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We will not stop talking-HH


HH waves to scores of UPND sympathizers in Ndola
HH waves to scores of UPND sympathizers in Ndola

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has vowed that he will not stop speaking for Zambians.

Addressing scores of supporters in Ndola shortly after he was warned and cautioned by Ndola Police over the ZAFFICO riots, Mr Hichilema said he will continue speaking for the oppressed.

He said now is time to unite as a people for a common purpose and that is moving the country forward.

Mr Hichilema has since thanked his supporters on the Copperbelt for the solidarity.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you all! Our party Vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and I, say thank you to the NDC consultant Dr Chishimba Kambwili and our brother and leader of PAC Andyford Banda for accompanying us to the Copperbelt and giving us moral support. This thank you goes to all the supporters and sympathisers who came in huge numbers to support us,” Mr Hichilema wrote on his Facebook page.

He added, “Now is time to unite as a people for a common purpose and that is moving our country forward, bettering the lives of our people among other progressive things.”

Mr Hichilema assured the nation that he will not stop talking.

“We will continue speaking for our country. We will continue speaking for the oppressed. We will continue speaking against poverty when our country is blessed,” Mr Hichilema wrote.

“We will continue speaking against the corrupt and their insatiable appetite to sell our country’s strategic assets,” he said.

“And as per our constitutional right, we decided to remain silent during the interrogation process at the Copperbelt Police division as warn and caution has been recorded against us but this does not scare us because there are others who fought for our country’s independence from colonial masters and not working to uphold our democracy is tantamount to letting them down,” he said.

Scores of UPND sympathizers cheering for HH
Scores of UPND sympathizers cheering for HH


  1. Little boys are in town HAGAIN! Unelectable Privatization thief, money Laundering thief and tax evasion thief according to Paradise Papers. Why did UNDER FIVE take the money to PANAMA if it was not a proceed from crime? I am sure it would have been safe in Zambia! What the little boy doesn’t know is that when he dies the money in Panama will grow wings too and die.

    • And you will continue losing elections Hagain and Hagain! Talk about delusional.
      Kikikiki-is GBM licking HH butt in pic 1. Is that his diet. It’s really working. I see Kambwili has joined him too!

    • HH ni musankwa basaa.
      But I just enoyed the story that he, HH, met with Ba Edgar Fimofimo on monday.
      I wish HH was drinking alcohol, manje too much bu SDA. And the umu guyz never buys cadres alcohol like PF does, he could be more popular.

    • Ati we will continue speaking why did keep.quite were been questioned? Panse epo mwalasaila ati we will continue speaking. CK nabo no principles. Bwafya

    • He is the only answer to all the madness in the country.

      Whats the worst thing that can happen, let HH be the president now



      Continue with your madness and Uzamuziba muZambian. Double h sounds like Chamachakomboka. Imagine, Muliokela is better than double h who in turn is better than the thick necked CK. At time he sounds like ba Ben Mwila. No strategy. A total naive U5 rejectament.

    • Today in Zambua best thing is keep quiet when police are questioning you because then they will nothing to lie about.

      When you talk the police are forced by PF to twist facts against you and create stuff to arrest you.

      Never go to police station alone cos police will kill you like they have killed many through torture.

    • I’m always amazed by how the pf supporters on this forum truly believe they won the elections…repeating a lie over and over does not make it truth; your man could not let go of the instruments of power nor let the case be heard. Win an election, I mean truly win as president Hichilema did and then you can talk, not so called “winning” by fabricated razor thin margins courtesy of Essau “Ischariot” Chuulu.

  2. Yesterday I told the Chinese to force lungu to form a GRZ of national unity or the Chinese will get evicted from Zambia….
    Only total unity will move Zambia forward.

    Watch this space….

    Spaka ®
    Most influential blogger
    All rights reserved

    • ….that’s what you have been craving for??? Mangongo is coming and you will be dununad, why should PF have a grz of national unity like they lack numbers in parliament????

    • Badala you can have all the numbers you want, but if you are broke and no one will give you manee and you are a party of empty tins that only know borrowing and stealing , eekosa bolla ka ??

      It not up to you or lungu that a GRZ of national unity be formed, the chinese who sponsor lungu and have more than $12 billion at stake have the last say , dim wit.

      You PF kaponyas are so thick , no wounder we have 40% unemployment…all you think of is campaigning….

      Spaka ®
      Most influential blogger
      All rights reserved

    • Desperate for power. It is UNELECTABLE. Forcing the victims of your TRIBALISM and RACISM to act on your behalf? HAZALUZA HAGAIN.

    • Spaka, we chi kopo. The employment rate has remained the same since 2002 at 10%, that’s formal employment. What is 40%??

    • iwe dim wit citizen,

      What 10 % unemployment are you talking about ? are you on drags ? is that what ZNBC tells you ? every organisation knows the unemployment to be at 40% or more……4 in every 10 people is unemployed, if you thieves call dancing for lungu at the airport and marching against opponents of lungu as employed, then may be you can archive 10 % employment…

  3. Talk for yourself and your supporters. 1.d.1.ot1.c opposition supporting wrong things and expect votes?? How do you support lies and expect Zambians to give you a chance to govern?? CK is in court for corruption and those are people you parade in public badaala ba hh????

    • Learn to read geopolitics and current affairs ……everyone including the Chinese know that to stop the riots and xenophobic attacks against especially the Chinese, only a concerted effort to reduce the more than 40% unemployment and reduce taxes that are strangling the people , atleast $1.5 billion will be needed WITH a fully unified country….

      The Chinese are smart enough to know they will not pour more money to support lungu WITHOUT national unity.

      And lungu knows without some sort of bailout jail beckons ….

