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Uphold professionalism, journalists warned


Dora Siliya
Dora Siliya

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Dora Siliya says whilst government is happy with the growing number of radio stations across the country, it is however concerned with the levels of unprofessionalism being perpetrated in some radio stations.

Ms. Siliya says there is need for practitioners and radio broadcasters to ensure high levels of professionalism that upholds journalism ethics with emphasis on truthfulness, objectivity, fairness and honesty.

Ms. Siliya said this in Lusaka today in a speech read on her behalf by Director for Press and Media Development, Isaac Chipampe at the official opening of a two days MISA Zambia 2018 Radio Indaba.

Ms. Siliya called for a self- regulatory regime for the media, to address issues of unprofessionalism.

The Minister however assured delegates that government will continue to create an enabling environment for the media to thrive.

She challenged media players to come up with productions that will protect the industry and increase listenership.

The Minister further disclosed that she will soon be signing a Statutory Instrument (SI), that will ensure that broadcasting regulations are adhered to and that she expects radio stations to address all bad vices in the sector.

And MISA Zambia National Director, Austin Kayanda, noted that the momentum of change in the radio industry is accelerating and has provided a platform to find new pathways in improving radio content.

Mr. Kayanda said the media should remain proactive and relevant at all times.

Meanwhile BBC Media Action Country Director, Soren Johannsen said journalists must be professional, ethical, and be able to abide by strong journalism guidelines, if they are to protect themselves, as well as serve the people.


  1. By this she means always toe the government line, never speak against the ills of government, don’t invite opposition leaders or panellists who hold a critical view of the government, don’t highlight government shortcomings or stories of failure, corruption etc. Then you are a true professional.

  2. Why do people read other people’s speeches? If she can’t come to the occasion she must just delegate some one else to deliver his own speech. Nibufuzi ukulabelengela umunobe

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