like that because you will need the water from the same well the next day,” Mr. Sinkamba added.

Mr. Sinkamba hopes the American people will reject Trump’s move because if he succeeds, then that will be a precedence to be followed by other Nations and may provoke global hate and reprisals.

“President Trump needs counsel of the Church at this moment than ever before. He needs deliverance. We have people of foreign descent owing land and other natural resources across the globe. If he succeeds, Trump’s move will trigger global reprisal. We will see unprecedented land and property grabs across the globe from people of foreign decent. I shudder to see this happen to any country,” Mr. Sinkamba said.

He advised President Trump to focus on trade wars.

“This war on birthright citizenship is a sin. He should focus on other things. May be, he is better off focusing on trade wars,” he added.

Issued by the Green Party Media Team

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    • This is why I always say African men are useless. If you took the time to develop your own continent, you wouldn’t be complaining about birth right citizenship in the USA because you couldn’t care less. Keep drinking, womanizing and wasting your ill gotten monies on western goods and vacations.

    • Lots of countries do that including the UK.
      It stops opportunistic people just travelling to give birth. This is a good move

    • And speaking of Trumps parents, his mother was dirt poor from dwellings comparable to the worst slams you can think of before she came to the USA. His first and current wives are immigrants running away from poverty in Eastern Europe.
      His current wife’s parents only just became USA citizens through their daughter, a process called chain migration which Trump abhors. The man is a hypocrite.

    • Please Sinkamba can you stick to your lane. You have lots of big and hot issues you MUST sort out in Zambia. President Trump has delivered and done lots of good things in the two years he has been president. Whilst here, kuwayawaya fye. So, concentrate only on Zambia and Africa.

    • I see nothing wrong with Trump’s idea. The best Africans,Latinos and Asians must is to learn to vote intellectually and not vote for mediocre minds that make you run away from your countries.

    • Infact let them just shut down all boarders to immigrants for both usa and europe and only allow in those who will going there for genuine business .

    • What Sinkamba is saying is true, of this was coming from a white man country you guys will be supporting it but since it’s coming from Sinkamba you’re busy saying asking him to stay on his lane. Whatever Trump is trying to do is call abuse of power. Am very sure the supreme court will stop that useless executive order.

    • BREAKING: Mwanakatwe wins petition appeal

      The Constitutional Court has upheld Lusaka Central PF member of parliament Margaret Mwanakawe’s election.

    • Ba Sinkamba, Focus on our local politics and ignore the USA campaign time sensationalism. Considering that you seem to be an adent follower of US politics, i presume you’re also well schooled in the US constitution.

      Trump understands that constitutionally, his rhetoric is a none starter. He is just trying to electrify his GOP base for the crucial mid term elections. Our grand children are Zambian Americans for life. Its unidelible fact of ages period.

      Congress and the Justice systens would never buy into this complicated issue because everyone would a foreigner.

    • I meant to say else everyone would be a foreigner. The US is a nation of legit laws and not of men. Never get deviated with election time rhetoric. It can get hot so the politico resorts to anything including such unconstitutionally get out to vote mantra period.

      Just get your children up to speed on skills of Nonotechnology and facial recognition so we can check out all thieves, tribalists and masquaraders from society.

    • Sinkamba just continue fighting to legalize marijuana in Zambia so that we can pay off some of the debts and continue to develop our great country. President Trump is too way above you, Sir.By the way, what can you school Donald Trump imwe, bakaabwa..?

