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President Lungu calls for an equality law for all retired leaders

Headlines President Lungu calls for an equality law for all retired leaders

President Edgar Lungu officially handover the retirement House keys to the 4th Republican President Rupiah Banda during the handover ceremony at Bonaventure
President Edgar Lungu officially handover the retirement House keys to the 4th Republican President Rupiah Banda during the handover ceremony at Bonaventure

PRESIDENT Edgar Chagwa Lungu has called for a law that will promote equity for all retired leaders noting that a lone President does not run government.

President Lungu also reiterated that successive governments should not build him a retirement home even though it is his constitutional right.

“Further I wish to reiterate my earlier pronouncement that government will not build me a retirement house even though it’s a constitutional requirement,” President Lungu said.

“And going forward we will scrap this law because I have seen that equity does not seem to be applied when you are dealing with retired leaders.” he said

He said the success contributed to Zambia by our leaders was not personal but that of a collective college.

The Head of State said both First Republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda and Fourth Republican President Mr Rupiah Banda had deputies but where are they in the picture of retirement.

President Lungu said this when he officially handed over the retirement house to fourth Republican President Rupiah Banda in Lusaka’s Makeni area.

He thanked the former President for accepting the official handover of the house and apologized for the delay which he has attributed to circumstances beyond the control of Government.

The President stated that it is the duty of Government to ensure the welfare of former Presidents is taken care of.

He said the house will enable the former President to continue playing an important role of providing good counsel to Government and other Zambian citizens.

And Mr. Banda has expressed gratitude to President Lungu for the construction of the house and for showing his great personal interest from the start to completion of the project.

He said President Lungu went out of his way to accept his proposals on how to go about constructing the retirement house such as choosing his own architect.

And Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Hon. Ronald Chitotela recognized the remarkable leadership of President Edgar Lungu that will remain to inspire generations to come.

He said through Leadership President Lungu has demonstrated the importance and need to respect, honor, Cherish and treasure leaders that are and were given the privilege to superintend over the affairs of this nation.


  1. (HH) what do you think of RB’s new house?
    No comment.
    Does Mutinta smell?
    No comment
    Will you ever be President of Zambia?
    No comment. Ask me better questions.
    Is the 2016 presidential petition still alive?
    Did you have a secret meeting with President Lungu last week?

    • James (HH) stole money when he sold the Copperbelt mines cheaply. The poor miners were retrenched and died of depression because of (HH). He is a privatisation thief which is worse than RB’s theft or Lungu’s alleged theft.
      (HH) took the money to Panama and never paid tax in Zambia. With the left over change he built his Free Mansion empire which includes a bunker.
      Last week he had a secret meeting with President Lungu to save his own life and none of the cadres knew about it. He’s a sly crook. (HH) is a dribbler worse than Chiluba. Don’t trust politicians wholeheartedly.

    • He just appointed a Works and Supply Minister who owns a contract to build him a Mansion in Swaziland. How selfish can an individual be?

    • We need MMD to deliver some of the wards in Eastern province. It’s not selfishness but strategy. The guys there didn’t take it too well when we fired Mutati two weeks ago. So we need to motivate RB and Raphael. We need the entire Eastern block.
      I hear in the early 2000s our brothers were still looking for KK on the ballot. But what can we say, they are our all weather brothers.

    • If he is humble he should have concluded by saying that he will go back to his old chawama home, just like kk who was preaching about going back to the land and many pensioners fell for it went back and died from depression because they were not prepared. He is enjoying himself in luziberg.

    • I don’t get these mess of rants.
      – Lungu says he will not accept retirement home by government?
      – RB didn’t want house either, he said he hard a home already. So he demanded cash and he was CHASHED.
      – Is this house from government or a private gift from AVIC?
      – I ask again, is RB allowed to sell this house to his son next week?

    • Thandiwe Chilongo Banda..has bought a $1m house for her brother ( Jack B. Chilongo ). The guy was an Investment Banker for Barclays Capital and JP Morgan in London.

      Where did Thandiwe get this amount of money. I thought she was still paying off loans for the Mpundu Trust for her 4 Properties in Kabulonga.

      I smell a rat.

    • @Kudos
      It’s REALLY HORRIBLE of you to continuously attack a woman who can not defend herself.
      You have all the rights to attack HH, he is a public figure.
      BUT YOU DONT have the rights to attack Mutinta, she is a private citizen. Not a blogger.
      Only feeble and weak men do so, and you happen to be one, although you pretend to be a strong man. I even wonder how you treat your wife….she must be the saddest beautiful lady who regrets to have had you.
      If you respect your wife, respect Mutinta as well.

    • That’s what I am talking about … after all, these may end up being Presidential Libraries that may shade light into the workings of each President the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise ever elected.

      Does it surprise you that each and every President we have had was duly elected and power was transferred peacefully from the British Government to KK, to FTJ, to LPM, to RB to MCS and now ECL???

      None became President because of bullets, or a Coup d’état not even a judicial review!!! Proudly Zambian … Have we had problems? You betcha and nothing we could not resolve … Let’s roll.

    • Let’s develop this thing Mr. President! It is UNELECTABLE and as bitter as those it chews bitter herbs with! Bitter herbs, bitter hearts. Evil Associations, evil hearts. Tribal Grouping, tribal hearts.

