Saturday, April 13, 2024

Reasons to invest in South Africa (updated)


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Reasons to invest in South Africa include a developed first world economic infrastructure and a growing emerging market. The investment potential lies in its diversity of sectors and industries. South Africa is also a major trading nation, exporting and importing billions worth of goods every year. It is a gateway to African markets.


  1. But information is so shallow even if it is a sponsored post. A nice attractive picture would have done a better job!! Thankyou

    • Sponsored by Emmanuel Mwamba?
      This is a loss, how much did they pay? who on earth would want to download articles? Just copy and paste damn thing, we read it.

  2. First world developed infrastructure? I agree. RSA is far ahead. We need to develop our Tourism n Agricultural infrastructure to compete. Why should RSA advertise tour packages for our Victoria Falls and collect money from there?

  3. And that’s the problem we have as Zambians. We are so fond of promoting foreign things other than ours, kaya we have an inferior complex to our own things kaya!!!!!!!!!!
    what is so difficult for you as media house to do a thorough research and have an article: Reasons to invest in Zambia??

    • AFRICANS need to know our history please do not think Africa is rising because the Chinese is helping. The Chinese are helping the Chinese in Africa. because they know that their country will not be livable at all in another 20 years. China is TRASH. China has abused itself into DEATH. China it is infested with all kind of curses and plagues. You can’t eat the food you can’t drink the water and you can’t eat the fish that’s why they trying to bring so much fish to Africa. Chinese people they don’t want you to know their trickery. China have never been a friend to Africa they don’t have anything to do with blacks in the United States. They used the United States to gain more power so when they take over Africa through DEBT TRAPS. This was the Chinese PLAN 50 years ago…

    • ……..gain more power so when they take over Africa through DEBT TRAPS. This was the Chinese PLAN 50 years ago. Think about it.
      This is all to trick your mind so they can take what you have in Africa. China is helping because China is rising in Africa. If Africans cannot get it together or put it together at the help of Africans only ONLY then we can say Africa is rising. We are not RISING because you have another people the Chinese who are really trying to take over the world. The Chinese are RISING in Africa. Yes AFRICA is RISING in DEBT. We are LOSING our POWER in OUR own COUNTRY. 54 African COUNTRIES come TOGETHER before the big bad wolves EAT US ALIVE.?

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