Zamtel CEO Mr Sydney Mupeta speaking during the commissioning of a Communication Tower at Shamputa in Kapiri

Zamtel Chief Executive Officer Sydney Mupeta says the company is exploring ways of providing digital health services to the Zambian people.

Mr. Mupeta said the state owned Telecommunications Company is developing strategies and tools that will revolutionalise the way Zambians access medical services.

He was speaking when Zamtel handed over a refurbished maternity ward BO1 at the women and newborn hospital at the University Teaching Hospitals today.

Mr. Mupeta said the facility refurbished at the cost of K550, 000 will go a long way in assisting mothers and children to receive the best level of care.

He said the company will be working closely with the Ministry of Health to deploy some of the technologies.

And Minister of Health Dr. Chitalu Chilufya expressed confidence that the refurbished facility will go a long way in reducing maternal deaths at the University Teaching Hospitals.

The Health Minister Commended Zamtel for the gesture and encouraged other Business Houses to emulate them saying more collaboration is needed to reduce child mortality rate in Zambia.

And Zamtel Board Chairperson Danny Luswili expressed confidence that the refurbished facility will go a long way in helping to improve the quality of health care provided at the UTH to Mothers and the Newborn.

He said the Zamtel Board is pleased that management at the Women and Newborn Hospital agreed to partner with the company and rendered the necessary cooperation and support in the execution of this project.

Mr. Luswili said this project further confirms that Zamtel can do even more in the community if the people of Zambia fully support the company.

“The more people use Zamtel services, the more it will be able to invest in community projects that touch the lives of the people. Let me also mention that as the Zamtel Board, we will be imploring management to examine other similar partnership opportunities in areas outside Lusaka”, He said.

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  1. Govt need to curb down on this advertising ..if a company refurbishes a public institution like here there should clauses put in please to stop branding of the place with logos and colours…what’s wrong with just a simple metal placard on the wall.
    Sydney the Engineer masquerading as a CEO ..please there is nothing ZAMTEL will revolutionize in medical sector…all you want is talktime and internet connection…Microsoft have packages already in place unless you want to buy hardware and software.


    • That is good from ZAMTEL, UTH is in dire need of help. I would recommend that GRZ bans travel of government officials abroad and use that money to build capacity at local hospitals like Castro did in Cuba. It is all about priorities. Edgar Lungu needs a vision…..


    • FIrst things first.

      Is Zamtel a profit making company? Who authorised this “donation”.

      This is exactly what is killing our country.

      One minute, Zambia is begging for money from other countries, yet the very next minute, Lungu is buying luxury jets, overprices fire engines etc. etc.

      When will we learn?

      What does that useless boy Mushimba have to say about this?


    • IndigoTyrol – but Zambians like to be lied to with such window dressing…if this company can not record a profit but os able to donate it clearly shows there to much waste in that company…one has to simply look at the directors parking space in carpark.


    • “Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity but cash is reality”
      That’s because to this Engineer its subscribers that count and turnover so long as machines are running…he is not evaluated on profit or cash in the him he is doing excellent..there is not Parliamentary committee to call him…as for dull Brian he is happy with him so long as he gives jobs to his girlfriends, nieces and cadres.


    • The whole system is rotten, from top to bottom.

      This company Zamtel is loss making.

      Have we even repaid lapgreen of Libya?

      Muleishaiba utuntu.


  2. Helping UTH is a noble and honourable thing to do BUT let the truth be told…Zamtel has NO money! It owes money even here in Zambia! so now lets see how they will pay the people they owe back their cash!


  3. Job well done Zamtel!!????????Please keep up with the good Job!!!This just proves that the Ceo and team have a heart for the people.God bless you.



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