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Why we deserve your vote: Zambia’s Mounting Debt, UPND’s Concerns

Columns Why we deserve your vote: Zambia’s Mounting Debt, UPND’s Concerns

Dr Musokotwane speaking during a news briefing
Dr Musokotwane speaking during a news briefing

By Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy – Proverbs 31:8-9

We can all clearly see that the debt situation is very bad and getting worse every day. The debt burden is truly becoming heavy on most of us ordinary Zambians. According to the experts, public debt has reached 60% of GDP, putting the country at high risk of debt distress, which simply means that we will soon fail to meet our obligations.

As a result of this mounting debt, between January and September 2018, interest payments on debt were 125% of the three quarters’ budget; this was 25% over-budget. In contrast, social programmes like Pension Fund and Social Cash Transfer received only 56% and 36%, respectively, while Food Security Pack for poor families and women and youth Empowerment Funds received nothing (0%).

Some PF commentators will claim that this poor prioritization was because “the opposition infiltrated the public systems”. We must not be fooled or detracted by such ridiculous propaganda when the statistical facts about the failed economic management are laid bare for all to see. They will claim that UPND is against investment in infrastructure. What we are against is to disguise corruption in unplanned infrastructure development projects. Why should our roads cost more than three times to construct than the regional average? Why should our fire engines cost a million dollars when international reference prices are about a quarter of that? Why should the Lusaka Ndola Dual carriage cost billions of dollars? What is the motivation of undertaking these projects? Judging from the Auditor General’s 2017 Report, we are inclined to think they are conduits to steal public funds. This is what the UPND and the Zambian people are against.

Countrymen and women, we believe that with the right leadership and political will, Zambia can do many things differently to remedy the situation.Here are two things, for example, that together we can do.

Stop the excessive borrowing: In 2017, the Government developed the Economic Stabilization and Growth Programme (ESGP) and convinced us of their seriousness to tackle the economic crises. The Government assured us that it would undertake fiscal consolidation measures to reduce the Government deficit and accumulation of debt stock by (a) reducing overall expenditure from 27.7% of GDP in 2017 to 22.8% in 2019, and (b) reducing fiscal deficit from 7% of GDP in 2017 to 4.1% by 2019.

What has happened? Fiscal deficit in 2018 will be larger at 7.4% of GDP and not 5.1% of GDP as per the ESGP. In the 2019 Budget, deficit is increasing to ZMW28.8 billion (9.6% of GDP) against the ESGP target of ZMW 16.6 billion (4.1% of GDP).

While we are not surprised – for after all, this was the policy meaning behind “dununa reverse” – we are rightly worried that this will further weaken our fiscal and debt positions. It will affect our ability to attract the much needed investment that creates jobs for our youths that are graduating and roaming the streets without jobs.

It compromises our real investment efforts, not the PF type investment strategy which aims to line their pockets through malpractices in procurements. It compromises poverty reduction efforts and scares away investors and cooperating partners as we have seen in the education and social cash transfer, where even the money meant for the poor has been abused, and the cooperating partners have frozen their support. And yet the PF are always singing and championing that they are a party for the poor!

Fellow Zambians, we cannot borrow our way out of debt; we must simply find the political will to apply prudent fiscal policies that stem further debt accrual. Thus, we should simply go back to ESGP and stop playing “chidunune” and “chipante-pante” with our economy. Let us demand our MPs to ask the Government to go back to the fiscal consolidation Plan in the ESGP and develop a new fiscal framework that represents a more ambitious fiscal consolidation effort for the medium term.

Share decision-making responsibilities honestly and fairly: Article 114 of the Zambian Constitution (2016) provides for the National Assembly to approve all loans and guarantees to be contracted by the State. This means the Executive has a constitutional obligation to have all loans and guarantees approved by Parliament. We need to start implementing this legal prescription so as to establish the right checks and balances in debt contraction. We need the Planning and Budget Act, the amendments to the Procurement Act and the Loans and Guarantees (Authorization) Act that ensure more transparency and oversight in the management of public resources. This is what the ESGP promised in 2017 and this is what we should do.

We are now entering 2019 and the above pieces of legislation have not yet been presented to Parliament. What other reasons would one think of apart from the PF’s fear that this will expose them in their corruption? Are the delays meant to give space to the Executive to secretly and unilaterally negotiate and finalize unplanned and unbudgeted debt deals with China, Turkey and others without parliamentary oversight? Is this not immoral, illegal and unfair to the Zambian people? Can’t we, as Zambians, hold the Government accountable and demand that the PF simply does the right thing for once and petition our MPs to ensure these laws are tabled in Parliament this year?

We want to assure Zambians, that we are available and ready to join forces with every like-minded countryman and woman, to demand, for and on behalf of the Zambian people, credible, accountable and dedicated policy leadership that will take us out of the current economic mess; respect and account for public funds; and bring us back on track to realizing our long term vision, the Vision 2030.

