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Copperbelt PF Youths March Against Alleged ‘Xenophobia’


PF Youth in a march Protest
PF Youth in a march Protest

Hundreds of Patriotic Front youths on the Copperbelt have responded to the call by the party provincial leadership to stage a solidarity march with some foreign nationals being persecuted.

Copperbelt PF Youth chairperson Nathan Chanda who is also Luanshya Mayor rallied the call in the party circles for a march in Ndola.

Chanda noted that xenophobic attacks were on the rise in the country and needed to be curbed.

Although there has been no mention of nationality the protest is apparently in solidarity with Chinese nationals who have come under attack from some sections of Zambian political leaders.

The youths marched in solidarity to denounce the incitement of xenophobia against foreign investors in the country.

The youths clad in PF regalia carrying various banners calling for peace and unity denounced Hakainde Hichilema for igniting riots in the province by spreading falsehoods about government institutions and hate speech against foreign investors especially the Chinese.

The youths led by PF Copperbelt Youth Chair Nathan Chanda littered the city, chanting slogans of unity and denounced the incitation of xenophobia.

The youths said they will not allow to be used as tools of violence but will instead engage in politics of discourse that will allow the plight of the young to be heard.

They chanted that they were not weapons to be used for destruction by failed leaders and will not stand and hear falsehoods to be spread about their country.

The peaceful mob honked and sang as they marched the streets permitted to them by the police to express their displeasure at the incitement of xenophobia.

PF Youth in a march Protest
PF Youth in a march Protest


  1. Whilst they were at it, protesting on behalf of the Chinese , we have seen video on prime TV of drill holes and beacons in Chinese in forest. Some tell are Chinese meteorites falling in Zambia?

    • Even when British colonialists had “native” policemen & spies to protect them from oppressed masses.

      Lets fight this Chinese State Capture. Alot of companies were sold a long time ago by Lungu.
      They’ve become clever how they sell companies. Keep your eyes open even sleep with one eye open. The warnings we’ve been telling you since 2011 are coming to pass. Umu Chinese temunobe.

    • Protests funded by the Chinese how else do you explain unemployed youths marching in solidarity with the very people getting some of their jobs???

    • The owner of that mine is a full blown upnd cadre in chongwe. Chongwe is upendi territory

      It is an illegality and not govt mine

      No mining licence

      No Environmental impact assessment

      No certificate of incorporation

      No napsa

      No ZRA

      No PPE

      I own a company and running a company in Zambia lots of paper work

      The owner of that mine is a upnd cadre at the council working with Chinese

    • typical of a staving population, youths are ready to demonstrate even for things they have no or little understanding. Typical of the cadres from some quarters. Chances are high that they can even demonstrate and only to ask why they where doing what they were doing post sobering up from kibuku.

  2. Cadres will sell their country for a pint of chibuku.
    Patriotic citizens would march against the rampant corruption of the PF
    These are hired thugs. We all know that.
    A video showing evidence of mining prospecting in a ZAFFICO forest in ndola has surfaced, with beacons that have Chinese markings and stuff.
    Anyway I hope the pints of chibuku will feed you children, provide medicine when they are sick and pay school fees. Good luck!

    • So you chaps will welcome any foreign investor like Indians, Europeans and Americans, even Nigerians and South Africans but not the Chinese. I this not pure hatred, racism and xenophobia. What foreign investment do you chaps want really. If the white man buys anything in Zambia you call it colonisation, an Indian ati bansala, South African ati amabua, UmuNai ati ama drugs, UmuChinese ati Umuchoncholi. Umusene ati bakagem…. What foreign investor must come to Zed, Please answer. Because imwe ba Zed have never had capacity to do business kanofye bu tamanga na corruption … no proper substance apart from hating insulting and vilifying those who succeed at anything.

  3. Them they don’t need police permits. “Some animals are more equal than others”.
    If it was UPND youths or UNZA or CBU students protesing without a permit, police would have come & crashed them with beatings, buttons, police dogs, tear-gas, pepper-spray, AK-47s, anti-aircraft guns, etc.

    ZP is selective with application of public order act

  4. I am really happy the demonstration without Police permit was peaceful.No disturbance from other political parties, this is recommendable.UPND will apply for a permit to demonstrate against the Chinese …we hope no other political parties will interfere …UPND will also need a peaceful demo……Will the permit be given by our Police FORCE!!

    • Just say you have failed together with your PF dont include everyone. We told you this regime is taking us no where but you were busy dancing Dununa reverse. Now you admit and want to make shortcuts in selling your country. Unfortunately there are no shortcuts in life you just need to to the right thing or face consequences later. God help us.

  5. This is good. Zambia should not be like SA where xenophobia is the order of the day. Chinese are very much welcome in Zambia, since we have failed to develop our country!

    • You are just desperate for Chinese bribes

      …..when sata was calling them infestores you were busy dancing….

