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Liuwa National Park records increased animal population

General News Liuwa National Park records increased animal population

Liuwa plains National park

Liuwa Plain National Park in Kalabo district in Western Province has recorded a remarkable increase in the number of key species of wild animals over the past one year.

According to findings of a recent aerial survey conducted by African Parks, the number of Wildebeests, Zebras and Red Lechwes have increased.

Park Manager Deon Joubert told ZANIS that Wildebeests have been estimated at 40,000 stock count which was surveyed across a total of 3,600 square kilometers of the upper–west Zambezi ecosystem.

Mr. Joubert explained that the huge increase from 26,000 in 2017 has been attributed to this year’s coverage of an additional 556 square kilometers of the north-west Game Management Area (GMA) of Liuwa where 10,000 Wildebeests were counted.

He expressed optimism that sustainable wildlife conservation practices in Liuwa were bearing fruit as evidenced from the remarkable increase from 15,000 wildebeests in 2003 when African Parks assumed management of the park.

Mr. Joubert said Liuwa’s carnivore population has also recovered steadily saying the increase in Wildebeests has provided a thriving prey base for carnivores such as hyenas, cheetahs and lions.

He added that Buffalo and other species re-introduced in Liuwa were doing well and their numbers increasing steadily.

Mr. Joubert observed that the re-stocking measures were helping to restore Liuwa’s ecological system to its natural conservation status.


  1. Nanga nkhani yama wild dogs? Isn’t this the same park where wild dogs have vanished? Give us a report on that as well…kapena its a delicacy for our friends who are known to eat the domesticated type as well.

  2. Ask HH is very good at negative reports about Zambia like you.when are you going to learn to market your country so that we attract tourists and that way the country can benefit from it.its not only the duty of politicians to market our country.Be a proud Zambian regardless of tribe or political affiliation.

  3. 40,000 Wildebeest!! That’s remarkable. I would love to see this. I passed through Sioma Ngonye Falls 2 years ago, beautiful but under developed place..

  4. The reason it has increased is because liuwa plains is under African parks network. In other words this means controlled or no animal hunting , no bribery , no Chinese and Indians hunting , and no Zambian department of national parks and wildlife (those that take money and dish out licences like speed cams) and with that money they eat and sleep . No one besides a few that are willing to conserve the animals and not that kind of conserve so that they can have more to hunt. I wish liuwa plains grows bigger in that well maintained and controlled environment.

    • After I did my research , I have realised that this report is only based on a few animals. The increase is only in the unworthy animals while the worthy ones could be flown out of the country. Could this be the other side of the story? We need genuine people to do a professional survey with accurate statistics. Mean while it is best not to take sides. Simply because the negatives out way the positives by a huge margin

  5. A one sided story. Some other species like Kudus have literally vanished in broad day light. Well Mr Joubert, what can you say about that?

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