The Author is the Former Finance Minister in during the MMD reign under Rupiah Banda and now  MP. UPND Chair for Finance

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    • HH does not deserve a vote. From Dundumwezi maybe, but not from enlightened Zambians. HH got rich from kick backs of privatization by undervaluing Zambia’s assets and buying shares from the said. While that is not criminal in itself, he is complicit in what has happened to Zambia. And because the money he got from privatization has kept dwindling through failed campaigns, he is determined to be a warlord at any cost so he can rob Zambians blind again!
      And in any case does UPND have a magic wand to payoff the debt? Liars, the whole lot.

    • UPND is the cause of Zambia’s current economic problems. If HH had not decided to contest the 2011 election against RB Sata would not have won. Under RB the economy was thriving but HH is too proud to be under anyone.

    • As swing voter who votes for anyone making sense I find analysis from UPND shallow & unconvincing. Politics is not about just playing with opinions on economic data & having long list of accusations. As voter I want you to show me what we can do together to make Zambia better. Unfortunately all analysis & speeches from UPND are dirty laundry lists. Yet politics is about development & uplifting lives of every Zambian. During past 7 years PF for all their faults that UPND accuses has gone out to all corners of country to take development & give people real chance to improve their lives. Although we are concerned about accusations made most people are happy PF has stuck to message to do something for Zambian people & this we can see. UPND or opposition also needs similar positive message for…

    • …. message for us voters. That’s what it will take to challenge PF. The situation is not same as 1990s when it was matter of survival. Opposition will wait forever if its relying on Zambian economy to collapse. God Bless Zambia

    • Readers’ comments on this article KWWF. Unable to stimulate intellectual analysis and debate. Quite shallow, to say the least.

    • HH is a Human Hyena both by definition and by default. A Hyena being a cunning creature that both hunts and kills its prey in the most cruel manner and scavenges off dead animals. It will devour many things. HH is a selfish individual who never listens to advice, he would rather the nations burns in flames so that the govt fails. He is also a very dull chap who lacks any strategic thinking and lacks charisma. Had he been true to the UPND- PF pact prior to 2010 he would’ve been President of Zambia. The thing is he not trustworthy, how do you trust a Human Hyena? The govt of day has failed yes on many fronts but to think HH will make the situation better is to put your hope in a Hungry Human Hyena.

    • There is an ongoing crisis in Zambia, characterised by both a credit and financial malaise. This needs a solution. Perhaps the answer can be found in the principles of neo-Keynesian and neo-interventionism. Dr Musokotwane – being a Western trained economist – may be inclined to adopting regulatory state principles.

    • One thing I miss about social media and LT in the MMD days was that when an opposition sympathizer posts an article like Dr here …it would have been countered by intelligent debate from MMD members some of them are here today but have swapped shirts to PF since Old man Sata they detested passed away. Today we only have educated foooooools like JUNIOR who can only post “Kuti waseka” as if there is any humor here…I blame LT Editor/admin for this drop in standards letting small dull boys masquerading as female bloggers and posting tribal nonsense everyday from a template.

    • Are all these members of one family? They are UNELECTABLE because they belong to the most TRIBALISTIC H-organisation in Zambia and are led by an UNELECTABLE privatisation thief and money laundering Queen.

      I would rather waste my vote on Muliokela the Dora Siliya secret admirer than cast my vote on any nigger from this grouping of rejectaments.
      I hope they are not planning of taking the presidents life. Normal ballots are many nights away for calling elections out loud. Be managed or you will be forced to be managed. Enjoy your freedom and use it well and reaponsibly.

    • Very childish comments from PF Fools. Please be realistic with your comments. We all know that PF is a tribal party. There is very dangerous Nepotism and Regionalism at play in this OF Government. We are all seeing what is happening. We are not blind.
      Where are the two FTJ Universities currently under construction? What other tribalism do you want other than PF’s?

  1. Well said and to the point…..

    Now instead of tribal attacks and insults , can the PF supporters on LT argue with this, point by point ? Or are you going to scatter and take cover ? Or completely ignore the article and try to divert our attention with the usual rants ???

    Oval head ? Ndanji ? BR mumba ? Cader ? Zambian citizen ? And the others ?

    • Ba Spaka, do you seriously think these people can reason with you, see my observations are simple when someone hates you no matter how good you are or how much you give them they will still hate you, only people who reason can and think critically analyzing word for word will reason with you. PF has no room for for reasoning, to them any person that criticizes them is an enemy. Stupidity is when one fails to use common sense…pf is full of stupidity people, there are drank with power but one day a hangover and soberness will catch up with them.

    • 2.1 To you reasoning is when one agrees with Upnd. High debt. ..yes…so if Musokotwane for arguments sake got into office would he simply write it off? That’s reasoning. You can’t eat you cake and have it. Zambia needs a lot of development which cannot be funded by our local economy. That’s reasoning. ..forsake development and continue subsidizing food forever. ..that’s reasoning.

    • “Reasoning” to UPND means HH is the best politician in Zambia! HH is the only person who can be president in Zambia! HH is the only person who can develop Zambia! HH is the only person who can end poverty in Zambia! THE TRUTH. HH is the leader of a TONGA tribe and regional grouping which promotes TRIBALISM in Zambia. HH is a Privatization Thief and he has money in a tax haven in PANAMA from privatisation. Why did he take it to Panama? HH hates the president (just like his supporters) not on anything but because he was defeated and the President is not TONGA! “ONLY A TONGA CAN BE A PRESIDENT OF UPND,” Larry Mweetwa.

