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Lumwana Mining sues NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge over Gold export claims

Headlines Lumwana Mining sues NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge over Gold export claims

Lumwana has commenced legal action against opposition NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge seeking financial damages for the comments Mr. Musenge made against the company.

Lumwana Mining Executive Director Nathan Chishimba said Lumwana Mining Company is extremely disappointed by the statement attributed to Mr. Musenge regarding the purported illegal exports of gold from the mine with the full knowledge of government officials in the Ministry of Mines.

Mr Chishimba said the company finds these wild and completely false allegations not only preposterous, but insulting and hurtful to the people of Lumwana who work extremely hard to sustain what is a very low grade copper mine.

He said the company has instructed its lawyers to commence legal action against Mr. Musenge unless he causes a full retraction and apology to be published on these allegations within seven days of the publication.

General Musenge recently urged Government to monitor the mining of gold and other precious minerals at Lumwana Mine in North Western province. Mr. Musenge said his party has information that Lumwana Mine is exporting over 800 kilograms of gold on a monthly basis and has challenged Lumwana mine to come out clean over this matter.

“This is a serious allegations that Lumwana mine management should clear. We want to know the truth on this matter, we have information that the mine has not been declaring its gold sales to relevant authorities”, Mr. Musenge said.

He said the gold is usually bundled in light aircrafts and flown to a named country with some officials at the Ministry of Mines aware about the illicit gold transactions.

Mr. Musenge who has demanded for transparency and accountability in the mining and export of gold said it is prudent therefore that Government puts in place a mechanism to monitor the mining of gold at lumwana.

He has also appealed to the Zambia Revenue Authority to move in and investigate the purported sale and export of gold at Lumwana.


  1. Lumwana mines action is an overkill ; it shows they must be guilty but wealthy enough to hire the best lawyers to take out the small guy. The Zambian government should protect its citizens from these colonialists.

    • Exactly what I said that these forces are very strong and capable of doing anything but we are equal to the task.

      Unfortunately Legal Aid doesn’t get you justice in Zambia and the only thing that wins such cases is empirical evidence.

      Time for all whistles blowers to come out and defend stolen assets belonging to the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise.

      Get all the production records out, the hidden numbers and copies of all items that have been concealed as evidence and let this blow up in their face.

      The pendulum swings both ways while at it GRZ needs to immediately impose new rules to tracking all mineral contents to be accounted for FOB market prices Lusaka.

      Just these new rules alone will start scrutiny on all exports, drag the case long enough and come back with…

    • Continued…

      Just these new rules alone will start scrutiny on all exports, drag the case long enough and come back with all data in retrospect.

      If no past evidence is available, new evidence can be produced with new findings and then request them to prove why they reported differently in the past.

      This is advanced forensic accounting stuff way beyond any of their gimmicks. This is a great thing because now we can start closing these loopholes once and for all.

      GRZ needs to hire all the best Scotland Yards guys with the right expertise to come in immediately with these new rules in place. The cost of paying such an expert team compared to benefits of the amounts of cash recovered will be nothing.

      It’s time we stopped borrowing and used our heads for cost recovery and…

    • Continued…

      It’s time we stopped borrowing and used our heads for cost recovery and revenue enhancement. Our GDP has been lower for such reasons and our treasury robbed long enough.

      Two things are crucial here; new rules that can mine data during the court proceedings in case current evidence is not strong enough and a long court process say two years or so for new evidence to be credible then apply new findings retrospectively and get this problem solved once and for all.

      Lastly, ZAF presence and Zambian Intelligence Officials are now needed at all airports including private ones; it’s a matter of national security … let’s run this country the best way we know how.

      Zambia Is Greater Than Any Single One Of Us ~ B R Mumba, Sr

      Life Is A Serious Enterprise; What A Sweet…

    • Continued…

      GRZ needs to take on this as their own case, this alone is a blessing in disguise that can make them more popular than before and I guess Lumwana guys didn’t see this one coming.

      Lastly, ZAF presence and Zambian Intelligence Officials are now needed at all airports including private ones; it’s a matter of national security … let’s run this country the best way we know how.

      Zambia Is Greater Than Any Single One Of Us ~ B R Mumba, Sr

      Life Is A Serious Enterprise; What A Sweet Life ~ B R Mumba, Sr

      Original Content, No Copyrights Reserved.

    • @Maharanji, there is nothing wrong with what Lumwana has done. They have given an opportunity for Musenge to present the evidence that he has to the courts and the Zambian people. The problem that we have with the Chishimba Kabwilis, Musenge, GBM, HH is claiming to have evidence and information but when time comes to present the evidence they fail to do so. If Musenge has the information no best lawyer can protect Lumwana.

