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Opposition Sponsored Fake News: “Like” & “Share” Can Kill and Tear Apart a Nation


PF Media Director Sunday Chanda
PF Media Director Sunday Chanda

For the sake of posterity and our nationhood-Let’s Have a New Era Void Of Fake News And Violence

By Sunday Chilufya Chanda

Fake News Kills Steals and destroys lives

In a recent BBC Africa Eye article by Yemisi Adegoke entitled “Like. Share. Kill.” ( the Nigerian Police discuss how fake news is literally killing people in parts of the West African nation.

They describe how false information and incendiary images on Facebook have contributed to more than a dozen recent killings in Plateau State- an area already ethnically polarised.

Adegoke’s article further narrates how after BBC Africa Eye got in touch with Facebook, the Social Media company disabled the account of a man in the UK who was spreading misinformation and fake news to thousands in Nigeria, triggering and perpetuating a wide scale inter-ethnic massacre.
At the rate some political quarters are peddling and spreading fake news and misinformation on Zambian Social media platforms today, it won’t be long before lives are lost on a massive and ethnic scale as in Nigeria.

All Zambians with the nation’s interest at heart, should heed the warning given by several local and international experts that was recently ingeminated by former Bank of Zambia Governor Caleb Fundanga; that fake news and related negative and exaggerated sentiments of the country’s economy and national liabilities, have the grim prospect of harming the economy; ultimately negatively affecting the livelihoods the welfare of citizens. Sadly, fake news goes beyond taking away livelihoods; it eventually takes away lives.

Purveyors of fake news are in essence enemies of economic progress and humanity; they are enemies of the people of Zambia and enemies of life.
Fake news and violence are offshoots of the same tree rooted in the acrid soil of anarchy. No one would stand to win if the country were to be engulfed in a blood bath and left in ruins. The scandal mongers among us are like deranged suicide bombers hoping to live and enjoy what they crave once they have harmed their victims; yet they too would have lost their lives in macabre nonsensical fashion.

They are like persons drinking poison, hoping the people they scandalise will be harmed.

Why is it that UPND Have never condemned fake news?

We note that the UPND have never condemned fake news. We therefore call upon them to rethink their fake news and lies as it could be very costly to themselves and their families who are part of the fabric of our nation.

Their deafening silence on fake news is implicit of their support of its practise.

When has Zambia ever heard the UPND leadership condemn fake news and lies?

Just as in the Nigerian case, there is a UK based UPND member notorious for spreading inflammatory misinformation that could easily spark bloodshed. His party’s leadership have never rebuked him when he has claimed responsibility for coordinating fires in public places, or even when he has published current examination papers.

In a related recent development, suspended UPND lawyer Martha Mushipe was circulating an article purporting that the author of this article had issued a statement directing PF youth on the Copperbelt Province to burn UPND leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema to death when he appears at Ndola Central Police for investigations.

This deadly fake news and misinformation circulated by the UPND had the tacit support of their leader, and it was designed to instigate a blood bath on the Copperbelt between UPND youth and their PF counterparts, in the way fake news sparked genocide in Rwanda. Again, the UPND leadership conveniently appear to have lost their tongues.
Fake news, misinformation, tribalism, genocide as well as racism and xenophobia are all intertwined.

How many times have we heard UPND sponsored fake news and hate speech targeted towards the Chinese?

How many times have we heard the UPND members at home and abroad incite the torching of public places like markets and courts?

In fact the UPND leadership has never condemned the pre and post General Election Namwala ethnic cleansing where citizens from other parts of Zambia were systematically targeted and brutalised.

Fake News – A Repackaging of the “Mapatizya Formula”

The “Mapatizya Formula” which the UPND formulated some years ago where-in they organised a ‘militia’ that attacked government vehicles, impounded food supply convoys, held meetings without permits and harassed government ministers and caused wanton mayhem, has now been repackaged to incorporate fake news and mis-information.

Their Mapatizya “model” of violence has evolved in such a subtle way, that after the perpetrators have committed their brutal deeds, they try to manipulate sympathy for themselves and outrage against their victims by whimpering and fabricating fake news against the victims.

For The Sake Of Posterity-A Call for A New Era Without Fake News And Violence

We call for an end to the era of fake news and violence and we call for civility in politics where facts are presented as alternatives to what the Patriotic Front is doing.
We call for a new era where the political affiliation of Zambians will not be stereo-typed or pigeon-holed by the origin of their surnames and their ethnicity; and where people will vote based on ideas presented rather than blind tribal affiliation.

Our politics should be better – for the sake of all Zambians and for the sake of posterity. Politics should not be“game of tricks” leveraged fake news to manipulate and polarise innocent citizens on the basis of tribe and region.

Fake news can be deadly. “Like” & “share” can kill. God forbid –that should not be Zambia’s portion.

Let’s have a new era of civility.

The Author is Patriotic Front Media Director At the Patriotic Front Secretariat Lusaka.


    • It is very exombard and dinguicious to hear the intwindwi of moroninacious pipo behaving blangolic in this country.time is fast dinganising to them.don’t try to jagtise them .it is very incobiobial and those are incupkied manners.