      Spaka ®
      Most influential blogger
      All rights reserved

    • We need the Chinese. Our infrastructure improving and jobs are being created bcoz of them. The only ISSUE to avoid is giving out land recklessly i.e. ZAFFICO.

    • @spaka. Sata called them infestors but some as he won he held a banquet for them.

      That house in chala was built by chinese including the tunels.

  6. We don’t want Somalis and Nigerians in Zambia though -one nationality is terror prone and the other nationality is criminally inclined.

    • A people’s with no nationalism is a people’s with no identity or home

      Spaka ®
      Most influential blogger
      All rights reserved

  7. Very good and hope HH has heard this.It is evil to preach about xemophobia against the Chinese who have done a lot for our country!!!We love the foreigners who bring DFI into Zambia more than we may love Kainde!!!
    Well done CB youths and please keep it up!!

    • The violent ones are upnd. While PF youths were doing this, upnd thugs were following the HotFM interviewer who “dared” ask hh, their infallible tonga god, real questions. They wanted to teach her a lesson by beating her.

    • A people’s with no nationalism is a people’s with no identity ……

      Spaka ®
      Most influential blogger
      All rights reserved

    • Iwe ka citizen…..

      What is wrong with protecting Zambia for the future generations as a Zambian African country ?? Are you the UN ?? Every country is now protecting their national identity, even Angela Merkel has had to call an end yo her political life for opening the German doors to moslims..

      Yet you theives in PF want to lie about being open to foreigners just so they give you money…

      Spaka ®
      Most influential blogger
      All rights reserved

  8. While PF doing peaceful DEMOS , UPND busy planning an ACT OF HAVOCS. PF should continue to preach peaceful gospel to the PATRIOTIC ZAMBIANS. HH and UPND stooges are NOT up to following democratic tenets because they still HABOUR HATRED and BITTERNESS .BITTERNESS is a serious poisonous dosage which needs ATTENTION..

    • Iwe, your country is being mortgaged and over run by foreigners , what if 17 million Chinese and Indians come to settle in Zambia ??
      That will be the end of black Zambians, maybe you are hoping to be half Chinese ??

      Spaka ®
      Most influential blogger
      All rights reserved

  9. When there were xenophobic attacks in South Africa a couple of years ago did you see South Africans take to the streets in solidarity with foreigners? Why are Zambians so dull? Foreigners are taking over your resources and you are supporting them! My foot My foot My foot! Apparently those PF youths marched without a police permit. I’m not a supporter of the opposition but truly speaking the way PF has treated the opposition in this country leaves much much to be desired

    • It is pf and their desperation to stay in power by selling the country and getting campain funds from foreigners

      Spaka ®
      Most influential blogger
      All rights reserved

  10. Where is ndanji and politico ….???

    What’s this I hear of a Video showing Chinese markings on prospecting pegs on ZAFFICO land ??

    Ndanji told us only one ZAFFICO house was sold by the owner , not all housing stock….??

    Spaka ®
    Most influential blogger
    All rights reserved


  11. I think PF is a peaceful party. Of course we might have elements of violence but I don’t remember any PF leader insiting violence. UPND leaders, bloggers and their people are generally in offensive mode. I have been attacked by UPND for declaring publicly that I’m a PF supporter.

  12. Charity Katanga why did u give our youths permission to demonstrate when u don’t allow other pipo who mean well for the country?police service needs educated pipo period.These chaps sometimes can cause war in Zambia coz they don’t apply the law.We PF members are not happy with charity katanga coz you’re making HH popular iwe kamayo.Ba lungu transfer that lady from copperbelt before it’s too late.The ZAFFICO saga should be handled properly with HH.Ifwe abena kopapa are not happy with u ba Lungu.Nawamba amano ya kwa banda.u can’t sell all our assets.Please ofload the shares only to Zambias capwa otherwise tatwamileke.

  13. Good move youths, lets show the world that Zambia has normal and sensible people.

    We also have people full of bitterness and hatred after being rejected 5 times and being in the opposition for 20 years.

    • 1) Try and fail, but never fail to try.
      2) Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm
      3) I’d rather attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and succeed
      4) You will face many defeats in your life, but never let yourself be defeated.

      Have a good day

    • So rather than do nothing, lets sell land to Chinese because we do not know what to do with it? Lets balance up our thought process by critical thinking: Critical thinking means precisely what below points entail:
      1. Make sure your decisions are logical
      2. Have data to support your assumptions
      3. See things in different frames
      4. Think Short & Long Term.

  14. I feel sorry at how some of these youths are being used. Most of them dont even fully understand why they are demonstrating. This is the biggest problem we currently have in our country. Its like the majority non knowledgeable people are the ones controlling the direction of this country. This a shame.

  15. Look at the PF rats above begging for foringners to come and take them over

    ……I am sure they are hoping to marry off their daughters to chinese and Indians…

    Have some pride, you zoo monkies.

