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There were no deaths recorded in the Chibombo Bus and Truck Accident-RTSA


Chibombo Bus Truck Accident
Chibombo Bus Truck Accident

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) says there was no death recorded in the road crash that happened early morning today along the Great North Road in Chibombo.

Speaking at the accident scene in Chibombo district today, RTSA Head of Public Relations Mr. Fredrick Mubanga, said the accident involved a Zhong Tong Bus registration number AIB 7262 belonging to Scorpion and a DAF truck registration number AHB 5254.

Mr Mubanga said preliminary investigations conducted by RTSA have established that the accident was as a result of dangerous driving on the part of the bus driver.

Mr. Mubanga disclosed that the accident happened after the driver of the bus decided to overtake and in the process misjudged the distance of the on-coming truck.

He said in trying to avoid a head- on-collision, the bus went off the road but it was too late and as a result, the bus was hit on the left side by the truck.

Mr. Mubanga said the driver of the Bus, Mr. Alex Mwape, run away from the scene of the accident adding that efforts to bring the driver to book are underway.

The driver of the truck is admitted at Liteta General Hospital.

He said there were 18 passengers on board and seven sustained serious injures.

Mr. Mubanga has since wished all the injured a quick recovery and cautioned motorists, particularly long distance drivers to adhere to road traffic laws and regulations.

Chibombo Bus Truck Accident
Chibombo Bus Truck Accident
Chibombo Bus Truck Accident
Chibombo Bus Truck Accident


  1. Bus drivers should go retesting every year and RTSA at Intercity Bus Terminus to have breathlizers for testing alcohol on drivers. some chaps wake up with terrible hangovers and the result is misjudging following distance and on coming vehicles.
    Thank God no life was lost except a few injuries.

    • They do have safety lessons.

      We need to implement the law… RATSA just has to heighten their level further…

      I would recommend random checks on substance intake while on the wheel across the country. With heavy penalty such as banning driving bus and even small cars for life once found.

  2. Also look into the Mpika kasama and Tanzania route,buses fly and the imported car drivers that keep on racing to there homes.

    • I equally wonder too. There’s an other place after Kabwe called VUBA. And the accidents that occur there are always fatal. Shouldn’t these be on the Religious Ministers prayer list?

    • Correct analysis..:

      These are questions RATSA should be trying to answer and they haven’t answered yet…

      What this tells us is more to come in the same area.

      RATSA needs to get to the bottom of this.

  3. Rasta is trying its level best ,the main culprits are drivers ,there attitude towards safety of passengers is like they where born from one parent.As a professional trainer in advanced defensive driving ,always teach them to stay away from drinking & driving.Moreover ,they find ways to escape from our RASTA personnel stationed in intercity or even KMB terminus,others would give the bus to a sober driver up to Mandevu then carry on after check points.So good driving starts with you (the driver)and your passengers,Safety first bear drinking later.

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