    • @1.10, Go to YOUTUBE little boys! Mutinta is not a private citizen! She is just like HH and Larry Mweetwa! Check her cynical attacks on Zambia appealing to the world just like PROF. HANSONI! She must take up official duties to change GAY JAY’s diapers from now on with CHILDISH!

  2. iwe ka kudos, what’s your problem?
    why are you including personal stuff about mutinta in your hallucination?
    inasmuchas I disagree with mutinta on many issues, you line about her is totally uncalled for

    • James what auditing? why steal money through Privatization when you can make it honesty? No need. Are you telling me Kainde’s children are inspired by Kainde’s ill gotten money which sent miners to the grave? That’s blood money just like Satanism.
      Even without politics you can make money in Zambia.

    • Iwe ka kudos, @ 3,1, the winner was Not your Jonathan Jona Chakolwa.
      Chakolwa loves fraud maningi, remember the Widow?
      Even Jonas so called win was FRAUDULENT, by a few hunderd votes, NOT AS POPULAR AS YOU P.F, GOONS HALLUCINATE EVERYDAY.
      If you remove stuffed ballots, ballots buried in grave yards, & stuffed in bins, Jona & his ka Kaizer would be now eating beans in Himbokaaila – Lusaka Central Prison, & Zambia would have been saved,
      Jona used Chavula, Kaizer, K.B.F & other low life parasites to defraud himself back into Plot 1 -Nkwazi.

    • Check her (MUTINTA”S) attacks on Zambia and her appeals to the world to destroy Zambia! She did it the same way HH asked SOUTH AFRICA to dispose of a democratically elected Zambian Government. Where do you think she got that fuulishness? From CHILDISH. That is why she should be changing Gay Jay’s diapers until CHILDISH retires in 2021.

  3. When we speak we do not speak from without, it’s the things we see with our very eyes, than you have *****s like Sharon and other low life losers, failures talking clap, we have a president who is a very good example of a loser.

    • Where is that beach Sharon to defend this nonsense, maybe she is too angry coz has parents still leave mumuganda and did not get a house for all the insults on HH

    • Lazy bum illiterate tribal hooligan bully UPND son of a polygamist tribal father pooping in public HAGAIN in his diapers needing a change from cynical MUTINTA HICHILEMA and CHILDISH to change him. Did they change you or you went to bed in your wet attire? Sorry it was a big holiday yesterday and I could remind MUTINTA to clean you Ha-up. IT IS UNELECTABLE. I mean the TRIBAL LEADER.

  4. This is the country that promotes laziness, even you people who vote for these exactly what do you see in them, what kind of a president is this guy who rejoices when those who voted for him are suffering?

  5. The President has amassed so much wealth from his humble beginnings in this short space of time that he has even declined a free house. Maybe he has already started building his mansion in manzini.

  6. He knows how much he has stashed away in Mauritius, hence he refused to have a house built for him, the man had K 20,000 when he was campaigning now he has millions to even refuse a house, while u have id!ots supporting this moron

  7. If a thief can steal and say let my entitlement be given to the poor that thief is good thief unlike who steals and go give the the foreigner and waterboarding that I’m rich blablah,my money in panama is an investment,foolish thief.

  8. Wow, “Further I wish to reiterate my earlier pronouncement that government will not build me a retirement house even though it’s a constitutional requirement,” President Lungu said.

    “And going forward we will scrap this law because I have seen that equity does not seem to be applied when you are dealing with retired leaders.” he said.”

    This is the reason some of us we don’t support top-down leadership.

  9. I’m one of those who opposed the building of retirement homes for former presidents. To hear the president advocating the end to this constitutional clause is breath of fresh air. this is a drain to our mearger resources because during their stay in office we pay them well with free accommodation and food. Surely with good planning a president can build a mansion out of a salary.

  10. As usual domicile Zambians, surely in all fairness why build a house for a former President???? Like RB, evidence is there that he stole money. Who hasn’t seen those beautiful flats along leopards hill road???? Henry his son had to take to his heels immediately after his father lost the 2011 election for fear of being prosecuted. Now Government builds him a house at a very high cost. Whoever proposed that clause in the constitution is cursed and an I.D.I.O.T. It doesn’t make sense at all to build a house for a rich man using tax payers money. Zambia, a land of very S.T.U.P.I.D fellows. Personally, I’m very annoyed with this kind of extravagance when the majority of our people are suffering. Eeeshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

  11. This is not sensible. If that is the case, build houses for all former workers, this mistake in Africa of thinking a president is special or a demi god is very retrogressive. These Presidents are just like you and me, and we even have dull fellows kneeling to them, even bowing to them, how do you bow to a fellow human being which is even against biblical teachings. These Presidents here in Africa even have somebody lifting an umbrella over them when it is raining, in America and Europe the Presidents lift their own umbrellas.

  12. Why doesn’t he want a house when the law is very clear that he has to be built a retirement house? Why break the law? Has he made so much money that he does not want the government to build him a house? That’s the only reasonable explanation. No government official will be prosecuted for building you a retirement home but for overpricing a toll gate

  13. Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    Wako-ni-wako mentality. Lungu owes Rupiah Banda his presidency hence these ‘thank you’ paybacks. See when Lungu lost the elections of 2016, it was Rupiah Banda who advised him not to repeat the same mistakes he did of easily conceding defeat and handover power. Instead he told him to hang on for as long as possible and find a way to manipulate the results and find a way to declare himself the winner. This is his reward!

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