    Spaka ®
    Most influential blogger
    All rights reserved

  16. It’s a shame all those youths without jobs, that’s they are at the demonstration in the first place, do u think if they had jobs they would be demonstrating. This sh!t hole govt has failed all Zambians apart from the few who can’t see what’s happening due to a very low IQ… We know u, we see your comments here

  17. The demonstrations regard the love of neighbor. Zambians in other countries should experience the same treatment with love. “Remember, you were once foreigners in Egypt.” A rule of thumb for you who hate humanity!

    • That is the point, some of us who have travelled widely have seen and witnessed how other people’s guard and protect their countries and heritage from being swamped by foreigners.

      At the rate pf are going , I Be live mandarin will be the official language and you will have a Chinese president in 20 years time.

      Ba PF They started testing the waters by trying to give us Chinese policemen , now they are being enticed by bribes and a threat of being cut off campain funds from the Chinese and they are going for it again…..

      Spaka ®
      Most influential blogger
      All rights reserved

    • Remember we also got national business interests to protect, so that we leave an inheritance for our future generations .

  18. Why should we be against the Chinese. They are here to bring development which has really been slow for decades. Our leaders should just avoid giving out land so carelessly and address this ZAFFICO saga. If we all turn against the Chinese, then we should as well turn against the Lebanese, Somalis, Indians who are running tuntembas in townships in the name of investment!

    • We have Indians and other nationals doing business, why particular attention to Chinese? Probably they are enticing you with a banana so that they grab your land. Open your eyes, you maybe benefiting today but what about your great grand children? We cannot be selling land to foreigners so we can buy luxury jets and cars, its foolish!

  19. xenophobia…..! What are you talking or matching about? You mean there is dislike or prejudice by Zambians for other nationals? Wait a minute.. Who owns most of the business in Zambia? Indians, Chinese and other foreigners, but why Chinese should be treated like kings when they are trying to get the only thing that means everything to Zambians – LAND. ZAFFICO sale means selling huge chunks of land to foreigners. its very sensitive and reason to stand up and refuse the transaction. But Zambians matching in support of Chinese… MWEFIPUMBU MWE!

  20. Stupid PF cadres trying to divert from the real issue; ZAFFICO sale!! There is no xenophobia against the Chinese!

    • We have Indians and other nationals doing business, why particular attention to Chinese? Probably they are enticing you with a banana so that they grab your land. Open your eyes, you maybe benefiting today but what about your great grand children? We cannot be selling land to foreigners so we can buy luxury jets and cars, its foolish!

  21. The day Zambia will decide to change leadership, no one will stand in the way. And as long as Zambians are still divided PF will continue running the country

    We need one mature alternative voice to take over govt. And people must feel comfortable with the alternative choice

  22. These PF cadres and their leaders have never lived, worked and only few trained abroad to have a clear perception of life abroad. A Zambian has NO RIGHTS, yes no rights in China and not even allowed to enter certain shops, hotels, restaurants or museums. A Zambian can not open any business in China as will be considered below any conceivable standard, and public will be suspicious about it.
    To march for Chinese in mother Zambia begs belief by this PF government. Its next to colonialism.

    • My friend. Go to china. You find blacks running shops and babashops in hotel retail shops selling cloths and phones

      And Chinese business men treat you like kings because Africa is big buyer.

      You will see Congolese in hotel lobbies spoiling themselves.

      Am well travelled both east and west

      Am a non partisan political consultant

    • They rent shops, but do they buy own Chinese land? everywhere in the world issue of land is under control of nationals- its the only thing that you have rights to; its your inheritance for you and you grandchildren. Lets not be enticed with bananas and give away our inheritance.

    • I saw high rise flats for rent and sell in china through estate agent. I even have a business card

      As long as you have money you can buy property in china. Usa, UK, SA. The world is becoming ONE

    • Iwe politico

      Stop lying….your black monkey will get lynched and thrown out of India or China if you try to buy land greedily beyond the locals…….

  23. I think we Zambians are lost and we will lose our beloved country because of loving money. This is a lie . Very different from South Africa situation. Why are we over reacting .

  24. I beg go and sit down!! shameless protestors who will protest to protect the very Chinese people that abuse your brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, fathers and mothers at their work place. No wonder the Chinese will never leave. We are very stupid human beings.

  25. Uuhhmm I see, but then noise by party cadres is just noise. I mean what do party cadres especially PF cadres and upnd cadres know about anything, yes anything under the sun? I mean party cadres are full blown idi.ots mwebantu! You don’t believe me, check the President’s caution to party PF cadres in Livingstone. At least the President caurions cadres of his PF party, but look at Hacks he sees cadre nonsense only as votes, not the damaging nuisance that they are. But then Hacks leaves much to be desired when it comes to reasoning capacity.

  26. They are killing fellow Zambians who have views different from their own, they have labeled HH with a dark brush, even as they march in support of Chinese. Where’s their medulla? Hm! Marching for tutobaumutwe!

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