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Interview with Gospel Hip Hop group ‘The Revelation’


The Revelation is a Zambian Gospel Hip Hop recording group that consists of three artists by the names of Davies Mule mononymously known as D.M.B (born in August 17th) who is a Rapper, Song-writer Blogger and a cinematographer, Sepo Mayonde mononymously known as Creast (born in January 16th) who is a Rapper, Song-writer and a Drummer and Temweni Lukwesa mononymously known as FloRick (born in August 3rd) who is a Rapper, Song-writer, beat maker and a music producer.

There vision is to conquer the youths of the world by changing there mindset and leading them in the right path by influencing them with the right morals and teachings of the bible. They plan on building a record label that will help will help develop the Gospel music industry in Zambia and Africa. They are welly known by their punchlines, delivery, metaphors and hype they have on stage as they minister.They have a business mindset and also want to help out the young youths to develop their talents and know their purpose in life.

KAPA: What made the three of you start making music together?

 The revelation: The group started in 2012, and by then we did not exactly know the reason why we did Gospel Music till we gave our lives to Christ Jesus. We passed through hardships and challenges but through prayer, focus, cooperation,determination and consistency God made a way for us and we turned out strong in the Gospel music circle as a group

KAPA: Why did you choose to be gospel artistes as opposed to doing secular music?

The revelation: As the Revelation we took the gospel route because we individually believe its God who gave us the talents for the purpose of doing his work and our vision is to conquer the youths of the world by changing their mind set and leading them in the right path by influencing them with right morals and teachings of the Bible.

KAPA: How did the name ‘The Revelation’ come about?

The revelation: The name ‘’Revelation’’ comes from the book of the Bible found in the New Testament. We believe that God chose the three of us to reveal the Good News to the people and as The Revelation we stand on the scripture Revelation1:1 which says ‘’This is The Revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave him to show His servants things which must shortly take place. And He sent and signified it by His angel to His servant John’’.

KAPA: Gospel music that has a ‘secular’ sound to it has been criticized as not being ‘true gospel music’. What is your take on that?

The revelation: The most important thing in a song is the message and the Spirit that is behind the sound. The world is changing so is sound and obviously cannot stay with the same sound that was 20 years ago. So we have to improve the sound as Gospel musicians even if its Gospel it has to be good so that people enjoy while being Ministered too. A lot of people have criticized Hip Hop Gospel because it sounds like secular music, yes the genre can be the same as Hip Hop secular but what makes them different is the lyrics, Hip Hop Gospel songs are based on the Word of God. A lot of people have misinterpreted the word ‘’Worship’’ and most of the people think Worshipping is based singing but actually worship describes who God is and so it does not matter the type of genre you use (hip hop, rock, dancehall, RnB, jazz).

KAPA: For those who have not heard your music before, how would describe your sound?

The revelation:  Our music can be defined as Gospel Hip Hop soul, trap, conscious, with a meaningful message and very youthful. The main Message we bring out in our music is the good news of the Bible because we want the people to have hope in Christ Jesus and letting them discover their purpose on earth. 


KAPA: Who are some of the artists that inspire you as a group and individually?

The revelation: As The Revelation we are individually inspired by different artists, D.M.B is inspired by Lacrea, Don Moen and Travis green, Creast is inspired by Andy Meneo and Ty Tribbit and finally FloRick is inspired by William McDowell.

KAPA: Tell us about your song ‘Faith’ that features Esther Chungu. What is the concept of the song and how did it come about?

The revelation: Our song ‘’Faith’’ is more of a Testimony which was inspired by the Holy Spirit, the song talks about having faith in God even when situations seem to be rough. The song talks about three different scenarios that talk about how we can overcome tough challenges by having faith in God because faith is believing in something you cannot see (Hebrews chapter 11).

Listen to the song HERE 

KAPA: Where can your fans get your music from?

The revelation: You can get our music from the following websites 

KAPA: As this year is coming to an end, what can your fans expect from you in 2019?

The revelation: 2019 we have a number of projects lined up for you, because 2018 has been all about us The Revelation getting our music known and 2019 will be a packed year full of music, music videos and many more.

KAPA: Apart from music, what other activities are each of you involved in?

The revelation: Apart from music we are also into business and involved in different activities D.M.B is a blogger and cinematographer, Creast is a Drummer and FloRick is a music producer.

KAPA: Any last words for your fans…

The revelation: Thank you very much to everyone that has supported us from the start and to everyone who joined us along the way. We are very grateful for the support and encouragements we get from you may God bless you all we love You.



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