    • Mr weeds sinkamba, your thinking is warped. why do african politicians like weeds sinkamba use emotions to deal with serious issues. the example of trump you have used is not what Trump is talking about.

      smoke properly

  1. “You cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order. We are all immigrants in one way or the other. But over and above all, we are born where God wants us to be born. Birthright citizenship is God’s gift. No man has a right to take away God’s gift. What Trump plans to do is not only weird but ungodly too. It is a sin,” Mr. Sinkamba added.
    Sinkamba started his article alright until he stated “We” are all immigrants who’s we? Africans are not immigrants in an Africa cut up by colonists …its all Americans who are immigrants only the Red Indians are true custodians of that land. Then you bring in God…you think if your child is born in UK or Europe they automatically become citizens? No chance. I dont even know why you get surprised by Trump when he is actually doing what he…

    • I dont even know why you get surprised by Trump when he is actually doing what he promised in his campaigns and to his KKK and White Supremacists followers. He is not those Politicans who state that they are pro-poor during campaigns then when they win he taxes them to death and increases his salary buys luxury jets.

    • @jay jay… shut your brain if you dont understand where the issue is coming from. how many times have we heard Nigerians casually bragging that they will give birth in the USA. They have taken it further to show it in their movies that this is what any Nigerian that has a bit of money should have the kidS born in USA
      What POTUS Trump is saying is that, give birth to your kids in your s**thole countries why in US to overburden it unnecessarily.
      Long after Trump is gone many pipo will admire and remember him for his franknes, firmnes, bravity good marks for a successful person. he is devoid of pettness, weaknes.

  2. It’s unconstitutional and it will pass the litmus test. Americans are the best example of masters of self-correction.

    Not even the Supreme Court would uphold such a subjective Execution Order. America is a nation of laws and will never be run by Executive Fiats.

    It’s the greatest country God gave man … God bless the United States of American!

  3. Call me stupid, but I don’t believe Zambia recognizes citizen birthright. Maybe Mr. Sinkamba should focus more on the problems at home instead of slandering a head of State on the other side of the world?

    Venting your Trump Derangement Syndrome is not going help solve the issues here kind sir. I suggest you step out of your filter bubble and deal with the real world issues at hand.

    On a side note, antisemitism and the holocaust are very terrible and tragic part of world history. Slandering and accusing others you disagree with, with these matters does not show intelligence, knowledge of history or a willingness to seriously debate this issue. It detracts from the seriousness of the historic facts and can be likened to the proverbial crying wolf, where there is none.

  4. In stead of using the for big projects locally in order to create jobs , he takes it to panama. Then he tell people ati PF has failed to create jobs.

    the guy is not patriotic

    Trump is Patriotic

  5. As a matter of fact, nearly all Caucasians (White people) in the USA today were migrants from Europe, who arrived there slightly more than two hundred years ago. The real owners of America are Red Indians who were banished and confined to the Amazon forests by the migrant Europeans. As for Trump, his parents migrated to America from Germany/Austria in the 1900s, and established real estate businesses there, which Trump inherited when they passed on. Is it any wonder that his choices of wives have leaned towards that part of the world?

    • And your forefathers also migrated from kola region, now that we have all these boarders drawn up by whoever stick your foot right where you are right now .imagine if boarders were not drawn yet how many would moved on foot out of the current Zambia.

  6. Sinkamba is very intelligent. No one chooses were to be born. So where ever you were born you can claim citizenship. It just depends on how you think and the opportunities available there. Those whites born in Zambia are actually Zambians except they have an alternative.


  8. Talk about Somalis, Asians, Congolese, ba Zezulus from Zimbabwe to mention a few who have been part and parcel of our country. They have multiplied in droves and their children are Zambians by birth. Very soon, these children will start running for offices as councillor, MP or even the presidency. This will be thanks to the considerate heart of Mr Sinkamba. Just saying.

    • If those parents were illigal in Zambia , I don’t think their children can c be Zambian even if they were born in Zambia. ….

      A birth certificate is not prof of citizenship in Zambia.

    • If those parents were illigal in Zambia , I don’t think their children can c be Zambian even if they were born in Zambia. ….

      A birth certificate is not prof of citizenship in Zambia.