    • Sunday Chanda you dull chap please tone down. You are to noisy ala!

      Your writing paints a picture of a man struggling to make ends meet and he has to resort to hero worshiping Lungu and PF to at least get a share of the bread crumbs off Lungu ‘s table. How preposterous!

      Only UPND supporters are real and genuine for we do it out of the love of our country and financial benefits. We believe every one can achieve a good life when the system of government is free from corrupt thugs like Lungu and his cohort.

      So mwaiche sunday kosapo ubuchushi is fast approaching when PF is booted out either by votes if not rigged or by force if votes are rigged again.

      VIVA UPND a party of honest and loving people

      But Zambian folks are so clever to differentiate fake news from real news. Since we have moved away from an era of allowing only one media house for the source of News, only the fainthearted will fall for the hoax news. In this era only the fittest and smartest will survive.

  1. Yet here you are, taking advantage of the polarized atmosphere that you have helped create with this biased fact-void article. A well meaning Zambian will ask this; how much does the author stand to lose should the current leadership be removed from power in order to understand his motive. If you would be this passionate about illuminating on the ills of current governance you might actually have an intelligent listening ear. Give us but 2 paragraphs on your thoughts about 42 fire trucks costing 42 million USD in a nation dependent on handouts and I might see you as unbiased. Explain to us how it is that a presidents aid accumulated more than we spend educating our UNZA students and I might afford you some credibility. Or, just shut up while your hands continue to be in our pockets.

    • Sunday Chanda does a good job. I like his understanding of the H-opposition fake news and tribal H-agenda and he exposes them every time and they begin to foam at the mouths each time he speaks the truth! Keep taking it to the tribal gathering, man! I am proud of you!

  2. You people who call others satanists are the worst ones. You have no shade of shame calling others that, when you sin more than they do, that’s why the Bible commands us not to judge because you too shall be judged and besides God has not given you a pass to heaven. So stop lying to people that you Godly when you indeed the biggest satanists.

  3. Good article, we take our peace for granted. Please impress on Minister of information Dora Siliya to close the Zambian Observer and Zambian Watchdog media. These have contributed in dividing the Nation from inflammatory publications. It’s hard to accept that their publications are actually the work of Zambians. God forbid that a Zambian can cause harm or death to a fellow Zambian by inciting hatred and Fear. They have wrongly caused Tonga’s to be disliked and mistrusted in the Nation.

  4. (HH) is a fake. His nephew at Zambian Witch Doctor is a failure in life. Clayson Hamasak AKA Gay Jay is a failure in life.
    (HH) is a failure. He even had a secret meeting with President Lungu his cadre thugs didn’t know how crooked he is.

    • While the UPND cadres were sharpening their spears to target Ndola, Kaponya (HH) was having a secret meeting with the President (E. Lungu). (HH) had a secret meeting to save his own life from being jailed. (HH) can light up the whole nation and escape to Panama while his thugs hack themselves to death.

    • @Mary only Chief Mukuni has ever had diarrhoea at the bungee jump

      It was caught on camera for the whole world to see. The cemetery-coffin-sleeping witch pooped his pants in public

    • ZWD thrives because PF are appalling communicators …I have warned you about hallucinating who your real father is you silly boy, its a shame you can not take a DNA test to find out as its expensive to test a bus load of men.

  5. This silly boy wont tell you that the only way to crash “fake news” is by being transparent and accountable….he would rather beat about the bush.

    • Clayson Hamasaka AKA Gay Jay you are the silly boy around here.
      You know a little about everything but nothing in depth.
      “International Refugee Law”
      “Religion and Self”
      Small maggot you are

    • Good advice and language can’t sink in any empty tin. This is a proven fact. They don’t call it a Party of INCOMPOS for nothing. They would rather damage their home than have their tribal drama queen scorched. I am glad he is UNELECTABLE and not a presidential material.

    • HH will hold a Press COnference and be TRANSPARENT about how much money he got during Privatisation and how much was stolen by him in INSIDE TRADING DEALS and how much he wired to the offshore tax haven of PANAMA. He will also be very TRANSPARENT and inform Zambians why he decided to send the money out even if it was “CLEAN MONEY.” He is the most transparent TRIBAL DRAMA QUEEN there is.

    • The most silly one in my opinion is CHILDISH. This man speaks the truth and I like him representing PF. It is sad that Kambwili was overtaken by demons and Father Bwalya is away.

    • Watchdog kids. Powerhouse of hoax news. We are here to check their inconsistencies these hopeless low life negroes.In this era only the fittest and smartest will survive.

  6. zambian watchdog exposed exam leakages……………. The government acted on……… ZNBC never ….Sunday changa is given more space and time at ZNBC……… ZNBC is pf vuvunzela…………… BBC , CNN is better than ZNBc… even komboni radio is better than ZNBC….. even kachepa newspaper is better than znbc………….

