The Nchelenge Magistrate court has sentenced a 22 year old man of Malulu village, Chief Kambwali’s area in Nchelenge district to five years imprisonment with hard labour for having sex with a pregnant goat.

Magistrate Emmanuel Mukoma sentenced Reuben Mwaba to prison after he found him guilty of one count of bestiality.

Facts of the matter are that on November 2, 2018, the complainant Ronald Mwenya of Mutono village was at his home around 09:00 hours when he heard his goat bleating.

Mwenya in the company of his friend Moses Mwape, went to check on the goat and found Mwaba in a kneeling position, naked having sex with the goat.

Mwaba was then pulled away from the goat and taken to Nchelenge police station together with the goat where he was formally arrested and charged with bestiality.

When asked if the facts were correct, Mwaba responded affirmatively adding that he did not wish to amend the facts.

Delivering judgement, Magistrate Mukoma convicted Mwaba upon his own plea of guilty.

In mitigation, Mwaba pleaded with the court to exercise lenience as he was a first offender and taking care of his young sister.

Magistrate Mukoma said he had taken into consideration that Mwaba was a first offender who admitted the charge without wasting the court’s time but rather said offences of such nature are becoming rampant and offenders cannot go without being punished.

He therefore jailed Mwaba to five years imprisonment with hard labour effective on the date of arrest and informed him of his right to appeal to the high court within fourteen days if not satisfied.

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  1. “…. when he heard his goat bleating….Mwaba was then pulled away from the goat”

    Pwa ha ha ha ha ha.. poor goat.


  2. “…. when he heard his goat bleating…..Mwaba was then pulled away from the goat.

    Pwa ha ha ha ha ha. Poor goat


    • We told you to vote wisely, you see now your brother can’t even manage to raise money for lobola, mbuzi zavutika Ku luapula manje.


  3. This is too harsh of sentence for hammering a goat. Others have gotten away from panelling the chickens everyday!



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