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“ Black Mountain” in Luanshya handed over to unemployed youths in the district.

Economy “ Black Mountain" in Luanshya handed over to unemployed youths in...

Mining at Black Mountain

Government has called on management at Luanshya Copper Mine on the Copperbelt province to surrender the dump slags popularly known as “ Black Mountain” to vulnerable youths in the district.

Speaking after a two hour consultative meeting with the mine’s management in Luanshya today, mines minister Richard Musukwa said he was happy he had persuaded management to hand over the slags to the unemployed youths in the area.

He further revealed that he will soon be engaging the director at his ministry to ensure all paper work is done and ensure that dump slugs are given to the youth.

He added that failure to do so will attract immediate government intervention.

The minister added that government wants the local people to also be involved in the mining activities and contribute to the development of the country.

And Copperbelt minister Japhen Mwakalombe has thanked President Edgar Lungu for putting up measures that are aimed at creating job opportunities for the youths in the province.

Mr.Mwakalombe observed that if the youths are empowered, the diversification programme can be well implemented.

He has also urged youths in the province to form registered cooperatives so that they benefit from this development.

And Chief Government Parliamentary whip Steven Chungu say the development is no doubt going to “ resurrect “ town which has undergone economic misfortunes in recent times.

Mr. Chungu who is also Luanshya Central Member of Parliament has since implored the people of Luanshya to rally behind the leadership of President Edgar Lungu as he means well to them.

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  1. Really funny going around giving mountains because they have failed to create real jobs. This is really sad for our youth

  2. Can you imagine! Perpetuating the dependence on mining which for so many decades we said was a wasting asset and subsequent governments had a deliberate policy to diversify from mining to other industries. Now, ECLs PF is taking us decades backwards just to gain political mileage. The worst part is instead of diversifying into other industries including agriculture we have to turn not even to traditional mining but scavenging on the mining dumps which have already cost lives in Kitwe. A real pity and a clear lack of leadership and direction from the people running this economy. From the article above it would also seem that they are intruding on the rights of the legal owners of the mining dumps. I wonder what deals have been struck for this arrangement to pass.

  3. These are part of lungus 500,000 jobs promised in 2016 , scavenging jobs even after spending $17 billion.

    When we tell you lungu and pf are a failed thug entity, this is what we mean ???

  4. I hope the footnote with ‘lessons learned from Kitwe Black mountain safety’ has been attached. Otherwise, another disaster may just be around the corner.

  5. All I can say is , people if Zambia are useless and very shallow minded especially the PF supporters for contributing laziness by form of been Jarabos their leader Lungu has no vision for the people of Zambia. At least Kaunda had visions like Chitemene system encouraging young people to know how to use their hands and skills on the farm. Not this no sense of Black mountain

  6. Where is Kudos and Sharon to explain this amafi from their dull leaders, the morons have completely failed to run the country

  7. Small scale miners make more money than civil servants since since.

    You dont wonder why jerabos have more financual power than you and me.

  8. There is more easy money in that black mountain than opening up a new mine. Those who were valueing the mines during pravatization missed this huge economic asset

    • assuming what you say is right, you think the best way to exploit this ‘asset’ is to give it to unemployed youths who are clueless about mining and safety? Another Wusakile disaster waiting to happen!

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