    • Musokotwane was a minister in the MMD government. What can he do now which he failed to do then? Entertaining losers like him is like going through an illusion that a camel can go through an eye of a needle. Tired brains, they only see through a bigger picture when they are on the sidelines and fail to nail it while inside. No show kuwayawayafye.

  2. But really ba UPND you don’t deserve votes if your economics won’t make better sense than the rotten work PF has done.

  3. Please do not sway people’s minds ba Musokotwane and group. This is damage control you are doing. The key issue now is that your leader has no integrity and a liar full stop. Your leader is simply a liar without shame. We know the debt situation and the way things are in the country but you do not peddle lies to get to state house. Do clean politics not yaboza of deception like swift serpent of old – the Devil and his children. It was terrible how one failed to answer a simple question to substantiate his claim that Govt had sold Zaffico. Zambians, I hope we are able to see through this and let not this poverty around us impair our judgement and be manipulated.

    • When they sell ZAFICO shares and the Chinese buy the majority of shares , who controlls that company ????

    • so in your understanding when u hear “selling of shares” u think its 100% sell? may be u need to understand that floating of shares is a way of giving the investing public an opportunity to take part in the running of a company while the company also raise capital for expansion etc.

    • Rabobank in the case of Zanaco. Controlling stake owned by Rabobank, yet our Zanaco is listed on the stock exchange. Though Zanaco is a perfect example of such kind of arrangement, the Chinese on the other hand want to solve the problem of unemployed youth in their country so we all know what they will do and they do not believe in knowledge transfer, so either way we lose.

    • And if the majority share holders don’t like how the company is being run ???

      Or is this arrangement like the ZNBC 100 % GRZ but running 60 % Chinese and 40 % Zambian ???

    • Good question. But has that Chinese already got those shares? Has ZAFFICO been listed already @SPAKA?
      Stop lies. You can fool some people sometimes(Dundumwezians) but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

    • Spaka. I bought shares in various companies and each I get dividends which make life livable. I trade some of my shares whenever I want to embark on a project. Right now I have brought in a 25 seat Hino bus using money I traded for my shares. I’m waiting for Zafficco to list and buy. Sometimes I wonder why people complain about suffering when they had a chance to line their nests.

    • Ba Bob Elisha, I can see you are too dull to read between the lines. Did you see how Dora kept on parroting the same lines? It is her who is a liar and you know that big time. If a company is listed…anyone with capital can buy so many shares and take grand control….like ZNBC, who holds more shares..60:40? Be prudent Sir!

    • UPND is an ARSONIST Party which cannot concede defeat. They do not understand multipartism. They also don’t understand that ONLY one president can lead a nation at any time. Zambia was very peaceful UNTIL it came.

    • It is okay to sell ZAFICO. HH sold ZCBC, Mwaiseni, NIEC, UBZ, Lenco (maybe), Supaloaf, ZCCM, and many more so why are you crying if governments sells ZAFICO? Maybe the government should contract him to sell ZAFICO HAGAIN and the thief will be very happy!

    • They think double h will put food on their tables let alone in their mouths. We have the Security and Exchange Commisions to help weaklings like spaka grow. Whitewashed characters like spaka dont have a clue about Luse. They would rather quote New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq or Wallstreet. What greek are you teaching this feak spaka.

  4. Well said @Bob Elisha they are trying to cover for their ka god who has proved to be a liar. The only news here is that they worship a lying tribal god

    • ZNBC we are told is 100 % Zambian but we are also told GRZ created a controlling company that is 60% Chinese and 40 % GRZ ??????

    • simple example for u is…shoprite is 100% owned by shopprite company, but shoprt may enter into an agreement with zambeef for zambeef to run a butchery within shoprt. and create a “share agreement” within.

    • hehe, gm you are right but unfortunately your thinking is that of a kid who thinks babies come from heaven, if you think like an adult then you will realize that the whole issue of Zafico is deep, deeper than everyone here. If i may ask, has the government found out or arrested the people who were smuggling the famous MUKULA TREE?

    • Stop telling lies, PFs 100 % Zambian ZNBC means the Chinese have 60% conttol over decision and profits while Zambians have only 40%.

      The Chinese control the revenue from masts, carriage fees, advertising, sale of set top boxes , tell us what GRZ controlled in ZNBC ??

    • I DON’T remember seeing ZNBC share portfolio being changed by government in parliament. Remember ZNBC was established by an act of parliament. Spaka is laying because this ZNBC issue has not been tabled in parliament to change the share positions. ZNBC is wholly owned, 100%, owned by the People of the great REPUBLIC OF ZAMBIA. These whitewashed goons are so clueless about every subject. Tell us which parley sitting changed that.

  5. Let HH humble himself and step down! Stumbeko Musokotwane is a marketable presidential candidate!
    If UPND continues to worship HH after 5 “losses” then they can continue dreaming on. I see ADEDO doing better than UPND in 2021!

