Saturday, July 20, 2024

UTH Maternity ward receives donation worth over k200 000


Orca Deco Zambia has donated mattresses, pillows, Christmas gifts and decorations to the Maternity Ward at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka. The material valued at K223,695 is the first donation since Orca Deco Zambia announced their pledge to donate to five charities and institutions at the recently held 5th anniversary of the store. The furniture store with a presence in 18 countries across Africa began operations in Zambia in 2013 and has since been committed to the betterment of the Zambian community.

University Teaching Hospital (UTH) Principle Nursing Officer, Mrs Mwila Shamalavo in representation of the Maternity Ward at UTH received the donation in the presence of medical staff. She stated that, “our core mission as a maternity ward is to provide health, safety and shelter for newborns and mothers. We appreciate the donation which will assist us greatly in accommodating our patients and meeting their domestic needs while they are in our care. Moreover, this close to Christmas, the festive decorations will bring a cheerful spirit to the hospital.”

Managing Partner of Orca Deco Zambia, Rayan Sharara has expressed that healthcare is of high importance to the community and a top priority to Orca Deco Zambia’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. “We would like to recognise the hard-working staff of UTH and hope that the donated products will add value to the facilitation of their roles in healthcare. We also encourage everyone to help in any way possible to ensure that Zambia’s future generation is born in healthy conditions.”

Orca Deco Zambia will continue to donate to charities in the months to follow in partnership with Lulu Haangala Wood, Founder of the “We Keep Moving” initiative. “The We Keep Moving Initiative is grateful to be able to collaborate on such a meaningful project that seeks to change the lives of the vulnerable in society” added Wood.


  1. What is happening mu zambia?, I will now living on donations?, even elephants are being donated, food, everything, what happened to earning our own living through work.

    • The maternity ward need incubators for preemies not Christmas decoration which harbor infections and dangerous to health of newborns.

    • @Nostradamus,
      Yes I came here for baptism, kaili PF cadres are ‘forgiving each and getting baptism during the day’ and arresting people in the night

    • Hospitals have to survive on handouts for medicine and machines while some president is buying planes. What country of buffoons

    • Crazy plain crazy! It’s a nice gesture, but surely the government should be stocking the hospital instead of buying expensive jets

    • But when is HPCZ going close UTH? Some of these private hospitals they have been closing are 100 times cleaner and better managed than the UTH which is really a place from which very few who fall very sick return. And most of the nurses are sadists that enjoy seeing their patients suffer which is really sad to see happen but its true this actually happens we have witches who are nurses.

  2. Okay Dokey,…….. Orca Deco. We thank you. I hope our hospitals are past the days when patients had to sleep on mattresses on the floor if they got lucky and missed a cold floor.

    Such memories of our austerity era should not be replayed. We want our government to cope with our medical needs, but a nice touch. Merry Xmas to you too.

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