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Video of mother being abused by Keep Zambia clean “ambassador” saddens ActionAid

General News Video of mother being abused by Keep Zambia clean "ambassador" saddens ActionAid

ActionAid Zambia Director Nalucha Ziba
ActionAid Zambia Director Nalucha Ziba

ActionAid Zambia says it is deeply saddened by the abuse of women currently going on in the country.

On Wednesday, a video of a woman with a baby on her back and carrying a case of water on her head for sale being ordered to pick an empty plastic of water by one Chitambala Mwewa who calls himself a Keep Zambia Clean Campaign Ambassador was all over social media.

In his capacity as an ‘Ambassador’ Mwewa is seen in the video stopping the woman and ordering her to put down the case of water and to pick an empty plastic of water on the ground on camera which she did not litter or throw on the ground.

Action Aid Zambia Country Director Nalucha Ziba says while her Organisation appreciates the need to keep Zambia clean, it strongly condemns the behavior of one Chitambala Mwewa describing it as uncalled for and deeply disturbing to women and men in Zambia who care and have respect for women.

“The poor woman is simply trying to survive the hard-economic times and on top of that she is being victimized by some male chauvinist in the name of ‘keeping Zambia clean”, Mrs. Ziba lamented.

She has since demanded that Mr. Mwewa apologises to the woman in question and all the Zambian women and men for his inhuman behavior.

“This is highly unacceptable behavior and should not be condoned in our society. This behavior by Mwewa must be stopped immediately. To us, the behavior exhibited by Mwewa is a clear depiction of violence against women emanating from power relations. In this case, Mwewa who has the power is using it to exploit the less powerful and vulnerable woman”, She added.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Ziba has condemned another case of cyber bullying of a female radio presenter Hope Chishala who works for Hot FM who is being cyber bullied over the interview that she held with an opposition leader.

She said regardless of what could have transpired in the interview where Hope asked the opposition leader to substantiate his claims that ZAFFICO has been sold and how people view Hope politically, it is unacceptable that her name should be scandalized on social media in the manner that it has been.

“Hope is a human being who has the right to her own opinion, as such it is disturbing to see how she is being abused for holding a different opinion from those that hold a different view of the topic that was under discussion. As a people, we should learn to respect each other’s opinion no matter how much it hurts”, she said.

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  1. Hope is not being maliciously scandalised by UPND supporters for holding different political views; but clearly for exposing HH as a bitter, selfish, hypocritical, manipulative and immoral leader who is itching to cause unrest in Zambia for his political gain. What is comforting is that such people never make it unless they change their mentality! HH mukwasu please change before your bitterness consumes you!

    • Umwina Nkana you are pretty dull and PF have managed to hoodwink people like you while they continue looting the family silver. YOu are the type of people PF likes.

    • I respect human rights but why don’t we respect human rights the same way for everyone? Am not a politician but why didn’t all these people and institutions react the same when HH and Mwaliteta etc..were put in Jail for nothing?

    • He should be made to clean the air too. His cars and farts are also contributing to global warming. And his accent is polluting ours!

    • Is Miles Sampa recycling plastic bottles and plastic or is just busy eating lunch for K750 for free?
      $75 just lunch???????

  2. I have seen this Chitabala guy on FB, I think he is having a mid life crisis, He is a big f,ool, he needs to slow down.

  3. I generally find Chitambala Mwewa’s video’s entertaining, but that video of him ordering a woman to pick up plastic bottles was not done in a good way. The woman isn’t the one who threw those bottles so shouldn’t be the one to pick them up and as Muliokela rightly pointed out; there are no bins for rubbish to be dumped in, by one Miles Sampa so where do you expect the rubbish to be His video was very elitist, but he should continue with his entertaining videos.

  4. The fundamental flaw in Chitambala’s action was to place the responsibility to dispose of the litter on the seller and not the consumer. Chitambala should have been accosted those who threw empty sachets on the ground.

    For instance, you can’t hold autoworld or any other auto parts out for plastic containers of oil littered around makeshift garages in townships. It’s illogical. The poor woman was neither the manufacturer nor the consumer of the water in sachets.

  5. I suggest the president takes action by renaming that lane after the victimised woman. that would cool down the ever rising tempers. please its just a suggestion.

  6. The solders did worse things than what we saw in the video but no one complained. I think the NGOs exaggerated the whole thing. They were too personal and the emotions were something else. A lot of bad things are happening to women and girls in Zambia they dont come out like that. That young woman who was killed at UNZA where were they? NGOs please be real. Am not supporting what Chiti did but the whole thing is just blown out way too much.

    • @Katinka, this is what happens when you have NGO’s with less or nothing to do. So to survive this what we get.

      Ifiko tafya wama and what respect is she talking about?

      Am not condemning Chitambala for the job well done myself.

    • Respect How? who? Why? It’s them to set the ball rolling. Themselves are busy stripping naked in public then ati respect? How? Why? Who?

  7. ok i think this story has been exergerated. telling someone to pick liter isnt any form of abuse. We had the military do that so as to keep Lusaka clean. I didnt see Abuse i just saw him asking someone who sells the product to help in the keep clean campaign.
    moreover when cholera comes back that same lady who has a baby will be hit first cause of what shes selling.
    i think there are more pressing matters to be of concern than assuming that he meant to abuse a lady.
    abuse didnt play at this point it was just a way of keeping the place clean.

  8. I’m just surprised by those supporting this action. In case you do not understand the argument Ziba is putting across, the woman was carrying a baby and he had a lot of option at his disposal. Just because she was selling the similar water sachets does not mean she is the source. He could have order even a kabova to pick up. For example if he finds shoprite, pick&pay, choppies, hungry lions plastic bags, does he order the workers in those shops to pick up litters? If I was around, I could have given him a good slap mambala uyu.

  9. Problem the Council Police are not consistent with patrolling, to enforce the law of no vendors. Also the market should be quickly finished so that they have no excuse for selling in town streets and bus stations.Concerning inhuman treatment, what do expect when you are caught. You are at the mercy of the captors. My advice is to tell them to sell within the compounds where they stay. It’s better to sell a little and have dignity than selling alot but with shame and humiliation.

    We need to start from somewhere, & sensitize everyone from President to the labourer that littering & dirt KILLS ALL, rich, poor, mother, child e.t.c.
    Therefore on this one I’m 100% with Mr Chitambala Mwewa, who I see as a forward thinker, & rare breed in today’s Zambia rather than seekers of popularity, irrespective of the side effects & dangers of misplaced popularity.
    After all Chitambala is tired of sweeping up refuse, only for…

    • filth minded citizens to drop litter in the same spot.
      Mr Mwewa has NOT been violent, & only asking for the litter to be disposed of properly.
      Surely that would quickly change the dirty mindset. After all Sata did when Governor of Lusaka fine people for spitting, & littering.

  11. Zambolina that’s very true people must be fined for littering for USD 30 if they fail then sentenced to some weeks in jail with hard labour of cleaning the street I think friend we can form a clean govt you and I,make sure everyone is employed as a vigilant to one another ,the salary should come from the offend half of the fine becomes your salary man I think that will help alot

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