    • I don’t understand how a Leader of the Opposition in Parliament can be asking these questions instead of bringing these issues in Parliament so that we can have a Ministerial Statement. Why is Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane behaving like a just a Party cadre? This is disappointing coming from Dr. Musokotwane:

      “We are now entering 2019 and the above pieces of legislation have not yet been presented to Parliament. What other reasons would one think of apart from the PF’s fear that this will expose them in their corruption? Are the delays meant to give space to the Executive to secretly and unilaterally negotiate and finalize unplanned and unbudgeted debt deals with China, Turkey and others without parliamentary oversight? Is this not immoral, illegal and unfair to the Zambian people? Can’t…

  6. Who can vote for a sadist and privatisation crook who has hidden the privatisation loot in the paradise papers. HH can only be voted by only his sycophants and zealots and enemies of progress like Wanzelu and Spaka kikiki anyway it’s their democratic right kikiki

    • ONLY A TONGA CAN LEAD UPND because UPND IS A TONGA PARTY! We get it! I thought a VICE PRESIDENT MUST BE THE NEXT PERSON to take over the Party! Hahahaha.

  7. Interesting. I am afraid in PF today, there are no think tank. They cannot understand what is said here. What is left in PF today are bootlickers interested after their stomach.

    • I am afraid we seem to have worst bootlickers in UPND than we have in PF. Look at the way they defend their leader and insults they throw at those who don’t agree with them. Nothing to do with policies but one particular individual!

    • Think Tanks have failed to form Government for how many years?

      None think tanks have managed to form government why? This is what you must ask yourself one Monze.

  8. When GBM was at Defence ministry he formed 21 different companies supplying the ministry

    Colonel zulu and sakala were retired in national interest for resisting pay CORRUPT GBM

    GBM would say.

    Quote ” Pay fast tendalama shanoko chi***la. Na posele ndalama shandi mu pf.

    If by chance the duo won they their preoccupation will be recovering the money they invested in upendi. These are business men and you see corruption beyond imagination

    Am a non partisan political consultant

    • That was because sata, GBMs boss at the time was a corrupt illiterate tribalist and allowed and encouraged that to happen..
      ….. not in UPND.

      That same corruption you mention practiced by GBM is still rife and healthy in this PF GRZ ….

    • You think Upnd see anything wrong with having GBM in top leadership. Theft and forgery are only theft and forgery if you belong to PF. As soon as you ditch PF all those records are cremated. Remember when HH called KK a PF cadre, all Upnd members supported HH. Next time HH is kneeling before KK, the whole Upnd goes agog.

  9. UPND is indeed dead and buried. How can you question the need to ha a dual- carriageway Ndola-Lusaka? Is this the reason why Zambia lagged behind i infrastructure development when you were Finance minister in MMD? If you don’t and can’t see the economic value of this project, sorry majority of us do!
    Jyst step down imwe ba UPND, you are all liars and expired.

    • upnd are trying to dupe the population that PF have put is in unnecessary debt. But voters see hospitals, bridges, schools, roads and understand-When they go to vote they vote for PF for the development and not the tribalists preaching hateful rhetoric!!!

    • They see hospitals, roads , bridges and schools but they have no jobs and are hungry , will they eat those buildings that is what UPND are showing ???

    • A loss in North-West Province in 2021 will completely burry UPND and it will DEFINITELY go into retirement.

    • HH said when he comes to power he will stop road constructions! What a fu the boy is? He doesn’t know that roads are among the first things that bring development. No wonder he is a boy!

  10. Why has upendi media zwd pulled down their own article on corrupt Gbm.

    GBM is running mate. He cannot be fired. If hh dies in power automatically gbm becomes president of ZAMBIA

    Zambians open your eyes. GBM at state house

    He assaults workers
    He assaults wife
    He can even insult ka tayali on open air for Zambia to know who gbm is
    He is corrupt

    Today he has shifted his business because he source of money was corrupt . He is a govt biggest single consumer

    Am a non partisan political consultant

    • The question is about GBM and not Kaiser Zulu. Knowing your mentality, if this same KZ was to be fired, you will welcome him with open arms. No ethics.

    • UPND cannot allow GBM to take over that is why they kicked Dr. Banda out too! UPND is for TONGAs! GBM is a lipstick on the pig. He was put as Vice President to win the North BUT the North does not think like the South (They think on issues first and NOT Tribe first!) That is why UPND cannot even mention their VICE PRESIDENT as a candidate for HAZALUZA HAGAIN’s position but Musokotwane, etc! They even prevented SAKWIBA SIKOTA, their cousin, from becoming a President telling him “SAKWIBA YOU ARE NOT TONGA, YOU CAN’T BE PRESIDENT OF UPND!” What they forgot was that in order to be PRESIDENT of ZAMBIA you need ALL Zambia to vote for you! This is the reason IT is UNELECTABLE.

    • Iwe Mwaliteta and Musokotwane, tell us about GBM vice president if he will take over after the little boy.

  11. A look at HH

    He was engaged as consultant
    to privatise

    He set the price and sold properties to himself

    And got paid for selling to himself

    He took the money to Panama where the big crooks on earth hide money

    He goes to dundumwezi to thank them for tribal voting

    He has never said anything condemn namwala ethnic violence

    He has never held convention in his party

    Here is someone who appoints willian banda tekere as political advse and quick to condem Kaiser zulu

    • Point, Political. These are corrupt elements who lie to Zambians everyday, condemning their political opponents so they can capture power.

