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Immigration detains Nine Asians engaged in commercial sex

General News Immigration detains Nine Asians engaged in commercial sex

Immigration Officer
Immigration Officer

The Department of Immigration has removed fifty-three and deported four illegal immigrants from the country.

ZANIS reports that this was in a mass removal exercise conducted on 17th November, 2018. This is the second mass removal exercise conducted by the Department in just one week.

In a statement released to ZANIS, the Department Public Relations Officer, Namati Nshinka said the first one, which involved the removal of seventy-seven foreigners from the country was conducted on November 10, 2018.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nshinka said another 16 illegal immigrants were routinely removed between 9th and 16th November, 2018.

He said this brings the total number of persons removed and deported during this period to 148.

The PRO said the Department between 9th and 16th November, 2018 also arrested a total of 81 foreign nationals for various immigration offences countrywide, including 23 undocumented Congolese nationals intercepted at Katima-Mulilo on Friday, 16th November, 2018.

Mr. Nshinka said the group comprising three families with members aged between one and twenty-eight years was stopped at the Zambian exit gate, as they attempted to enter into Namibia and Investigations in this matter are ongoing.

He said others arrested were16 foreign nationals, for unlawful entry, 15 for unlawful stay and three refugees for being outside a refugee camp without authority.

Mr. Nshinka said others were six foreign nationals arrested for working without permits, three for concealing their true identity and one for doing business without a permit.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nshinka adds that, in Chadiza, four Zambians were arrested for impersonating immigration officers and one deportee in Solwezi was arrested for unlawful return, unlawful stay, working without a permit and concealing his true identity.

He further said nine female Asians, suspected to have been engaged in commercial sex work, were apprehended and served with notices to leave the country.

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    • These Asians do not have nationality, in kenya when they arrested some asians sex workers they categorically stated their nationality, here they are so protected like ,such that some jerabos even protest on their behalf, even the oldest trade is not spared, ba zobuligo have competition from Asia, naizanda pa zed.

    • No Chinese illegal arrested. After those 30 were arrested & relesed, Chinese illegals now above the law.
      They come on investors permits, next day you find him selling salaula on the street.

      Our porous immigration is the biggest threat to our country.

    • Pa Z foreigners are free. Immigration are a joke, foreigners from neighbouring countries are full in Lusaka & all people complain about is the illegal Chinese. Congolese & Zim’s are freely getting Reg

    • Nostradamus even Chinese are Asians.. Are Egyptians Arabs or Africans ? They are African as they are on the African continent Are Chinese not in Asia

    • 1.2 What race are Chinese. The report simply says Asian and they could be Chinese, Koreans, Indians. ..we don’t know.

  1. Please release those commercial workers because their customers you will find are in high government positions, do not step on the wrong toes.

  2. Silly comments from silly people.What benefit do you get from an Asian prositute whether Chinese or Indian?It shows how lowly and inferior some people can grade themselves. Nothing of value to talk about.

  3. Zambia to some foreigners is more like that land which God promised the Israelites. the land of plenty, the land flowing with honey and milk. You cant suffer in the land of plenty .You just have to open your eyes and you will see opportunities everywhere

  4. Is this a sign that Immigration has waken up and started doing their work? Where, how and when still remains a secret as to entry into the country. Are the immigration drawing any lessons from these send offs because the number is big.

    • Unlike the immigration officers in the Western countries, African officers are corrupt to the core. We want to live what we believe like whites by any means.

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