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Fired Police Traffic Officer in a viral video arrested


The traffic Police Officer in a video which has gone viral on social media in which he is seen harassing a motorist of Indian origin to point of threatening to beat him up has been arrested and charged with the offence of Common Assault contrary section 247 of the Laws of Zambia.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo has identified the Police officer as Constable Brian Nkhoma of Lusaka Division headquarters.

Ms Katongo says brief facts are that, when the victim, Devidas Rupnar aged 40, reached the junction of Lusaka’s Kalambo road and Freedom way at about 14:00 hours on Monday, 12th November, 2018, Constable Nkhoma ordered him to accompany him to the Police, but that the victim requested that the officer records his particulars so that he could report to the Police station later as he was rushing to the office.

She says this infuriated the officer who subsequently harassed the victim.

Ms Katongo says Constable Nkhoma has since been detained in police custody while the Police Command is also taking further administrative action against him.

She says Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has since recommended that Constable Nkhoma be dismissed from the Zambia Police Service


    • Such barbaric behaviour will not be condoned in this country. I have bought a spy cam to get cops likes this one napping. Especially the ones with hand-held speed cameras. They tend to have a very nasty language with no courtesy at all.
      Well done on this one! Angeneko at least olo ka 1 year.

    • Our police officers don’t know that it is an electronic age! Please wherever you are today, someone is watching you! Time has changed! I wish this was the time of Hakainde’s inside trading deals, he could be now in CHIMBOKAILA and not PANAMA! Very unprofessional this chap.

    • Racists, just because he is Indian? Be fair.
      Am not supporting PF cadre Nkhoma, but I find it hard to believe that he sent to Chimbokaila prison for threatening Mwenye. If he said in Bemba as ndekuponona, that’s not a threat.
      Infact Indian did it on purpose of embarrassing Kapyongo.

    • Once the sack of beans is full of Weevil…the beans is not good for eating only good as pig feed. ZP Traffic Dept is rotten to the core from the CO down to constables like silly Brian here…close it down and retire all these cops in national interest, ask for new trainers from co-operating partners not those horny corrupt trainers in Lilayi.

    • Ba LT when I watch this video I can see the policeman hitting the Indian guy. Why are you then saying ” to point of threatening to beat him up”

    • There ought to be cleansing of government systems in general and all other agencies that help government operate. A good start. Zambia and Zambians deserve better than a cow like this!

    • Some of us condemned the activities of these traffic officers years ago. Despite what they do despite being caught on camera, despite ministerial statements and even commands from their IGs tommorow they will be mounting their random roadblocks without permission from their respective provincial command as is the requirement. Enough is enough these are the chaps decampaigning PF. A road block is not something you wake and go and mount, what if those road blocks are mounted by armed robbers? When PF took over they initially banned these traffic roadblocks but now it’s back to business as usual, what a shame.

  1. There is already a recommendation for an officer to be summary dismissed even from the IG, quite unfortunate because he is still innocent until proven guilty. Where was this same vigour when recently the other traffic officers were captured on video camera with proceeds of corruption by Lusambo.

  2. The man is a disgrace to the uniform and badge. Is he really a trained officer? he should be dismissed with immediate haste.

  3. I hope docile Zambians are learning from this, your phone is a powerful dont take photos after the police are gone this is why election malpractice cases are thrown out no tangible evidence!!

    • When you start to collect proper evidence like the Indian guy then you will see results …just look at the position the Indian guy’s hands are…defenseless , a black man would have been waving his hands and waited till the police hand gone then start showing a car without licence and road tax ….then it would been his word against the officers!!

  4. Just because the victim is a mwenye you take action!!!!!!!!!!!! If it was a black person this was going to be a normal thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Kapokola cannot be annoyed like that without provocation!!!!!!!!!!!.

  5. That is what stupid police officers deserve. That ***** deserves to be dismissed.
    We have experienced a lot of such stupidity without action. As a native Zambian who prides in professionalism, i would like to congratulate the IG for removing such a big fool from a professional service. Kudos bwana IG.
    We will also take more photos of these *****s and post until the service is free of such *****s.

  6. It is very easy to condemn these people but do we really know what prompts them to be unprofessional? I know many if his colleagues would defend his actions. The motorist is equally wrong for disobeying the police officer but instead wanting to take a video of the whole situation. Police officers also need protection. But in this case it is very important to find the root cause of such cases so we could get rid of them permanently. A pity that the officer has already been found guilty without being subjected to a hearing or chance to defend (exculpate) himself.

    • Observer! Some things you just have to let them be. No matter the cause, was it not clear to you in the Video that the man was assaulted? Assault is not a hard slap til you bleed, someone touching you without your consent at the slightest is termed as battery which is assault. Watch the video again then come back and say ‘guilty without a hearing’. There is hard evidence. The duty of the police is to serve and protect the people, not to abuse them. If you cant trust and run to the police, who can you go to?

    • I do understand what assault is, but we are not in the jungle or banana republic. What is wrong with following procedures for the sake of justice and fairness?

  7. We have not been told the offence the driver committed that warranted the police officer to order the driver to go with him to the police station. It is unthinkable for some one to order the driver to go to the police station for no apparent reason. When corruption is deeply rooted in an individual’s head such actions are possible at any time! That police constable Nkhoma did not exhibit professionalism in the way he handled the driver. Uyu mambala Nkhoma umwina Chipata should learn the ethics of a credible police officer. Lyonse kufimwena muli bu BWANA.

  8. Too bad for this unprofessional traffic officer.
    I think this has sent a signal to most of the Police Officers who refuse to record the details and opt to get quick cash.
    Its true that the police officer don t know that this is the modern world.

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