    • @ Its Political.
      Have you ever heard of the term ‘Tunneling of assets’? It’s basically an illegal business practice in which a majority shareholder or high-level company/government insider directs company assets or future business to themselves for personal gain.This is what HH may be guilty of during the privatisation process. However the legal provisions curtailing tunnelling world over are not easy as the perpetrators are usually the persons of influence who make sure that they are well covered. Zambia has acknowledged loss of assets through tunneling by persons involved during the privatization process,thus enacting the Public Finance Act of 2004 which empowers the Secretary of the Treasury (ST) to receive information, set conditions for providing grants, oversee valuation of assets,…

    • thus enacting the Public Finance Act of 2004 which empowers the Secretary of the Treasury (ST) to receive information, set conditions for providing grants, oversee valuation of assets, ensure efficient management, protect the interest of the government during privatization, and oversee the winding up of statutory corporations. It requires statutory corporations to have audit committees.This Act may have come too late.

      Morally,HH does not qualify to say he can ‘fix’ the economy when he was involved in the ‘unfixing’ during privatization as a Consultant.The best for HH would have been to be like his former boss at Zambia Privatisation Agency Valentine Chitalu.who has chosen a low profile life while enjoying his ‘loot’ than insulting the intelligence of the Zambians in the know.Have your…

    • The best for HH would have been to be like his former boss at Zambia Privatisation Agency Valentine Chitalu.who has chosen a low profile life while enjoying his ‘loot’ than insulting the intelligence of the Zambians in the know.Have your ever wondered why the Paradise papers chose to expose HH leaving out his former boss at ZPA? Not that Chitalu does not have offshore accounts,they wanted to expose the hypocrisy of some politicians who are always on the podium claiming to be messiah to people when infact they are the opposite.Chitalu does not do that and to the world, he is an accomplished ‘businessman’ which HH was before joining politics.The Paradise papers have nothing against HH but hypocrisy of public servants both serving and aspiring.

    • Sharp shooter

      “…Have your ever wondered why the Paradise papers chose to expose HH leaving out his former boss at ZPA? Not that Chitalu does not have offshore accounts..”

      Is it illigal to have offshore accounts ???

    • @ Spaka
      Its not illegal to have an offshore account but is often associated with tax evasion and money from proceeds of crime/plundering which does not augur well with people serving or aspiring to be public servants.

    • Spaka you are an *****, ZCCM was Zambia’s backbone. HH and Chiluba robbed the country blind. A whole nation.

  12. Honestly the best article highlights important issues of concern. However, of even more disquieting is the fact that you guys have not been robustly proving the same checks and balances you are now talking about. 90% of your time has been channeled to battles that only manifest your deep thirsty for pools of power and not the desire to provide prudent checks against dishonest dealings in gvt.

  13. If you follow my coments am personally ati lungu and and anti chanda boys

    I am also anti messres hh/gbm

    PF can do well with Doc Chilufya Chitalu

    Upendi can do well with Cornelius Mweetwa as party president

    Am a non partisan political consultant

    • PF is fine with President Lungu! He is developing this country like “crazy!” We don’t change a winning Team! HH is afraid of President Lungu. He will lose HAGAIN in 2021 to President Lungu. A candidate for PF in 2026 will still beat the hell out of this Privatisation Thief HAGAIN should he not relinquish his post in 2021 when he must be sent into retirement. A TRIBALISM PARTY in Zambia cannot win an election. The contributions from UPND here, tells us what is in the heart of HH and UPND. Good job Larry Mweetwa, BoSpakata, Nose Demon, WHISTLE blower, NEDCOZ Inferiority Complex.

  14. … You have for a long time created an image that only speak against yourselves, but for the party in power. People want to see and document evidence of what you promise to correct and how. They also want to see the will power – demonstrate convincingly that you won’t fleace Zambia of her resources and wealth even worse when nattional coffers are entrusted in your care. You not care free. you are like those people Jesus told to stone a prostitute if only themselves had not committed a sin.

  15. The PF are not hiding the debt just like they are not hiding the massive infrastructure.
    STUMBEKO was finance under MMD.What did he do for Zambia?
    The chap has no balls.

    His analysis is skewed.Why does him and his Upendi tell us how much the infrastructure we are seeing is?

    • Are sure PF are not hiding debt, may you know the terms of these loans they have contracted, please share so that we know what`s going on with all these debts.

    • Zambia is doing well. Everyone visiting the county is excited about Zambia both Zambians and foreigners yet the TRIBAL GROUPING continue to paint Zambia as “disaster!” The tribal party is very UNPATRIOTIC and we don’t need it anywhere in State House. It can destroy Zambia with its tribalism. We see massive developments going on daily but all they do is take a NEGATIVE view daily on any positive development. UPND is a loser and HH and all the people in the above tribal organisation will NEVER win in Zambia! Mix your H-organization with people from all the Provinces to stand a chance!

