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Road expansions in Lusaka progressing well and expected to be completed by 2021

General News Road expansions in Lusaka progressing well and expected to be completed...

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu passes on Great North Road during the tour of Lusaka Roads under the L-400 Project on Saturday, September 15, 2018. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE 2018
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu passes on Great North Road during the tour of Lusaka Roads under the L-400 Project on Saturday, September 15, 2018. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE 2018

In line with government’s programme to decongest Lusaka, road expansion and construction of fly over bridges at a cost of US$290 million have progressed and are expected to be complete by December 2021.

The project which is being done by Afcons, an Indian construction company, is aimed at reducing congestion in the capital city and will see the construction of four fly-over bridges, five junctions and expansion of selected roads.

ZANIS reports that the project which is being financed by Export-Import (EXIM) Bank of India with 85 percent and the 15 percent from government of Zambia, once completed will make Lusaka become come one of the modern cities in Africa.

Minister of Local Government Vincent Mwale who conducted a spot check on the works today has expressed satisfaction with the quality of works that has being done so far on the project.

The Minister was speaking in Lusaka today, after touring some selected roads and the construction site of the flyover bridges.

“ Currently it is difficult to do business in Lusaka as people have to spend a lot of time their productive time on roads due to congestion.

“ This is why government will remain committed to ensuring that the situation is changed through the Lusaka master plan, “ the minister said.


The three-year project will see the construction of ring roads from Makeni to Mumbwa Road, and further connect to the Great North Road after National Heroes stadium to make Lusaka a smart city.

Great East Road from Arcades to Lusaka central business district will have two lanes on the fly-over bridge, while the existing four lanes will be expanded to six lanes.

Afcons Infrastructure Limited Project Manager Subrata Banyopadhyay who disclosed this to the minister said that the company is committed to complete the project within the set time frame.

He also pledged to respect labour laws and that the company’s labour force consists of over 85 percent locals adding that it will only import labour that cannot be sourced locally.

The Lusaka city decongestion project started in September 2018 and are expected to be completed by December 2021.


    • Learn to appreciate. If your friend has done something good, just appreciate. Why should you have such a critical heart and what do you benefit from it apart from it making you a bitter person?

    • That’s what we appreciate; development and uplifting of people’s standard of life in meaningful way. It’s hard to argue against development because it supports social & economic justice for all regardless of status. This will indeed make Lusaka 1 of best cities to live in Africa. A road system like 1 being built for Lusaka needs to also have well organized public transport system. It’s not necessary for all of us to be driving into city for our daily commute. A smart city should have publicly run bus and/or rail system where aim is mass movement of productive people & not just profit. This is good start & hopefully it will be done for other cities. Let us pray that our political system continues to deliver more to the people. God Bless Zambia!

    • 1.1 So how do you transport the food without roads? Besides people can create food for themselves while government provides the means of conveyance.

  1. Always tied to elections.
    Just confirms that it is the politicians that are calling all the tunes and the planners and engineers are just dancing to the tunes depriving the nation a systematic approach towards development.

    • So according to your loser party life should come to a stand still in the election year…what about the by election years are they also included. Under 5 thinking

    • So you want projects to be stopped just because of elections? Rubbish. Unless those to be started during election time and by the way even during elections projects can be done. When people have made up their minds to change government they can with or without projects. Fortunately, that mode is not here yet because people now don’t move by feelings but by sight!

  2. Look at that nice dual carriageway but no quality developments on either side because the private sector has been too impoverished & highly taxed they can’t afford to erect quality buildings.

    • You just wanted to say what you said. You did not even look carefully at the building on the sides of the road on the picture. To me those building look just fine for our economy. Be real. Development starts somewhere. Eventually people will upgrade just look at Kalingalinga today. Its like when we visited it when we were at Unza in 1992 – 96

  3. It is sad to hear very childish comments. Development is driven by political leaders we elect. Let them deliver because we shall ask for the promise. It is very stupid to claim every development is tied to election.

  4. What are those nice roads for if we have no better jobs but high taxes and what have you done to the villagers coze they have no cars

    • And you want to have better jobs so you can afford expensive cars such as Jaguars, Benzs, Land Rovers, and the like, and then go out and drive on gravel or potholed roads? What sense does that make?

      And seem not to appreciate the impact traffic congestion has on business and the bottom line of the Country’s economy. There is a reason why advanced Countries spend so much on roads and transportation in general…..these things have direct impact on the economic well being of the Country.

  5. its on the 2021 election agenda, any way by that time they would have defaulted on the loan and some other national asset would have already been repossessed.

    • Keep on dreaming. PF go on that is what we voted you for. Jealous down this goverspent has changed the face of this country. Can you imagine even in dudumwezi there is cellphone network so that ba kachema will have tobcall and not walking as they move about cheming. kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  6. Those who are from Dundumwezi can also go to YouTube and watch what Afcons will do to Lusaka.

    Lusaka will never be the SAME again.

    PF nailed this one.

  7. Can you imagine even in their shanty called kanyamina where they stay roads just meander like from kraal to kraal. And they do shopping from sometimes easily. Can these people go to Levy? They can’t. Spending k150 on bamba? Teti unless from soweto aya secondhand at 50n na tuma small jackets. Rubbish!!!

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