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PF will not adopt MPs who are underperforming for 2021 elections-President Lungu


President Lungu receives a bible in Chifubu
President Lungu receives a bible in Chifubu

The Patriotic From Central Committee will soon be meeting to evaluate the performance of its members of Parliament and review the intra patry elections held so far. President Edgar Lungu said that there are some Members of Parliament who are positioning their favourite candidates for the intra party elections in order to have a good chance of retaining their seats in 2021.

The President was speaking upon arrival at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport in Ndola. President Lungu who is also PF party President has warned that the party will not adopt MPs who are underperforming in 2021 adding that no one is above the party.

He emphasised that the party will only work with people that are serving the interest of the Zambian people adding that he will soon be reviewing the performance of all MPs.

Meanwhile, President Lungu said he has been more than ready to meet the church and other stakeholders over the dialogue. He wondered why some church mother bodies have been accusing him of not wanting to meet him.

UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema yesterday accepted the offer by the Catholic Church to reconcil him and President Edgar Lungu. He said the church has a successful history of bring political opponents together in the country in case of disputes.

President Lungu disclosed that he has not sidelined anyone to take part in the dialogue process, but that everyone is welcome, because it is for the benefit of every Zambian.

The Head of State wondered why some groupings feel sidelined with regards to holding of the dialogue, adding that he is however ready to take part in the dialogue, which is aimed at ensuring that peace and unity are fostered in the country.


    • Anywhere the Step-president has been cleaning pure garbage, he has to fire the MP. Why did they have to keep trash for Ba Edgar to clean? This one way of evaluating.
      It is better to give examples: e.g Lusambo was once a hardworking Kabushi in Ndola MP, but now he is confused if he is the Lusaka Mayor or if he also has responsibilities to cleanup of Lusaka.

      Each time ECL has taken a working tour in his own constituency called Zambia, he learns more about some of his inept colleagues on the party’s ticket in Parley. I would love a situation where he does a lot of these trips within the land. He must also extend his tour to Government run companies to learn how his appointed MDs are performing in those constituents. Why the President? Well, because his Ministers could also be inept and inert. Relying on reports is bad and seeing is believing.Yes! non performing crooks may land you into opposition if you don’t know. Its good that statement has come…

    • PF should start by deselecting Lungu for 2021 for he sleeps all the time at important finctions. If can do that in public what more at state house?

      The country is now being rundown by thug Kaiser Zulu after Lungu is drunk and skeeping.

      Photos of him sleeping are every where.

      How did Zambians get to this sure?

    • Lazy bum illiterate Mapatizya Formula of the TONGA hooligan bully tribal son of a tribal polygamist father who never taught him toilet training pooping in public HAGAIN. MUTINTA HICHILEMA and CHARMAINE HAKAINDE should change the little boy’s diapers HAGAIN! It is UNELECTABLE and an UNDER FIVE!

  1. What about presidents who have underperformed and failed during their tenure? Why should such a person be adopted for president? A party is a reflection of its leadership.

    • The whole bunch of the people in Government have been a huge flop and its time all of them were booted out of office. Like that song goes from the urine we have now stepped into sh*t .

      You have the Prez more worried about 2021 and the ‘common man” (PKs) is struggling to make ends meet and seriously wallowing in poverty. There is no sense of urgency to address the issues affecting the economy. Ku waya waya chabe!

    • An Underperforming President will meet us at the polls. An underperforming opposition leader will meet us at the polls. An underperforming opposition leader can fail a record 5-10 times but still wants to rule, Amazing. An underperforming citizen will always blame his suffering on the Government. An underperforming country may end up like CONGO DR.
      Y’all must pull up your socks and reject underperformance.
      If your child has been failing exams 5 record times, trust me, your son is a serious underperformer. Let him try something else like fishing? Why fishing, well, I love fish. I love Salmons and Tuna.

  2. Says the underperforming president .When a club underperforms in the English Premier League it is the manager who gets the sacking.

    • @Thorn in the flesh,

      You sound too oblivious to notice that under Lungu no amount of votes can remove him from power.

