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MMD Die Hard Youth wing applauded its party president Felix Mutati

General News MMD Die Hard Youth wing applauded its party president Felix Mutati

Felix Mutati Opening a two day Provincial Conference in Luapula
Felix Mutati Opening a two day Provincial Conference in Luapula

The MMD Die Hard Youth wing has applauded its party president Felix Mutati for having served as minister in the Patriotic Front Government.

President Edgar Lungu yesterday revoked the appointment of Mr. Mutati as Minister of Works and Supply and withdrew his nomination as Member of Parliament and replaced him with Lunte Member of Parliament Mutotwe Kafwaya.

MMD Die Hard National Youth Coordinator Gerald Chiluba said the decision by Mr. Mutati to serve in government was purely on the basis of wanting to serve the Zambian people and they are not shy to point at the success scored when he served as minister of finance and later minister of works and supply.

Mr. Chiluba said the party youth wing will take the recent development as an opportunity to embark on a more accelerated drive of party mobilisation.

He said the Youth wing will stand with Mr. Mutati and they look forward to tirelessly working with him in taking the party to higher heights.


  1. The man has been dumped after being used to win the 2016 election. He was rewarded with the Minister of Finance position and then demoted to Works and Supply. Now with his MMD team’s recent fight over the party’s ownership with the Nevers Mumba led team in our courts, Edgar saw no need to keep him any longer as he’s still MMD. He had to replace him with his fellow PF member, just as he did with Margaret at Finance. The president wants Mutati to focus on his MMD and not mix that with PF operations. So 2021 is going to be a great moment in the Zambian politics whereby we don’t need any snitches!

    • @Sharp Shooter, “Mutati has always been MMD anyway.He never hid that even when serving as Minister ” How correct is this statement ? where did he come from (party) before joining MMD.

    • @ Loverchibs…..Mutati after his ACCA studies worked for Zimco as a Management Accountant,the as Finance Director for National Hotels Development Corporation under Zimco and later for ZESCO as Finance Director until his retirement in 1998.He later opened his business and worked as a Consultant.What made Mutati join politics was a presidential call(President Chiluba) tah his name has been nominated(Lunte-2001-2016).That was the turning point for Mutati from being a Civil servant to being MMD unless otherwise.

  2. Anyway he was rewarded for the 2016 election. Why continue paying him. You are only paid once. We need this guy out of our politics. He very incompetent.

  3. cabinet positions are not a life long job. Just like presidency or MP etc, they all have to come to an end. Many were appointed & let go: kambwili, Wynter, even Given was let go at some point. So Mutati good luck in your future endeavors!!!

  4. Put it simply… Nevers Mumbai is a Boggie Man. Felix Mutati is intelligent but fails to sell himself to the grassroot. He needs to have fire in himself.

  5. it is sad when men sacrifice principles on the altar of greed and personal glory…….. Never get closer to wicked man who is afraid of his own shadow…….

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