  16. Why you don’t deserve Zambians’ vote: apart from fighting PF everyday, you have no clear agenda for this country. How have you used your numbers in parliament to influence national policy positively?? Mmusi Maimane was a strong Zuma critique who almost fooled South Africans that he can lead them but Ramaphosa is on the scene now and Maimane has suddenly disappeared. Your politics of deception will never get you in state house.

    • They are losers. HH has an agenda because he is supported by the people he sold Zambia to and he wants to sell HAGAIN but Zambians will NEVER H-allow him to! They put their money paka BLACK on a wrong little boy.

  17. Why you don’t deserve Zambians’ vote: apart from fighting PF everyday, you have no clear agenda for this country. How have you used your numbers in parliament to influence national policy positively?? Mmusi Maimane was a strong Zuma critique who almost f.0.0.l.ed South Africans that he can lead them but Ramaphosa is on the scene now and Maimane has suddenly disappeared. Your politics of deception will never get you in state house.

  18. This is the brain behind the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) under the MMD and he has clearly explained everything that is going wrong with the economy which he did right when he was Permanent secretary and Finance Minister.Musokotwane has brought foward facts.If HH has been doing this,he would have won the admiration of many.Maybe its time for a convention in UNPD afterall Musokotwane has presidential ambitions as he was among those aspiring to succeed RB as President in MMD.

  19. I have never seen a badly cultured country like Zambia. People plead to rescue you from the jaws of the PF and you still want to cling to PF and get bruised in the process and you dont care. You are not any different from a man who tries to rescue a snake from a trap and get bitten by the very snake he wants to rescue. You are not even better than some animals – oh sorry I mean some of you.
    Pathetic Zambians ( some of you) you will die with PF and drown big time.
    Soon I will be a Dutch citizen atleast better than being a Zambian. I will denounce my Zambian citizenship because its lousy.I need some fresh air.
    We are a disaster!!!

    • We have already been rescued from the jaws of a tribalistic thief and we can rescue ourselves, we cannot be rescued by the little privatization thief. The culture of the thief and his “entourage” is the worst culture we have ever seen in peaceful Zambia.

  20. @rudemonkss people like you who failed to make it here think they know everything what guarantee do we have that these HH worshippers wont be worse than PF??. Already their voting patterns tell alot about what type of people they are

    • Any party can be better than PF badala….$17 billion in debt then a year later you go back up the IMF begging for a bailout ???

  21. Is this the Musokotwane convicted of having given himself and his family the Pepsi block making deal while Minister in the defunct MMD government? The same individual who continued to draw taxpayers money while out of government?

  22. Hope: Sir you said on sun fm in Ndola that Zaffico has been sold, do you have evidence?

    HH: I did not incite anyone to riot.

    Hope: Sir am not trying to cut you short but lets stick to the topic of ZAFFICO.

    HH: I did not incite anyone to riot and every Zambian is aware about NRDC, ZNBC.

    Master answer this simple question because it appears you have all the correspondence regarding the sale of ZAFFICO.

    Am happy the police responded fast and the rioters will be attended to as expected we need order.

  23. Please Zambian ask Doctor Musokotwane how much money was spend to do works on the Kasaba Bay airport when he was a finance minister. Was the project completed on time. Zambians do not forget what every jim and jack did during his or her tenure of office.
    And ask him what projects has Doctor Musokotwane initiated in his constituency form the time he was voted as their area MP. And please ask him if at all he has used his own money to assist the people in his constituency. These UPND guys just busy amassing wealth by sitting in parliament at the expense of the people who voted for them. There are very few UPND MPs who uses their own money to help the people in their areas to live a better life.

    • Why should MPs use their own money for development ? What of GRZ generated money ?

      This is what brings about Congolese style corruption…..MPs expecting to make personal wealth then put it back into the community….

    • UPND losers go NEGATIVE even on straightforward issues. Reason? They think TRIBE first, then issue second. PATHETIC. Look at this guy!

  24. They are the same people. …only difference is they are not in power. Without necessarily supporting the PF it’s important to note some of these historical points. . 1964 Zambia population was about 2.4million and had a comfortable balance at BoZ. This enabled people to access services almost for free. Down the line the population grew and resources dwindled. The MMD inherited a tattered economy but made even worse by listening to some clever fella who advised them to sell all government owned companies. After some years our mainstay, copper picked up abnormally and the chance was seized by people like Musokotwane. Immediately Edgar became president most of the mines started talking about getting rid of their workforce due to poor copper prices. Funny thing is these companies were ready…

    • Continues. ..to maintain a white foreman whose salary is in excess of 50,000 Kwacha but got rid of a Zambian foreman whose salary was K8,000. By the way in spite of the good copper prices Zambia witnessed the highest and deepest road potholes.

  25. Just look at the panel above;all from 3.5 provinces,are these the people we can vote for especially in 6.5 provinces?NEVER!!!

    • Ba njimbu 6.5 , you won’t understand anything, this is above your level, go and come back later when there is a topic about dunnuna …..

    • @Njimbu is talking at the TRIBAL GROUPING and the guy, BoSpakata, because he thought “tribe first” and not “issue first” he starts throwing tantrums just like his god, HAKAINDE does and all his tribal memebrs. That is how everyone in the H-organisation react.