    • In advanced countries such matters are held with high caliber perspectives. You expect ZRA to join the case immediately because of potential revenue losses and hire forensic accountants.

      You expect ZAF to join immediately to investigate potential violations of the Zambian airspace, you expect ACC to swing in full force to look at whose hands are potentially being oiled.

      All Zambian Intelligence apparatuses need to swing in full force as there’s potential for national security breaches with planes coming in and leaving without proper clearance, etc.

      All these departments are expected to earn huge bonuses once the culprits are found guilty. You put your money where your mouth is and you achieve your desired results.

    • @BR Mumba, I know you are smart, but you talk (write) tooooo much. Send articles to LT.
      I like @Nubian’s quickie comments, then she sends articles to LT.

    • @Nostra … appreciate the compliments but I am not smart anymore!!! I think I used to be at some not now though … just a rational and passionate small part of the Zambian Enterprise.

      As for articles … I appreciate the invite but these here are my articles and LT can edit them and publish them if they do wish with my permission of course.

      Copyrights are always reserved here.

    • Musenge needs evidence. He cannot just be spouting at the mouth like Kambwili and think it is okay. This is very entertaining I must say kikikiki.

    • Awe @Ndanje … this is great news for us all. It’s time for all of us to support Musenge and create a go-Fund me account for his anticipated legal fees.

      We will organize that with Nubian Princess and then we pull our corporate resources together to match whatever amounts come in for his legal fees.

      Then we hire a PR firm to start broadcasting all the snippets of court proceedings to all investors in Lumwana at stock markets where their stock is traded.

      We bring in a UK based law firm as lead counsel and watch the chips fall where they may. Their stocks will plummet, their CEO fired and the entire company will start cooperating with new rules.

      In the meantime, we will shot their stocks and reap while they go down. Bring it Lumwana, bring it on!!!!

      Let’s roll

    • @BR Mumba, go-fund who? Mwenya Musenge don’t need your money. Mwenya is RICH and got powerful lawyers to counter sue Lumwana Mines.
      Lumwana Mines just made a mistake.
      Maybe it’s true that PF is on there side.

    • My worry is that Musenge could have picked this from bar talk at his Chillas night club. As such he won’t be able to substatiate his accusations. No one will stand by him when facing mighty Lumwana

  2. This is very good. Let Musenge prove his allegations. I hope this will not end up like it did with the Shamenda/ Dangote case.

  3. If Musenge has evidence, does he need a press briefing? Why not report to the authorities without blowing trumpets. Zambian politicians are all selfish and all their actions are not meant for the good of the nation but get the attention that they are perceived to be heroes and ride on the poor to enjoy the sweet heavily rewarding positions in GRZ, very sad! I can see money going to waste here.

  4. If Musenga has evidence then he can take them on and open all can of worms, but if he doesn’t then he should just issue an apology and move on.

  5. Which one is a low grade mine, lumwana or what,are you sure or is it true you are a zambian director issuing such a statement,pool Zambia.

    • @Ndanje … we will ask the President to cooperate and reign on all these departments. His number one job is to protect the republic.

      If he doesn’t, we take it into our own hands thus the beginning of his fall as CEO of the Zambian Enterprise. We will back Musenge in the next election and please refer to 3.1 above. I meant it when I said we are equal to the task.

      It’s therefore in the best interest of all government departments to start cooperating including presiding officials because we run this country and choose who we want to represent us at any given time.

      Our time is now …

    • In mining you can have a very low grade ore source but you can overcome this by bulk production using very low cost means. For example a mine with 6% grade copper can make profit by producing 60,000 tonnes of ore per month while a mine with a 2% grade will need to produce 250,000 tonnes and mostly by open cast.

  6. Well done Lumwana!
    He who alleges must prove!
    It’s hurtful to bear damaging false witness against anybody!

  7. @B R Mumba, Sr…thank you for your essay. In short whistle blowers come from a govt that protects and enables them. If the govt is partisan to the illegal work in Lumwana Mines, they will not enable and tolerate whistle blowers. Further to this, ZRA can only work with the Ministry of Mines. So far there is no rebuttal to this ‘Truth’ from Ministry of Mines, so how can ZRA jump in. You talk a lot of gibberish but you forget that the first point of call to offer a definitive, authoritative rebuttal to General Musenge’s ‘Truth’ should be the responsible Ministry! How difficult is that without an essay!

    • B R am very disappointed in you …. you are very quite on petinent issues and yet you want to act smart on this one blindly? Ask any geologist or miner at Lumwana and they will tell you that the copper is mined and processed by Zambians! There is no trace of Gold production at Lumwana … the well known mine doing that is Kansanshi … you wanna raise propaganda on useless issues by a useless politician. Do your home work!
      Oh sorry, you are not at home!

