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Choose a Leader that is ready to unify Zambia, Lungu advises Westerners


 President Edgar Lungu (c) raises the PF symbol to the people of Limulunga District after paying courtesy call on the Litunga, heading to drum up support for the PF ahead of the Mangango parliamentary by-election to be held on November 20, 2018.
President Edgar Lungu (c) raises the PF symbol to the people of Limulunga District after paying courtesy call on the Litunga, heading to drum up support for the PF ahead of the Mangango parliamentary by-election to be held on November 20, 2018.

President Edgar Lungu says Western province is part of Zambia and that people in the region should uphold and believe in the Moto of one Zambia one nation.

And President Lungu has appealed to the people in the area that they should ensure that when electing leaders they elect people that are ready to unity the country.

The Head of state said this when he arrived in Mongu this morning enroute to Mangango for a two day working visit to drum up support for the Patriot Front (PF) candidate in the Tuesday’s parliamentary by election.

President Lungu expressed sadness that politicians have continued to divide the country on tribal and regional lines.

He stressed that he will find it difficult to work with people who do not believe in the One Zambia One National Moto, because he believes that unity is a key in attaing national development.

He noted that there is no need to divide the country on tribal or regional lines, adding that people have continued to embrace inter marriages and no one critises that.

President Lungu added that even in churches people coming from different tribes and regions congregate without the mention of tribe.

He is accompanied by Presidential Affairs Minister, Freedom Sikazwe, Infrastructure and Development Minister Ronald Chitotela.

Others are Agriculture Minister Michael Katambo, Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya and Presidential Press Aid Amos Chanda among others.

Others taking part in the election are Mwendoi Akakandelwa who is standing on the United Party for National Development (UPND) ticket, Singumbe Kabindama is standing on the United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ) while the National Democratic Congress Party has fielded in Yuvwenu Kashandola.

The Mangango seat fall vacant following the death of the incumbent Member of Parliament Naluwe Mweene who died in a road traffic accident on August 28 at Itezhi-Tezi turnoff.


  1. There he is on a working visit ….some foooool will say he is working just look at the lazy moron in the photo.
    Wasted Lungu Years!!!

    • Even his entourage is just full of Bemba chaos not to mention the cabinet, the civil service, the diplomatic service and key parastatals, and he has the nerve to say “one Zambia”?

    • ….a few easterners, a token Lozi in the person of the vp but mostly Bemba chaps. He is right though that we need a unifier but we can not look to Bemba dominated pf for those answers.

    • What an article. Kwati the chap writting is upnd. He does not mention name of the PF candidate. Alechimona, balegeta this one. Next they will get 10 mu bantustan area before 2021.

    • Before we debate about dividing the nation , someone give us a list of cabinet members and the region each member comes, after you done with that, list the names of those sent into foreign service and those running govt parastals and govt depts,then we will talk.

    • Lazy bum illiterate MAPATIZYA FORMULA Tribal Party H-organizer bitter heart evil heart hooligan bully son of a tribal polygamist father who never taught him toilet training pooping in public HAGAIN. Cynical MUTINTA mental and HICHILEMA childish needed to change the diaper of a TONGA TRIBAL little boy HAGAIN. HAKANDE the Privatization thief and money laundering thief will NEVER be a president in Zambia no matter how much you break the air in public little boy.

    • @#1.4, Divide & Rule dull little children! Give me a list of those who voted for the president in SOUTHERN PROVINCE who you want to be put as cabinet members, in foreign service, run parastatals and govt depts including your chiefs from your TRIBAL LAND! Your thinking is so SHALLOW that is why your TRIBAL HEARTS are so difficult to understand. Imagine putting into office a person whose heart is attached to his tribal god HHf? No wonder we had a lot of problems because all your people are loyal to the little THIEF and all they became even under SATA was MOLES for GALU WATCHERS in ZAMBIA because KAMBWILI was right about the TONGA.

    • The little fuu little god CHILDISH who is head of little fuus like GAY JAY has no clue that his little supporter fuus Ha his biggest liability! Sadly, the truth be said, his little boys appear to just H-applifying what the TONGA PARTY believes in. I WILL TEACH ALL MY FRIENDS NEVER to elect TRIBALISM & RACISM PARTY in Zambia.

    • MAD COW DISEASE foaming at the mouth with TRIBALISM mantra. TRIBALISM and RACISM are cousins. The TONGA party has them both. The lazy bum illiterate public pooping little HAKAINDE UNELECTABLE boy is not aware that it is UNELECTABLE no matter how much he worships it. CHARMAINE should wipe the boy’s smelly! Diapers’ need attention!

  2. upnd you are lost souls so you want ecl to go out of his rights to appoint your tribes men as ministers leaving the pf members who in majority are bembas and eastern if you want that happen change the way u vote and wen you r called for appointment be it in opposition stop your no sense of refusing appointment because kainde will fire u

    • Bitter herbs, bitter hearts, evil hearts, bitter people, tribal hearts, tribal people. Wallowing in dung can be dangerous because it leads to MAD COW DISEASE.

  3. #1 Jay Gay, and look at you, always engaged in disguised futile attempts to sell your expired god Hacks to us by negative but basically foo.lish comments on The President. Tell us what your god would do differently if he was the one visiting Mongu to campaign.

    Granted, H.E. has that icilubi beside him all the time but Hacks has his own icilubi or bemba monkey in GBM. Looks like all Presidents have their ifilubi in form or another. But to make icilubi your running mate or vice president eeiisshhh, only in upnd!!