  26. Its a good article but the article However the article has failed to SEE the Inadequate REVENUES
    being collected to fund operations of Gov and capital moreso It has made more emphasis on the expenditure (debt mobilized)s or Budget Outlays both on actual and in commentary projections as we can relate to Presented ministerial Budget and MTSF projections and in the Fiscal plans made available i the public domain However painfully true ,It has also failed to see the efforts in the Ministerial Budget presented for 2019 in measures to mobilise revenues and reduce expenditures or outlays , and more so importantly in the Medium Term Strategic Framework (MTSF) and economic outlooks global for…

  27. Instance

    Its a good attempt but the article However the article has failed to SEE the Inadequate REVENUES being collected to fund operations of Gov and capital moreso It has made more emphasis on the expenditure (debt mobilized)s or Budget Outlays both on actual and in commentary projections as we can relate to Presented ministerial Budget and MTSF projections and in the Fiscal plans made available i the public domain However painfully true ,It has also failed to see the efforts in the Ministerial Budget presented for 2019 in measures to mobilise revenues and reduce expenditures or outlays , and more so importantly in the Medium Term Strategic Framework (MTSF) and economic outlooks…

  28. The article has failed to address the real issue in the elasticities of debt to GDP that is REVENUE mobilization ,How 1% decrease in debt will result in increased revenues and savings!!! Those revenues and savings much needed to unwind the GRZ funding methods He has not given us a view of his desired Changes in Baseline Projections in Revenues, Outlays, and Deficits for the periods under his his review 2018 to 2030 actual that will result in superlative reduction of the Debt to GDP given current economics He has give the deficit Reported in the Budgets and has not given a firm economic Outlook 2018 to 2030 in changes in revenues and expenditures for people to really…

  29. understand and see the trajectory and how the percentages will effect but when you recast the ministers you can see how the deficit will reduce 2019 to 2030 Its important that he sees that and that there are increased measures to effect desirable changes in revenues and reduction in mandatory expenditures , interest and others to achieve an internationally acceptable projected increase in deficit of ……for the periods 2019 to 2030 The Finance Minister has committed to issuing monthly budget reviews and the reduction and improvements in revenues will surely be seen and reported on as seen in the outlooks she can only be encouraged to continue and moderate

    There are…

  30. UPND you are the only hope for Zambia but for now there is nothing that can be done until 2021 llets just keep on offering checks and balances

  31. There are navigating towards reduction of debt portfolios infant their Fiscal plans and budget cycles unwinding those debt funding methods You can see it in ministerial intent and their budgets ,they are inclined towards the reduction of the deficit much more manageable and smaller in numbers than under the previous ESGP plans now revised as can be seen in the current budget and baseline scenarios for periods 2019–2030 They may miss or achieve consensus within percentage points but the resolve is seen in the budgets

  32. Dismantling debts, without addressing causes of debt is wrong. Debts in part arose from robust infrastructure development policies. Robust infrastructure development policies aimed at reversing social and economic stagnation in our country. Access to electricity, access to healthcare, access to university, access to remote fertile land. Capital expenditure rose sharply in order to reverse the stagnation that dated back to the colonial period. Do not forget the climate change fiasco: low rainfall and low hydro power generation; low agro output and high agro imports. Recalling former Finance Minister to fix the problem is out of the question, regardless of party ticket. Under MMD, achievements were dramatic and failures were also dramatic.

    • During the colonial period, the only major project that was done in Northern Rhodesia was the Kariba Dam (Read history). “Southern Rhodesia settlers did not hide the fact that Zambia was there to be exploited for resources.” So, besides the rail line which was there obviously to transport copper out, infrastructure development was done only in Southern Rhodesia, and also money went to the BCAC and to UK. NEARLY all our cities were very badly planned because the settlers did not think of Zambia as a place to develop. So when you see what is going on now in terms of development, we are even late! We should have done this a long time ago! Thank God for a visionary leader in President Lungu! Wina will fish a dry one in 2021 HAGAIN.

  33. Its politics okay but the Good Dr must come it clean and give out a complete analysis It must be Bipartisan not for simply a Vote

    Fore-instance he should explain why” ZRA ” REVENUES despite massive accelerated Investments in Zambia and Icluding other “ZRA”global regional economies average 16 to 17% of GDP and countries have had to have a portfolio mix of funding methods re balancing towards an ideal 60% of GDP
    We support and encourage prudent and management control of expenditure and sustained investments in core infrastructure as a result towards that 60% but having carefully analysed the Fiscal Plans they are also carefully working to protect and increase the…

  34. revenues and increase the national revenue base We can only support them but listing Zaffico on the Luse NO it will be bought off for eventual ownership control by chinese that should be stopped unless you define listing rules but that is not workable we have intermarriages now

  35. Really the vote is 3years away…. This is premature ejaculation. Sorry to say. You guys feel that you have done enough. Spread enough falsehoods and this is a perfect time to climax. Smh

  36. Let us hear comments on other leaders. EC Lungu though president does not address Zambians by a press conference. All PF cadres comment on HH, let Zambians hear of E C Lungu’s solutions of Zambian youths unemployment dilemma, economy, corruption and his political vision.

