Milenge District Commissioner Kunda Chibilo has called for zero- Alcohol during working hours in his District and has consequently called on heads of department (HODs) in the area to be vigilant and bring to task any erring officers found wanting.

And a 27 year old man of Milenge district has died after intoxicating himself with locally brewed beer popularly known as ‘Kachasu.’

Mr. Chibilo noted with disappointment that some civil servants are fond of patronizing beer drinking places at the expense of working.

Mr. Chibilo said this during a management meeting that was held in the District Commissioner’s office yesterday.

Mr. Chibilo said recently he did a surprise random check at the bar at the market at about 10:00 hours and found some unsuspecting civil servants drinking beer.

He urged HODs to monitor their subordinates and make certain they are at their working places during the stipulated time adding that he will not condone misbehaving during his tenure of office.

“ It is embarrassing for educated people to take illicit beer such as ‘Kachasu’ and ‘Katata’ which they very well know is harmful to their body organs , “ he said.

Mr. Chibilo said officers who take illicit beer are tarnishing the image of the Civil Service adding that as civil servants they should preserve the integrity of the civil service and be role models in their communities.

Meanwhile, a 27 year old man of Milenge district has died after intoxicating himself with locally brewed beer popularly known as ‘Kachasu.’

East 7 Clinic Acting Nurse In Charge Bervin Longwe in an interview with ZANIS has identified as Barnabas Kunda of Talayi village in Chief Sokontwe’s chiefdom.

He is reported to have been drinking Kachasu the whole day on an empty stomach before he was taken to the clinic at 22:00 hours on 7th November, 2018 as a BID( brought in dead) case.

Meanwhile, Mikula Ward Councilor Justin Chembo is saddened by the avoidable development.

Mr. Chembo said the rate of alcohol consumption among people especially youths in his ward is worrying as they are doing it at the expense of their productivity and health.

He said he is set to intensify his sensitisation in the community on the dangers of alcohol abuse.



    • This man will not last long in his job.

      How dare he questions the habits of eagle one while on duty?

      This man is truly history!




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