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Teacher arrested for defiling 13 year old pupil in Chipata


Zambia Police

Police in Chadiza in Eastern province have arrested a 28 year old teacher for allegedly defiling a 13 year old grade seven pupil.

Regional Police Commissioner Luckson Sakala says that Lynn Phiri, a teacher at Mwangazi Primary School is reported to have had carnal knowledge of the minor in the toilet at her guardian’s house on November 18.

ZANIS reports that briefing the media in Chipata today, Mr. Sakala revealed that the victim’s elder brother, Francis Zulu, reported the matter was to police on November 19.

He disclosed that on that material day around 19.00hrs, Banda who is the guardian of the victim had gone to Vubwi district when the suspect went to his house where he knocked on the window and that the victim, who heard the knock, and jumped through the window to meet the suspect.

Mr Sakala said that the two later went to the toilet where suspect defiled the girl.

He revealed that the duo were seen by a neighbour who reported the matter to Banda’s wife.

The Eastern province police chief said both the suspect and the victim were interrogated and that the victim narrated her ordeal to her elder brother.

He said that when probed further, the victim produced a chitenge material which was stained with semen before the matter was later reported to the police after which the suspect got arrested.

Phiri is in police custody and will appear in court soon.

Meanwhile, a nine year-old boy Stephen Phiri of Wanga village in chief Mpezeni’s area in Chipata district has died after he slipped and fail to the ground as he was trying jump on a moving oxcart.

Mr Sakala noted that the incident occurred on November 19, as oxcart was under the charge of Jonathan Mutotwe of the same area.

He said the deceased sustained deep cuts and died as he was being rushed to the hospital adding that police are still investigating the matter.


  1. The teacher is a threat to life of girls, and this incidence may not have been the first. He must be a serial defiler. Cage him for some time until he grows grey hair.

  2. It appears they have been having sex for a long time and the 13year old is not a kid but an aldult who knows how to handle a dick.I expected that blood stain would be found on the chitenge material to show that penetration was forceful being her first time doing it but hell no.Those semens could be another person’s and not the teacher.

    • Would you say this if this were your daughter?

      Learn to be sensitive please.

      At 13, this is a very small girl.

      The message is clearly not getting through.

    • Why is any sane person voting down Indigo? We must be a sick society. This is a baby and the 28 year old is a teacher and people still think that the baby deserves this? I’m migrating

  3. …..’suspect went to his house where he knocked on the window and that the victim, who heard the knock, and jumped through the window to meet the suspect’.

    The victim even jumped out of the window to meet the suspect..interesting.The law of defilement should be revisted.Iam not supporter of defilement or molestation but I think child defilement should be limited to between 0 to 12 years and from 13 to 17 years(teenagers),it should be deflowerment.Teenage years worldover are troublesome because teenagers want to explore or to have the ‘how does it feel’ experience.Even in American we often hear of teenage pregnacy and not teenage defilement.

    • I america of course they dont use defilement but even just the act of “funa” ing a kid is a crime. Please dont be illiterate and jailed for nothing leave our daughters alone.

      “Child grooming refers to an act of deliberately establishing an emotional connection with a child to prepare the child for child abuse. – 18 USCS § 2422.

      (b) Whoever, using the mail or any facility or means of interstate or foreign commerce, or within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States knowingly persuades, induces, entices, or coerces any individual who has not attained the age of 18 years, to engage in prostitution or any sexual activity for which any person can be charged with a criminal offense, or attempts to do so, shall be fined under this title and imprisoned not…

    • @ Just Thinking…
      If that law in America is really applicable in everyday situations,why then is teenage pregancies so prevalent there? Many are the times the law enforcers find it difficulty to charge those responsiible for teenage preganancies because the very teenage girls tend to protect their ‘husbands’ often by saying:’he is my man’ and what would you do as a law enforcer?I have seen teenage girls challenging men saying:’uganiza monga ningakuyope?’.Just teach your daughters not to jump off the window to meet the suspects and thats good parenting.

    • Sharp shooter you need to go to school. Psychology school for that matter. Children can’t make decisions. They are mostly swayed by peer pressure. Crafty adults will take advantage of this for selfish ends like this teacher who even knew that the time to strike was when the parents were not around. Children have to be protected until they are old enough to think for themselves. There are always prowling defilers like the teacher and apparently you out there. Many readers of Lusaka times also fall in this category from what I can see. Heaven help Zambia

    • @ Ubusenshi bwachilamo.
      I have had enough Psychology,Sociology and Philosophy at varsity.Iam no supporter of defilement or molestation like I said in my ealier post.Iam a child protector and personally have seen my female nieces grow from 0 years to adulthood.There is so much moral decay and/or poor parenting going on because a teenage girl is old enough to know how to protect herself and/or atleast shout for help in such times.Ofcourse the teacher was wrong because he was taking advantage of the teenage girl by virtue of being her teacher but I can assure you that nowadays these teens are wild and infact they are the instigators.Parents need to sit these teenage girls down because I personally if I hear my teenage girl jumped out of the window volunatrily to meet the suspect,I have to…

    • @Sharp Shooter I have to sit down as a parent and reflect. Yes Its not the child we must be blaming. Parents must be reflecting on how to protect their children from sex predators

    • Even if the little girl jumped out of her home to have sex with this adult, she is still a baby. She is vulnerable until she grows up and becomes mature enough to differentiate between what is temporary and what is permanent. We all must not focus on judging someone not ready for life.
      As a teacher the rapist knows this and should be the one to stop her but he is so indsiciplined. We dont allow people who are below a certain age to vote. Why? Because we know they are immature. Now you people here are judging a baby as if she is an adult.

  4. The girl is an old woman in a small body. even knows how to clean a man.

    but the teacher should have been disciplined enough to avoid her, because he is in the a state of mind that gives him knowledge about the law.

    u go into villages, these small girls have one or two kids already at this age.
    the law is appearing effective in cities and not villages.

    how unfortunate for this young 27 year man

  5. The victim was willing to do it.She must have told the perpetrator that the owner of the house was not around.I don’t know what the teacher promised the girl.Some people teach their girls how to handle men when they reach their puberty and this is very wrong.The best time is when one is about to get married.I know they learn something in school but not how shake the waist and as.s

  6. this is a court issue…. No need for consent when dealing with a minor. Her consent is immaterial. Further, there must must be real evidence that the minor was defiled.

  7. This one is no a young girl she is a prostitute, in that no one drugged her from the house . she just came out through the window without being forced , the law should change on this one . some women like in Kitwe are corning men . she could ask a man to make love to her and later demands to be paid a lot of money , if a man says he has no such amount she would threaten to report him for Rape . Men are always unfairly Jugged on this one . to be fair late both of them be Judged. And because of high cost of living, parent send their children to go and make money through prostitution Actually this is not their first time to meet . if you can check Properly you shall Know that the girl was not a virgin, She was eaten a long time ago .

  8. How many men and of what age have been jailed for defilement of how many girls and of what age since this defilement law came into force, Would be an interesting question to help us gauge its effectiveness. What if this girl had already been initiated by some masked man somewhere?

    • Zambian men are sex starved I can see from you. You can’t look for a mature sex partner? You just want to destroy a little girl s future?

    • Am very sorry @ Lady gaga you completely missed my point by ignoring the underlying objectivity in my posting. My beef is quite mainly against some apparent defects in the defilement laws

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