      Badala , you see the $12 billion the Chinese have invested in Zambia is no small change to be lost thorough unhappy unemployed unrested citizens ….while you kaponya rats sing and dance, the main players are thankfully thinking of Zambia….

      Spaka ®

    • Xenophobicists
      Crazy cynicists
      Blood thirsty cultists
      Lawless terrorists
      Total confusionists
      Hopless Alarmists
      Baldheard satanists
      Coldblooded Tribalists
      Uncultured ill-mentalists.
      Spooky riotists.

    • Come to terms with the fact PF is broke, and no one will give the money….40% unemployed and growing , taxes upon citizens comming like beans …..badala you can insult all you like, but people won’t eat roads…

      Spaka ®
      Most influential blogger
      All rights reserved

    • UPND is broke they can’t do without stollen money and “promised money to the guys the little boy wants to sell the ‘company’ Zambia to!” He loves to sell HaSETS.

  4. The warn and caution statement addressed more than the ZAFFICO charge its this that he should be concerned with. The conflict of interest in being mandated to officially negotiate for a privatization of a State entity then being found to not only own shares in the same and but to also have presided over negotiating for a Tax incentive on the same transaction, can be persued in the Courts of Law as a criminal matter of corruption. Especially if the mandated official did not declare interest. The ZAFFICO call out appears to be the bait that brings the game out of its secure hiding place. Classic case of a clandestine ambush.

    • You are running out of things to do late in the game, yakosa bolla……HH will just point the finger at the head of state at the time for having the last say,

      mwachepa sana…

      think of ways to deal with the 40 % unemployed , badala.

      Spaka ®
      Most influential blogger
      All rights reserved

    • You are running out of things to do late in the game, yakosa bolla……HH will just point the finger at the head of state at the time for having the last say,

      This is just lungu trying to cover his as.s in a tit for tat waist of time. Lungus corruption and stealing can not be bargained away….

      think of ways to deal with the 40 % unemployed , badala.

      Spaka ®
      Most influential blogger
      All rights reserved

    • You are running out of things to do late in the game, yakosa bolla……HH will just point the finger at the head of state at the time for having the last say,

      mwa.chepa sana…

      think of ways to deal with the 40 % unemployed , badala.

      Spaka ®
      Most influential blogger
      All rights reserved

    • You are running out of things to do late in the game, …HH will just point the finger at the head of state at the time for having the last say…..

      think of ways to deal with the 40 % unemployed , badala.

      LT why are you blocking me ? You will have to delist the whole UK cyber space to archive that

      Spaka ®
      Most influential blogger
      All rights reserved

  5. Double standards indeed, the concourt upheld the election of the two PF MPs because it felt they were not personally involved in the elections fracas, so why should HH be held accountable for the ZAFFICO riot as if he was personally involved. I like the interpretation, when you use other people to commit a crime then you are as holy as an angel. This is Chambia!

  6. Keep on talking for the voice less sand the intimidated in this dictatorship, if u even say the word sell you will find ur self in jail, today a journalist was arrested for filming in this PFoools police state, u can intimidate all u want if people are hungry it wont help….. And PS unemployment is not 10% dull cadre get your facts right

  7. When they call you at police to repeat your lies you remain silent instead of standing by your word

    Lets agree that you have segment of society that listen to you. And some dont even want to hear your voice

    Thats democracy

    • Just charge him instead of wafflling and giving your kaponyas hope of an arrest thats not becomming an arrest but an enquiry about privatisation….

      Spaka ®
      Most influential blogger
      All rights reserved

  8. Who cares whether you stop talking or not? Talking must be productive and produce results, yoursisunproductive. If anything the more you talk the more you expose yourself as use.less, we use that to display your trib.alistic toddler mentality. By the way dont forget that you have to complete your underfive vaccinations.

  9. As a country we need to have a strong opposition to keep the current government in check.
    When you deny opposition, you are campaigning for one party state.
    Which is not healthy for our political scenario.
    The country belongs to the Zambians and not political parties

  10. HH lacks political geogeaphy….A truthfull man will always stand by his word. But a conman will always fail to substantiate his childish lies.

  11. Talk but do not incite people because a peaceful man will not allow arnachy.A desperate man will let people kill or fight each other as long as he fulfills his selfish ambition.He will justify his actions in the name of uprising and betterment of suffering people.

  12. Nibukuwe ba Hh how do you fail to answer simple questions asked by Police officers? mwachibinda umuchila mu interrogation room!! Panse mwabuka…! shame to your supporters. Yes indeed your party is learning politics you under5`s.

  13. So was privatisation done alongside riots or our ZP just need a little more training?? A waste of resources on HH part travelling all the way to be asked about public knowledge privatisation.. just wondering!

  14. I like this. PF is really mobilising for UPND. They are busy putting HH upfront with no cases at all. Meantime HH is selling himself and being useless Ministers and cadres for PF as they have always been from the time of Sata they cannot think it that way.

  15. If HH was able to also give positives that govt is doing he would have had my vote. What he says i see but what i see he cant see, what a leader. Unfortunately even followers are so blinded. Example: when bowman caught the corrupt cops, what do we do talk rabbish about him and over look his effort. Tipusika opposition

  16. Nobody is stopping anyone from talking but using inflammatory language is not talking. Chipimo and Sinkamba are always talking and most of the things they talk about are true. Maybe because they have not been eaten by bitterness and hatred.

  17. Yes dont stop talking but ubufi ba kalamba muleke,bubela,kubeja muleeke ba pati.State hse,nrdc,znbc,kk airport,zesco,saffiko STOP LYING MUDALA.

  18. If Mr Hichilema can say today that, “Zesco has been sold,” and government considers that message to be so influential that the whole nation can rise to demonstrate against the State, then the PF must be very worried. What that means is that people ignore when President Lungu says no national assets have been sold, but they believe what Mr Hichilema says.

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