    • @returning citizen, well said. Well thought out and well said. @ BR a word to the wise; It helps to know the limitations of your analytical skills.

  8. Let us finish scrap metal dealers and dump them in a certain political party of their choice

    Ck k5m
    Musenge k20m

  9. Anyway here’s an opposition member getting concerned with his country’s welfare instead of siding with the investors. Like I said my worry is that Musenge may not be able to put his case across let alone show technical proof to support his allegations. Wishing him the best of luck.

  10. All Mr Musenge is doing is asking is for Lumwana to clear the air. If they are not declaring the gold, Where is the gold then? For we know for sure that the deposits at Lumwana contains gold. Lumwana should give us the composition details of the ore and how the process . A technical audit is needed to unravel this theft. Not financial audit. Cheap threats of court action are creating more doubts in our mind . After all we know how unscrupulous they can be . a short while ago they deliberately short changed Zambia on tax.

  11. Musenge must just apologise as Lumwana really does not mine Gold as a by-product, what it mines is Uranium as a by-product of Copper.

    Also, I wish to correct Bwana Nathan Chishimba, to be professional and not say, Lumwana mines a very low grade of Copper. It is an economical grade giving a Copper concentrate of 35-40% Contained Copper.

    Kansanshi mines Gold as a Copper by-product, I would have supported Musenge if the allegation was about kansanshi.

  12. In what form is gold carried on small planes? If it is gold bars you need to find a Melter or a refinery, if it is concentrate .they need to find a small gravity plant, for a refinery they need to find maybe a cyanidation plant.800kg on a light plane, now that is a new one. Hehehe smoking weed while politicking should be forbidden. Lumwana runs an open pit and a concentrator plant. Where are they running a plant to recover 800kg of gold?

  13. Musenge should realise that he is not in government anymore. If he had made those comments whilst in government they would have come with brown envelopes but once you are in opposition they will come with summons.

  14. Zambians please support Musenge no politics here. Lumwana should just deny or accept.The minerals must mostly benefit Zambians.Not Chishimba way a traitor.

  15. There is a lot that you need to reform and review especially with regards to trades of precious metals or bullion or Gold as its sometimes called You will need to reroute and make laws that will define possession or such simple rules of collectibles as a means of hedging banks and individuals often will look to Gold It can be a deliberate policy to create a Bullion or Gold Depository for all mines at our local banks or markets and see and check to follow the statistics

    Physical possession rules are very porous and Mwenya Musenge has a point there We know how Gold futures and options are traded from the famous Chinese commercial banks ICBC and CCB Its time…

  16. Its time you revisited and enacted laws to address and effectively bring in ZRA in the monitory of Gold Depositories trades possessions Countries are these banks have supplies from Zambia and particularly Lumwana Mine in Solwezi as can be see from the precious metal depository statistics
    and demand and supply outlook from the depository institutions like the likes of HSBC and Delaware

    Its not a secrete Mr Messenger is right

  17. Lumwana should voluntary disclose and reports the figures in the public domain and abide by the Principle 10 – Transparency and accountability of the Wold gold Council that states that i quote :

    We will practice high standards of
    engagement, transparency and corporate governance
    ? We will listen to and engage with stakeholders so as better to understand their interests and
    ? We will publish information relating to our sustainability performance.
    ? We will publicly support the principles of transparency in relation to issues such as payments to
    governments including through the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI).
    ? We will assign accountability for sustainability performance at the Board and/or Executive
    Committee level and…

  18. Kikikikikikikikikikikikikikiki…
    Have we become so stressed with debt and poverty that we are now hallucinating and see ordinary sand as gold? Then we need to hallucinate further and find a market for that sand.

  19. Its not a joke he is trying to get the production of minerals reported according to the Transpaent extractive initiatives There is that mine about 20 kilometers from Chingola what is the estimated capacity Why should copper alone be reported in their Financials and non on gold and other minerals either as part of the geographical segments They have some capacity of more than 4000 kgs of gold why are they nor reporting any activity We need to see NIL or KGs of gold reported like in the other of their mines like Goldstrike,Cortez,Barrick Nevada,Pueblo Viejo
    Lagunas Norte,Veladero,Turquoise Ridge,Acacia/African Barrick Gold,Kalgoorlie,Porgera,Hemlo
    Golden Sunlight,North America…

  20. ,Australia Pacific Its supposed to be productivity by country and not other gold mines for Zambia He has got a point and you can go furthers and look at the fillings and see to relate the reports That is has point

    They should be more informative like we have looked at them and seen that they are being a corporate citizen in reporting productivity

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