FOREIGN Affirs Minister,Joseph Malanji briefing the media
FOREIGN Affirs Minister,Joseph Malanji briefing the media

Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister, Joe Malanji has reaffirmed government’s commitment towards enhanced relations and cooperation with South Korea.

Mr. Malanji says Zambia and South Korea has continued to enjoy cordial relations which have positively benefited people in the two countries.

The Minister was speaking in Lusaka today when he received three motor vehicles donated to the Ministry of Affairs by the South Korean government.

He said government is grateful that South Korea has continued to play an active role in the country’s economic development through its support in various sectors of the economy.

Mr. Malanji cited support in infrastructure development, capacity building, agriculture, trade and commerce as some of the sectors that have benefited from that country.

He further assured that the donated motor vehicles will be put in good use and will go a long way in improving the efficiency of operations at the Ministry.

And South Korean Ambassador Zambia, Cho Jai Chel has praised Zambia for the continued peace and stability being experienced in the country.

Mr. Jai Chel stated that it is encouraging to note that despite Zambia having 72 tribes, the country has sustained its peace and unity.

He noted that to this effect Zambia has remained an attractive country to cooperate with stating that his country has enjoyed the bilateral and multilateral cooperation with Zambia since 1992.

The Ambassador pledged his country’s continued support to Zambia in the implementation of the Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP) and other sectors of the economy.

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  1. Do we still have 72 tribes?
    Can you name any ?
    Colonial lagacy?
    Its time to take a critical look at how many actually exist !


    • Have some tribes gone out of Zambia. None of the the numerous tribes from my province have gone out, they are all intact, maybe from your province because other tribes you hate them and you even wish they can just all be wiped out of Zambia and leave you the seemingly owners alive! In my opinion, all the 72 tribes are intact and and only a tribalist will say they are the only tribe that matters. Ata se.


  2. Malanji is 3rd top paid for nothing Minister, 1year he has done nothing.
    Remember Kambwili as Foreign Affairs Minister?
    Remember Wilbur Simusaa?
    Remember Harry Kalaba?
    PF is once-upon-a-time.


  3. with these fo ols, they are looking for handouts and stuff like that
    I’ve never seen a govnt that has no pride like this one.
    the next thing you’ll hear how much they’ve borrowed from sk .



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