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Felix Mutati urges Africans to stop being captives when negotiating with investors


Felix Mutati at the launch of the card renewal for Lusaka Province
Felix Mutati at the launch of the card renewal for Lusaka Province

Movement for Multi-party Democracy Faction Leader Felix Mutati has urged Africans to stop being captives when negotiating with investors if the continent is to reap benefits of its resources.

Speaking when he addressed the Uganda national ACCA convention where he was guest of honor and gave a key note speech, Mr. Mutati who is also ACCA Global Ambassador and global advocacy award winner for the year 2017/2018 said the continent has continued to lag behind in development because the people negotiating for the continent became captives during negotiations.

He wondered why the conversations about Africa’s resources remain at “there’s potential” adding that governments should address their inadequacies for the continent to start striking better deals.

“If you take for example crude oil, there some African countries that produce a lot more than our colleagues in the middle East and if you take the difference between the two its huge where is the problem is it because we are Africans? You go to Dubai, you go to all these little places you see the difference then you go to another country near us producing more ballerals a day and when you see the development it’s just a rumor and they live in Africa. Are we born with a deficit?”, he questioned.

And on the growing presence of the Chinese Mutati said it is not the Chinese that are to blame, Chinese are useful partners because they represent a win win situation.

“China is a useful partner and don’t get me wrong. China advocates a win win situation and all of us know but the thing that we are failing as Africans is the same issue of shifting the blame. When you are at a table with China its said that it’s a win win situation but sitting on the opposite end of the table you all can’t win, the other must lose because it’s a negotiation isn’t it? So we shouldn’t blame China for our own inadequacies. We are passing our own inadequacies to China that China is wrong, we are at the table negotiating and when they defeat us we say China is to blame.

“Let us have our own win win situation. Some times let’s also learn to say no to the loans”, He added.


  1. You Mutati and those that get fired and are out always talk sense, but all your talks are cheap and useless, boza, yourself and others were the ones on the negotiating tables, you negotiated for Zambia so many times, look where you got us, we were the meal to be aten at the table thanks to you, now that you are out you seam to point fingers at those African negotiators who are continuing to make us a meal on those tables as fools,,I wish you had guts or spine when you had a chance.

    • Mxxxxm!! After destroying our economy with Eurobonds & useless chinese loans, today this mangwam wants to convert himself into a prophet & critic of his fellow cr00ks.
      Just enjoy your loot & pray that you don’t go to jail when there’s a change of govt that will investigate your chinese bribes & looting of 3rd Eurobond.

    • Prof. Hansoni, please write the UN about that on a Letterhead from the University. That will make the UN do something about it. Good point Mr. Mutati.

  2. The problem with African leaders is that they go on the bargaining table with a divided mind.Most of these leaders they have ulterior motives when negotiating for national cakes.There is a secret hand of corruption in most negotiating processes.It is frivolous negotiating for a package which will not achieve its intended goals and objective.The case in example is the cash social fund which was abused before it reached its intended recipients.
    The shift should move from negotiating for resources to negotiating for technical help.Let the donors send their own personnel to come and supervise and monitor the resources that have been executed.African leaders,most of them,are crooks and embezzlers.

    • Faka speedie Felix … you can find your new voice regardless of circumstances.

      Good luck and wishing you the best in your next endeavors … Let’s roll

  3. Mbaluso you are right on the money, these leaders of us are thieves, before they even sit on the negotiating tables they have already been given their cuts, so all they will say is nothing, it will be yes to all will be said, the reason why the continent doesn’t see any gains to resource sales or anything being pulled out every day from the continent

  4. With the PF sh!t hole govt it is more corruption and a luck of understanding what they are negotiating, the fcukers are uneducated kanshi kulatamba fye na ma yes, with looking at the contracts, once signed only then do they notice they sold the nation.

  5. mutati must have been a student of magande the greatest finance minister we ever had. how i wish he would work with the UPND which of course is my party

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