    • The moron does have any solutions for anything kulayinyelawila fye nga chanwa and PF cadres are the most !doits coz they don’t even question why the moron doesn’t give press conferences to address all the wrong in the country, Like I said they are just !doits.

  37. Interesting indeed. Dr Situmbeko has literally put convincing statistics to paper for all to know that PF has failed. Yes he knows the jargon path because he was in the house before. When Dr SM was Fin Minister we saw turning of tarmac roads into grave roads and coughing was a national anthem as dust engulfed the whole country especially in towns. Yes during RB life was bearable because there was no serious investment as consumption was the order of the day. We hear some evil servants saying that they enjoyed during Alabi’ s time because cssh was mbewe. Dr. We have eyes and we move by sight not by feelings. Alternative may be needed but not HH!

  38. We now understand that modern politics is to use the language people understand. In other words, say things people want to hear. Iam happy that Dr SM has not condemed the projects but the way they are being handled. When PF rebased the kwacha, he said as MMD they had plans to do the same. Purely there is nothing new he has said that UPND will do different. For instance, abandoning road projects; abandoning hospitals, clinics, schools, etc projects and do something different. He appreciates the projects but find weakness in pricing. How different will HH be when we have the history of how took advantage of the privatisation processes. Doc giving HH a vote is like a Croc running away from rains into the river.it’s the same waterms or wala!!! Go and rearrange your house and l mean…


    • But Upnd members on this forum insult Lungu, PF and the bloggers who side with PF. I don’t know how define insults. Is it only when it’s leveled against you and your camp. The day you people will denounce rejected politicians like GBM and Kambwili will be the day I will spend time to decide whether Upnd deserve my vote.

  40. Na ba Musokotwane sure!! You can pay cash & have it. Or pay by lay-by in installments & have it 30 years later. Everyone is happy we have the massive infrastructure now than promises like UNIP & MMD gave of development through installments. Debt settlement is being managed well too. It’s stupid to allege that debt was contracted for nothing & without a capacity to pay. In fact, the massive infrastructure will continue to make it easier to repay the debt. It’s why day in day out its being repaid & the kwacha is holding despite the doom wishes.

    UPND is headed for extinction coz they don’t get it. Poor dating skills of all its members like Kainde.

  41. The advice is to stay clear in offering policy advice and focus on policy changes that will steer the real economy in a clear and certain direction bearing in mind the structural ad cyclical nature to effect all sectors of the economy
    We welcome the ministers advice for more acts to be brought to parliament by the Minister of Finance
    It should be observed and agreed that the debt to GDP ratio tells us nothing the probability of default, as that is a political decision it gives us little guidance on the future prospects of the economy
    It’s a well-known fact that the debt to GDP ratio does not give us the real options in the economy and that the debt-to-GDP ratio tells us very little about growth…

  42. rates. Infact low nominal growth rates lead to elevated debt-to-GDP ratios So this emphasis on debt to GDP is only a pointer but not the limitation to take advantage of the real options presented in the Zambian economy

    The other comments have been thought well but we know the good Dr should stay clear above politics He is otherwise very articulately sound

  43. If you really want to know that Zambians are stupid people and that they don’t care what happens to their country,hey come LT.The Zambian economy is crippled and in shambles yet you still find people siding with the wrong doers.What a messed up country and its people in the name of “nibayama”even if the situation is rotten to the core!The blind leading the blind to nowhere but self distraction in the name of development and their pockets. What a sad story.Very soon it will be Zimbabwe story.Wake up Zambia

  44. HH is losing ground and elections everyday. In UPND strong holds. Problem with UPND is that they are not principled or democratic. They would be better off, far better off having a new leader at the top. An elected official for that matter. No HH whole is not marketable and cannot be trusted by the masses.

  45. Looking at the calibre of low life UPND MPs that have a record of doing absolutely nothing in their constituencies except driving around in poshy luxury SUVs which they obtained on govt payroll and stealing other peoples wives you wonder where are we headed in this country if an opposition can behave in such a selfish manner. If only I was President of this country believe me in 1 year Zambia would be a much better place for all.

  46. “Countrymen and women, we believe that with the right leadership and political will, Zambia can do many things differently to remedy the situation.Here are two things, for example, that together we can do” – Musokotwane.
    Yes indeed hon Musokotwane, that is true. So what is trib.al Hacks still doing at upnd when you Dr Musokotwane should be the upnd leader?

      Musokotwane is not new to politics. He is staunch MMD. The question is what did he do when he was Minister. I am usually at pains when a former minister begins to see solutions on the sidelines. MMD was rich on paper, infration rate and what have you but extremely disappointing on infrastructure. I wonder what make these folks blind on the inside. When we change govenment after 2026, Musokotwane will be very old then. Does he deserve a second chance? Hell no! Why? Because he is like user tissue.

  47. In summary
    It’s not only us who doesn’t want double h to rule over us, it is also the broken spirits of the miners who went angry and hungry for years and died went cursing double h to their graves. Their spirits are still complaining to double h, he stashed their money in foreign accounts. Oh double, how callous can you be. How heartless. How could try to openly mock us with greedy impunity and push so hard to rule over us. Even when you died your sins should follow your family tree. No presidency for you and your lineage. God doesn’t want you to be president, I guess.

Comments are closed.

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