  9. In a democracy, the will of the majority must triumph. When immigration is not controlled using open and transparent mechanisms, then the worst fears will become realty. The issue of immigrants from North Africa trooping into Europe and that of immigrants from Mexico marching into USA will remain with us for sometime. It is better to lobby for investments and other forms of immigration management than to declare free entry for all. What about bandits? What about criminals? What about terrorists? One form of restriction or another exists everywhere and the sooner it is done in a transparent manner, the better. The gateway is the law. The lawful methods include credible marriages, credible professionals, credible businessmen and businesswomen. credible sportsmen and sportswomen. Leave US…

  10. One form of restriction or another exists everywhere and the sooner it is done in a transparent manner, the better. The gateway is the law. The lawful methods include credible marriages, credible professionals, credible businessmen and businesswomen. credible sportsmen and sportswomen. Leave US president alone. Focus on the local scene. There is a lot of work to be done.

  11. Even in Zambia there is no birthright citizenship. Just checked with passport office. You cannot be given a zambian passport automatically just because you were born here. You can only get it when you turn 21 and renounce your other citizenship which is from your father and if you need a passport to travel before you turn 21 Then you have to get it from your father’s country of origin. At 21 because of being born here then you are allowed to choose whether you want to continue as a citizen of the country where you got your passport or renounce it and get a zambian citizenship instead.

    • There are three types of citizenship in Zambia. First and foremost, you can be a citizen by birth. Secondly you can be a citizen by decent. Thirdly, you can be a citizen by naturalization. All one needs to produce to get NRC, which is proof of citizenship is birth certificate.Every citizen has a right to obtain an NRC. But getting a passport is not a right. It is a privilege. Not every citizen has a right to make a decision. For example, consensual sex is now 18 years or else it is jailed for the offender. The age is now contemplated to go up 21.A citizen is not qualified to be MP until 21. So, there is no big deal to peg renouciation of descent citizenship at 21.


  12. Mr Sinkamba you an opposition leader living in Kitwe.What is your take regarding youths lining the streets symphoning money by coertition from every Noah bus.Why is the govt slow to actualise ex-miners allocation of farming plots.How can corruption end in the administration of human resource affairs especially in companies contracted by the mines.There are a lot of social economic challenges in our midst which remain untackled instead of worrying about citizenship over the Atlantic ocean.What must we do to improve the value of our Kwacha so goods not made in Zambia can once again be easily imported before many small businesses close down.

  13. Please leave President Trump alone; he is just fulfilling his promises that he made to the American people. Already he has done much – He promised to reduce the tax – done, remove Obamacare – almost there; Repeal Naftal deal – done, renegotiate new deals – done some, still working on some; Move US Embassy to Jerusalem – done, Defeat ISIS – almost done; Create Jobs – More jobs have been created in more than 49 years (unemployment @ 3.6%), strengthen the US Army – US has the strongest & most equipped army in the world. He has managed to tame the Rocket-man of North Korea without going to war, which was almost breaking; Managed to reduce crime and terrorism; He promised to make America great – America is now the Greatest nation in the world once again! He has not only protected a lot…

  14. Conti…
    Build a wall between US and Mexico; work in progress… By the way, his Daughter, his Son in law and himself are not on the payroll. Promises made, Promises kept. Why can’t we also do/have responsible leaders that can keep their promises and make Zambia great again!? God bless America, God bless Zambia! Psalm 33:12

  15. What Trump is trying to do is not sin!Ba Sinkamba,do not mislead people.We all know that the birthright citizenship has been abused and it is just over burdening the USA.Trump is just trying to reverse a law that is not even observed in Zambia. I will not even talk about Europe: in South Africa you do not automatically qualify. Please do not argue, I spent some years there and I know that giving birth there does not make your child a South African automatically. Even if Trump parents were immigrants they did rush to America to go and give birth there. Those who have benefitted are many but that does not make this law a good law. In my opinion, it needs to be revoked. It actually shows how damn these so called developed countries can be!

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