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Meghan Markle will not join Prince Harry on trip to Zambia next week

General News Meghan Markle will not join Prince Harry on trip to Zambia next...

Prince Harry and The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle

The pregnant Duchess of Sussex will not be accompanying her husband on his next overseas trip as he represents the Queen’s charity

Prince Harry will travel to Zambia alone later this month to represent his grandmother’s charity, the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust.

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, who is thought to be between four and five months pregnant, will not be joining him on the trip.

In a statement released on Twitter Kensington Palace said: “The Duke of Sussex will visit Zambia on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th November, at the request of the Foreign Office.

“As part of the visit The Duke will attend a reception at [the British High Comissioner’s residence] to celebrate UK-Zambia relations, and will visit Burma Barracks to attend an event commemorating WWI and WWII Zambian veterans.

“In Zambia The Duke will attend events for The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, of which he is President.”

“The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust champions, funds and connects young leaders who are leading social purpose ventures around the world.

“The Duke will visit BongoHive, Zambia’s first technology and innovation hub. The organisation provides a range of startup and tech programmes, workshops and events all focused on making Zambia Africa’s next hotbed of innovation.”

The Duke and Duchess’ first child is due in Spring 2019

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  1. This is good , Harry always brings very positive energy wherever he goes. He is a real soldier that has proved himself in combat. What he has been doing to help charities in Africa is admirable. God bless him.

    • I dont like her, she thinks she is all that.

      Who does she really think she is.

      She is a divorcee and I have NEVER been divorced, I have been with the same man Nick for 8 years, this shows LOYALTY



    • Ba Mushota, don’t be a hater. She is all you are not. Has her own brains and does not support idlicy. Go Meghan Go!

    • This is the boy who wore a Nazi uniform at a Party…meanwhile African foooools will be falling over themselves trying to touch him!!

    • Great innovations in Zambia. Bongohive is awesome.

      Don’t give Harry Tujilijili, you know he can’t keep his clothes on when drunk:)

  2. …Let’s look ‘beyond’ these charities missions and deeds. I for one smell a dead RAT here considering the current goings on with the BREXIT sagas…

    • You wake up and you are already geared with conspiracy theories. Iwe tekanya…
      Why is it that Zambians have lost trust almost in everything…something cannot happen without there being something causing that something…but no one knows about that something…..holly molly !!!
      I hope its Chibunku smell that you sense and nothing to do with Harry.

      Just Harry welcome to Zambia with positivity.
      If you want to smell something, do so on the Zambian government.

    • #Nope shinyenga please do something positive and productive. Can’t people move about or do something without your innuendo. Life is too short live it while you have it instead of wasting your time on little nothings.

    • Saturday chanda just a few days ago you was writing pro china articles and anti European articles and calling them imperialists and colonialists today you want to pretend to be a British object. Here is an opportunity for you to protest against all the ills his forefathers did to yours as you warm up with your new found love china.

  3. Prince Harry brings a lot of positive energy with all the work he has been doing with charities in Africa, yes he calls it his second home. Welcome home, looking forward to see him

  4. Welcome to Zambia, Harry.
    The good thing is that Trib.al Hacks always behaves himself when there are such dignitaries visiting, usually he is dead quiet or am I wrong this time?
    Or may be he will be tucked away somewhere where the British High Commissioner will not have to be embarrassed. But I have a better solution, Harry can bring along with him Hard Talk Steven Suckar to keep Trib.al Hacks busy. Better, definitely…..kikikikikiki

  5. During Lungu’s downward era Zambians are to be treated with pity and propped up with charity by British royalty.Stop this ugly dalliance with dependency and helplessness Zambia.

  6. I just hope we keep it cool and not beg from this prince. I really don’t trust Zambians especially with high profile visitors. It is just like we tend to lose our heads to the extent of exaggerating our vulnerability.

  7. Why is HH not liked in Zambia but welcome to prince Harry?????? HH may be should bring back the stolen monies of privatization!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Why do we have cowards in this country like this guy using the fake name of Boko Haram. No intellectual debate as usual, simple minds

  9. I like Harry loads. He is my future King. He over came all odds and married someone considered not of royalty.It is not easy when you are coming from the British monarch which is very conservative.I wish I could just shake his hands. He is a man of great substance. Well come to Mother Zambia!

  10. Mushota are you upset that you have been with the same husband? You do not know whether her first husband was abusive or not & yet you pass judgment. I wish you were so diligent about your own affairs. You are disgraceful because you use primitive reasoning instead of critical analysis which is fact based.

  11. Mushota you sound very sad and pathetic hating Meghan simply because she’s divorced, what happens to when that man of your lives u? Remember nothing is permanent and u are not God.

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