      Lungu and his thugs are rigging election using 50 + and 40+ formula.

      Even a child knows that Lungu has not won a single presidential election. Even the party presudential selection was not won by Lungu. He asked Kaiser Zulu to hire thugs to throw stones and scare the opponents voters.

      We all know that Lungu was dubiously selected and corrupt judges threw out any petition to rerun the selection.

      Under free and fair elections Lungu would never be in power.

      Lungu himself has vowed that only use of force will remove him from power.

      Soon force shall be used to remove him.

  3. Pf must go for convention without intimidation

    And upendi must go for convention without intimidation.

    Lastly reconciliation between HH and ECL is personal and it should not gobble govt resources.

    Am non partisan political consultant

  4. Debt is high and under a bailout program, cholera is ever present,economic growth is low ,IMF has downgraded Zambia and Lungu has a monthly city cleaning meetup because sanitation systems are none existent. That reads like Lungu is underperforming.

    • @ !mbecile #6.1

      HH is not on tax payer pay-roll unlike your “anointed’, “visionary” and Endemically Corrupt Leader of the Plunderers Federation!!!

  5. Okay, I want honest answers from the indoctrinated UPND zealots, why have you kept ici muntu, as your leader for failing to inspire your party to government for so long, yet you keep complaining when the same thing is rejected and trashed in the bin? Even Asene Wenga of Arsenal was shown the door after years of false starts and taking the team to down lows, you keep the perpetual loser and be ready to accept the outcome, he will be trounced again and again. Meanwhile ninshi mulekota (growing old)!

  6. I don’t think ECL really gets it that extending an olive branch has better optics in tact when one occupying a position of strength takes that first step as they have nothing to lose should one in a weaker position reject the offer! Now whether its due to being misguided the “humble” president lacks that humility! With all the state machinery at his disposal Lungu needs to be magnanimous! Sorry to use the analogue that Jesus with all His glory chose to place himself lowly, thats humility and thus He commanded and still commands a huge following and exaltation!

    • A very good point, by extending an olive branch you make the weaker side look like a fool if they refuse. Out President is not humble at all.

  7. Sorry to burst your bubble your excellency but that means all your MPs and including yourself shouldn’t be adopted.

  8. He prefers to use small boys to torment others…….. I recall the outrageous charge of treason…… What a man…… It is like a man who rape your child and never show remorse because he is the Bishop………
    JESUS was, and is powerful but he forgives us every day………..
    In our case the victim must apologise to the oppressor because the oppressor claims to be humble……..
    May i ask one volunteer to be placed on death sentence at Maximum Prison for 2months and thereafter i dont show remorse after release………. I can be the President but if I am evil God will not be pleased with me…….Position does not mean that I am anointed by GOD……… example IDI AMIN

  9. A strategist that fails to perfom must be fired.

    6 straight losses. Next lose is around the corner.

    Am a neutral political consultant. Get me on board

  10. Busy officiating opening toll gates instead of manufacturing plants and the kaponya rats are dancing ati, hard working ? ??

    Visionless corrupt theif,

    Nuff said…..

  11. Busy officiating opening toll gates instead of manufacturing plants or factories and the LT resident kaponya rats are dancing ati, hard working ? ??

    Visionless corrupt theif,

    Nuff said…..

  12. Are you not supposed to be so happy as PF if you have such a bad candidate as HH standing against you. Why do you want him changed ba PF.

  13. Non-performing in PF means MPs who do not tow the party line, so MPs like Tutwa Ngulube are at risk of di-selection.

  14. This statement means all the MP s will now be climbing over themselves to show who is the most loyal to the president in order to be adopted in 2021 instead of working for the electorate who voted for them.

  15. These same so called under-performing MPs are assured of their mid-term gratuity as the President said while the same MPs voted against paying retirees their pensions…..what a selfish lot they are…Cry my beloved Zambia!

  16. Is there any pee efu MP working? They are a bunch of misfits, just eating taxpayers money! They are not fit even to be in govt. Thieves don’t work but steal from the poor.

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