    • Zambians are deprived of basic information so any blog site can thrive in this climate…just look at the way the handled the ZAFFICO issue or NRDC even ZNBC that girl Kampamba denied the sale then later stated Topstar own 60%.

    • People still read GALU watchers in Zambia? No wonder the thinking is skewed towards the … ! A tribal H-agender in Zambia by a Tribal H-organisation.

    • Watchdog leaked the exams to embarrass Government. Sick and unpatriotic puppies.
      Double h sponsored hoax news source

  7. Sunday Chanda, stop crying, take them on using social media propaganda. They are fragile and fake, just some little twits!

  8. Yesterday pf gave us a good example of fake news, about Zambia’s economy doing second best in Africa, that’s totally and purely fake New’s, pf should not point fingers at the opposition.

  9. So who is the real enemy of the Zambian people? It opposition leaders who peddle falsehood, like one HH about Zaffico.

    • Mbili Yakale – Can you afford to buy shares on LUSE, do you even know how to go about? Only Chinks will buy loads of them…wake up and smell the coffee..who did an audit of ZAFFICo accounts? Why is it Chinese customs recorded $80million of imports yet ZAFFICO recorded 4.5 million of Mukula imported..what of Kawambwa Tea where does it fall in since its owned by ZAFFICO?
      You people waste your time with your Hakainde instead of asking probing questions…

  10. Advise the author to restrict himself to PF. Remind him that he cant always be talking for UPND, he is not and will never be spokesperson for UPND. We know that there seems to be something that requires medical doctors to examine here but for now let him pretend to be normal and stick to PF.

  11. PF seem to forget the lies they peddle, is that fake news too. The govt and the president him self lie and what should we call that, everybody should just wise up and learn to be truthful, you can’t expect your friends to tell the truth while u are busy peddling lies… Voting for PF is like voting for Jesus… Is that true or a lie

    • HH spoke the truth about the money sent offshore. He said that the money will be safer in PANAMA than in Zambia because it was not stolen money. He also said in PANAMA it will bring development to Zambia. He also said that it was not money laundering. He also said he was not a privatisation thief. He also said he does not have THREE MANSIONS. He also said, “When UPND forms government after this election” five times before but he still lives on his ANIMO FARM in NAMWALA. He also has NEVER acknowledged that UPND is a TRIBAL party. I love him because he NEVER speaks lies.

  12. For the sake of national unity these 2 lieing chandas, especially this one must be sacked.

    Yesterday I told the Chinese to force lungu to form a GRZ of national unity or the Chinese will get evicted from Zambia….

    Only total unity will move Zambia forward.

    Watch this space….

    Spaka ®
    Most influential blogger
    All rights reserved

    • I am advising all my friends with the Chanda name to change with immediately effect, it is becoming a disgrace. The two Chanda’s are displaying “symptoms” associated with corruption; severe arrogance, disrespectfulness, ubufi nepamushi (lies), inferiority complex …

  13. Sunday change let go of the panic button xenophobia, ethnic violence are all in your head change the song you’ve played this one a lot

    • UPND means TRIBALISM and its cousin of RACISM. These are in the language of HH and Larry Mweetwa daily. INCOMPOS are deflecting it on SUNDAY! GOOD JOB Mr. CHANDA!

    • …and to think that they use our money to pay empty cans like Chanda and Sharon here! It is really painful. There is need to stop this rot.

  14. Bweengwa kidnapping , GBM training militia , a bemba teacher in siavonga killed by tongas, PF supporters killed in lilayi, namwala massacre ……all PF lies worse than fake news…

    Spaka ®
    Most influential blogger
    All rights reserved

  15. Double standards indeed, the concourt upheld the election of the two PF MPs because it felt they were not personally involved in the elections fracas, so why should HH be held accountable for the ZAFFICO riot as if he was personally involved. I like the interpretation, when you use other people to commit a crime then you are as holy as an angel. This is Chambia!

  16. I think Chanda and PF are playing with words. Thanks to Trump, the phrase “fake news” has become novel appealing in Zambia. The same applies to the word “xenophobia”. Since PF play has heard them, it has become a habit to play with such words and phrases? Are they trying to play on the mind of Zambians. Knowing Zambians, they will take that as gospel truth. This is really dangerous. PF is really tearing the country apart. Please let people like Chanda find something useful to do in life.

  17. “A vote for Putu is a vote for Jesus”. Is that “true news”?

    Getting tired of this demented troll, he needs less airtime

  18. Sunday, you are the perpetrator of fake news! By telling half truths and personalising everything, you incite fake news. Tone down and get a real job.

    Evil brains

  20. Sunday F*cking !mbecile Chanda,
    You are right, you as purveyor of “fake news” an d outright liar are well placed to comment about your !mbecility in spreading fake news in order to protect your “anointed”, “Christian”, “visionary”, “humble” and Endemically Corrupt Leader of Plunderers Federation.

    • Breaking-PF scoop Mangongo parliamentary seat in Westen province!!! Musankwa’s bedroom has been broken into, Zambians are not falling for the lies and fake news on social media anymore. DUNUNA AGAIN!!!!

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