  4. TribalJay Gay, I am watching CNN right now and President Trump has just boarded Airforce One to visit the forest fires disaster of California. Last two weeks he was flying around campaigning for his Republican party in Congressional elections.
    Tell me the difference? Or tell me how your god would be different?

    • Ba MENTAL don’t reason! Very dull and blinded by tribalism. UPND think TRIBE FIRST then ISSUE SECOND. That is why it is UNELECTABLE. Gay Jay can’t H-understand that maybe I need to say, IT IS “UNVOTARABLE!”

    • You say you are watching CNN…..really laughable…instead of educating yourself about how tight the margin is in the Senate and House of Congress then you will see why Trump was going to campaign…plus Trump regularly holds Press briefings at White House, he doesn’t go out for the weekend claiming to be on a working visit like this utterly Lazy thing Edgar…I suggest you stop watching your step father’s TV and go out research so you widen your horizons.
      When are you thick morons going to stop comparing US to Zambia you are comparing a country that supplements your budget without shame.

    • Lazy bum illiterate TRIBAL little boy hooligan bully son of a polygamist TONGA father who never taught him toilet training pooping HAGAIN. MUTINTA and HAKAINDE must be having a party changing your diapers today! The TRIBAL LEADER and PRIVATIZATION THIEF is UNELECTABLE! HaMapatizya Formula will not work in Zambia because HAZALUZA HAGAIN!

  5. Kambwili said: “If the T-tribesmen were asked to choose between Jesus and Hwamene Huja, they would definitely go for Hwamene Huja”. The Leopard was right.

  6. There goes the moron with half a Brain talking about tribalism when he spear heads tribalism and I see the dull cadres with 0IQ defending a convicted debarred thieving lawyer who stale from a widow, the pr!ck just went to drink free whiskey and pee himself as usual what an imbacile

    • @HaJonny, is this Prof. HANSONI? Please argue your points on a UNIVERSITY LETTERHEAD I might H-understand your point. It appears to be well H-atticulated. If you can’t find the university letterhead, please write in TONGA I will get your point faster.

    • Sharonare u ow stalking me? U cunt the one who fcuker ur Hu!e mother with his tooth pick is the id!ot to bring a person in this world with a open pit in between her stinky legs where only morons and dander heads dont smell the stench, by the way I am not Tonga dont belong to any party never voted in Zambia since I left when I was very young and I will continue to talk sh!t about Lungu since the man is not better than sh!t in my books so live with it u cunt… Thereu have it you who!e

  7. Sharon is on point…! How do you expect the president to appoint ministers from southern, western and n/western provinces when there is no single pf mp from these provinces. And even when he decides to do so, the mps from these provinces would not accept for fear of their small god..hh..! Stop being cry babies…embrace unity..!! One zambia one nation..

    • Let him stop this fooliness of pretending to be a unifier—both him and his predecessor are the worst this country has seen in terms of polarization; let us call a spade a spade and quit the pretense. Not only does he pick bembas only, he gets the worst of the lot…the ones with integrity like Kalaba can not work with him leaving us with the likes of “Sharon” and Sunday Chilufya Chanda.

  8. Even Putin does hold a Presidential Question-Answer session.
    Lungu and PF have no interest for Mother Zambia or The People – just greedy corrupt scums.

    Good thing is nothing is infinite – their time will surely come.
    Many, world over, have come and gone = Mugabe, Jacob, etc, etc, etc.

    • And Hakainde has that interest?
      He is a cunning crony capitalist.externalising millions every year from Sanlam Life Financial Services (pensioners savings).
      Externalising millions from Sanlam Life Insurance disguising as reinsurance premium. Zambia lost over 520 million through his money laundering creative accounting through Sanlam Life Botswana and South Africa.
      ZRA, over to you. Minister has given you tools. Gi out and 8mpise K24 million penalty fir every year of externalisation, a peanut though fir theft if K60 million average by the evil trio of Hakainde, Muna and Chitalu.

  9. Why is ZRA not stopping the externalisation of profit and pensioners and policyholders monies by Sanlam Life Insurance?
    Sanlam has been externalising millions every year to its holding company without paying tax.
    Money laundering through reinsurance.
    Tax evasion through the crafty greedy evil enemies of Zambia trio of Muna, Hakainde and Chitalu.
    Impose k24,000,000 penalty fir every year of default. Interest and taxes on tip if that.

  10. Jonathan sounds bitter too!
    That’s the trouble of pointing fingers! Let’s start with the composition of your Cabinet! It’s regional and not national in character! Anyway, what good do we expect from Jonathan with Freedom Sikazwe as chief advisor? The real ECL was replaced with Jonathan Mutaware! That’s why there is so much bitterness in Zambia, not just among politicians but citizens as well especially bloggers on Lusaka Times and ZWD! What a depressing country!

  11. Lt where is my comment? You publish all the cr@p “Sharon” spews here but censor my comments? We can’t a person with a Bemba dominated cabinet, diplomatic service and civil service calling for unity….that is hypocrisy of the highest order and Lungu should be called out for. Worse still, he picks the worst of the bunch like “Sharon” and Sunday Chilufya Chanda. Men of integrity like Kalaba can not stand the stench of the corruption in this govt…enough is enough

  12. And that leader is Harry Kalaba. Why is ECL following busy passing wherever Harry passes?? not like he is should be restricted to but one can tell Harry is preaching unity purposes everywhere his been.

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