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Ecobank Zambia celebrates Ecobank Day 2018 by assisting Orphans


Some of the displayed items donated to Orphan’s Home by Ecobank Zambia staff to commemorate Ecobank Day 2018

Ecobank Zambia Managing Director Kola Adeleke says the Bank takes its responsibility of assisting the community seriously

Mr Adeleke said the bank is focused on undertaking social work as part of its corporate social responsibility towards the communities in which it is present.

He was speaking on Saturday morning when he led a team of Ecobank Zambia staff in donating assorted items at Orphan’s Hope (Bethel Homes Orphanage) in Lusaka’s Avondale area as part of the 2018 Ecobank Day.The theme for Ecobank Day 2018 is ‘Supporting Young lives’.

Another team of Ecobank staff based on the Copperbelt made a donation to St. Anthony’s Children Village in Masala, Ndola.

St. Anthony’s Children Village has over 100 children while Orphan’s Hope has over 20 children.The Ecobank Day, an event that celebrated across 36 African Countries where Ecobank is present.

The bank’s employees come together to help a worthy cause, by volunteering their time to work hand in hand with members of the communities to improve the conditions of living of the vulnerable.

Many Ecobankers have given up their time to be here to support these activities. I’m sure you will agree this shows how strongly we all feel about giving back to our local communities. It makes me very proud of both the Bank I represent and the lifeblood – our staff.

“The objective is to institutionalize the “Ecobank Day” as a day in the year on which all affiliates across Africa undertake social work in furtherance of our corporate social responsibility towards the communities in which we are present,” Mr Adeleke said.

He said, “Ecobank is a pan-African bank of the people, for the people, and this comes with certain responsibilities, which we take very seriously.”

He added, “While our focus is very much on transforming the African banking landscape, and servicing our customers with convenient, cost-effective financial products, we also care very much about our local communities.”

“With this idea of giving back in mind, in 2013 we launched the Ecobank Day initiative, where our employees could come together to help a worthy cause, by volunteering their time to work hand in hand with members of our communities and support the important financial contribution made by the Bank to improve the conditions of living of the more vulnerable members of our communities.”

Mr Adeleke said the Bank has supported many worthy causes over the years and this year is no different.

“For instance, the theme for the 2015 Ecobank Day was “Every child in Africa deserves a better future”. In that year, we supported the children’s wing at Mazabuka General Hospital and Mulenga Community School in Kitwe. In 2016, under the theme “Improving Maternal Health care in Africa”, Ecobank donated maternity kits and various requirements to the maternity wings at Chipulukusu Clinic in Ndola and Chawama Clinic in Lusaka.”

“Last year, we celebrated Ecobank day with our three young girls from New Mtendere Secondary School and Kamulanga Secondary School.”

He said this was in order to address the challenges of inequalities in education adding that Ecobank Zambia committed to pay all the tuition and exam fees until university for all the three girls.

“In Kitwe, Ecobank celebrated Ecobank Day 2017 in Kawama community of Kitwe by donating a borehole and water treatment products to Kawama Race Course Community School in our efforts to promote safe water for healthy life.

Africa is home to a third of the world’s orphan population.UNICEF defines an orphan as a child under the age of 18 who has lost one or both parents, no matter what the cause of death.Globally there are 140 million orphans and 52 million live in Africa.

Copperbelt based Ecobank Zambia staff members donating food items to St. Anthony’s Children Village in Ndola
Copperbelt based Ecobank Zambia staff members donating food items to St. Anthony’s Children Village in Ndola.
Ecobank Zambia Managing Director Kola Adeleke speaking at the event to commemorate Ecobank Day 2018


  1. Congratulations Ecobank you a truly a pan African bank. Who believes that African problems need African solutions. Helping the children in need is a welcome effort and many should emulate you.

  2. LT the number of times I have read the word “Ecobank” in this article ….your Editor is not every smart if you are not getting advertising revenue from this article. I am sure Ecobank Marketing Dept wrote this article

    • Jay if only you took time to visit an Orphanage and see how beautiful some of these kids are you would think twice before making your comment. Hand me dow, hand out or whatever you choose to call is goes a long way to someone who does not know where their next meal will come from. Ecobank just made it possible for those kids to have a meal today and may be through out this month but what is important each one of those people from Ecobank that visited the Orphanage will never be the same again. You can be rest assured that when you visit an orphanage, you will never be the same again. Your view about life changes. You will never look at life the same way ever I know even a Jay Jay would be transformed. Way to go Ecobank. Keep up the good work and continue gaining ground.

    • Kalapashi – So what happens after the food is finished …what were they eating before? Come up with sustainable plans not charity …take your emotional blackmail elsewhere you are too daft to know the difference between marketing and genuine causes…sit down!!

    • Jay Jay you are full of hate and anger my brother. Don’t vent your anger on Ecobank.This is a good gesture, when you are good you are good. Even if the food will last a day or a month, it makes a difference to those children who have nothing.

  3. Come up with sponsorship deals worth long term, take them to school, vocational training center etc, not donating mealie meal, Colgate, tissue, waste of time !!!!

    • Zambian ate a docile people if you standing as an MP just give the chibuku and food for one night they will vote for you next day…and you will enjoy for the next 5 years.

    • *Zambians are a docile gullible people if you are standing as an MP just give them chibuku and food for one night they will vote for you next day…and you will enjoy for the next 5 years.

  4. Supporting young lives, way to go Ecobank. Giving back to the community is an act to emulate. A helping hand is never too short .

  5. Congratulations Ecobank, that’s the way to go giving hope to human beings such as this is the best thing you can do, because hope keeps us going in life.

  6. Proud of my Bank. Last year the Ecobank introduced scholarships for girl children from secondary school to University. It’s indeed a Pan African Bank

  7. Giving back doesn’t have to be a grandiose , a large donation, or a big show of . In fact, it is often the little things that can make the biggest difference. Way to go Ecobank keep up the good work!

  8. Well Done Ecobank. It’s nice to see a profit making organization giving back to the community and changing lives.We need see more of this for a better Zambia.

  9. Congrats Ecobank. You have added to the many other things you are doing for the communities such sponsoring the less privileged upto University, providing water for the schools that have no water, desks for those that don’t have. List is endless. The food will feed the hungry stomachs and God bless you

  10. Ignorant africans commenting here have never even lifted a finger to help another person.What Ecobank did today is give hope and inspiration to children that are less priveleged in our society.!We all can’t not educate these kids and give them all they need but Ecobank has done it’s noble part today.Support a young life tomorrow and then come and air your frustrations here.Until then go and hug a Zesco transformer !

  11. Great works Ecobank. You have the people at heart. keep up with the good works and do not let haters pull you down. we appreciate all the works you are doing such as scholarships, fruit tree planting in 50 schools and now Orphanages. what more can we ask for?

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